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Top Dog Influencers On Instagram And How They Monetize Their Pages

Learn how dog owners have used their dogs’ social media platform to create a space for monetization. Discover the top five dogs that follow and what these influencers are doing right.

With a large social media platform like Instagram, it is easy to see how dog influencers have carved out a niche of their very own. Instagram followers are searching for something that brightens their day, or they can relate to, and have latched onto adorable pets telling a story. In turn, creating a space for owners to monetize their pages. See how these dog owners have used their dog’s Instagram success for monetary gain. 

Dog Influencers Have a Presence on Instagram 

Being an influencer on Instagram isn’t limited to being human. That’s right, some of the top influencers on Instagram are dogs and it’s easy to see why. Many of the top dog influencers are just plain and simple cute. They tell a feel-good story that attracts many followers to their pages for a variety of reasons. 

Whether you have a pet, want a pet, or just enjoy adorable pictures, top dog influencers are leaving their mark! Who doesn’t love to see an adorable dog pic on Instagram every now and then?

Reasons Dog Influencers Are Famous

  1. Dog Influencers are Relatable

The top dog influencers on Instagram are simple for followers to relate to. The follower is either a pet owner themselves or desires to be one. The best dog influencers on Instagram allow you to imagine your own pet in a holiday sweater or eating a Starbucks pup cup. The owner can visualize their own dog in a similar situation or outfit and relates to the influencer.

  1. Dog Influencers Provide a Feel-Good 

The best dog influencers provide a feel-good for the follower. They connect through an adorable picture or pet moment that makes you appreciate your own dog that much more. Top dog influencers hit the sensory system with an abundance of happiness.

  1. Dog Influencers Tell a Story

Dog influencers of Instagram tell a story to their audience. They show followers that they are mischievous, reliable, a best friend and companion, display large personalities and bring their owners joy. They are often seen doing everyday things, but when it’s a loved pet doing it, it’s that much more entertaining. 

How Top Dog Influencers Extend Brands Beyond Instagram:

Doug the Pug 

This dog influencer is a two time People’s Choice Award Winner with 3.9 million Instagram followers. Doug’s fame has led to a merchandise website where you can buy all things pug including t-shirts, face masks, clings and outerwear. Doug the Pug also has a dog toy brand that features plush toys and squeaky toys. Doug is also featured at Claire’s and has a line of accessories that include items like backpacks, pillows and journals all featuring his adorable face. 

This ‘Best in Show’ dog influencer is known to give back to the community through his foundation. Doug the Pug Foundation is a nonprofit that supports children battling cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.


JiffPom is an adorable Pomeranian who boasts having 9.9 million Instagram followers. This cute dog influencer has branched out with collaborations in movie production and product affiliations. Followers can enjoy a discount at JustRight Pet Food courtesy of JiffPom or view him in Katy Perry’s music video. 

JiffPom also sells a yearly wall calendar that elaborates on his cute factor and features him doing all things Pomeranian. The largest extension from Instagram is a thriving brand named JiffPom Cutelife. Cutelife products can be found on store shelves (even Walmart) and include plush toys and collectibles.

Harlow and Sage

Harlow and Sage are a dynamic duo as dog influencers. They carry 1.7 million followers on Instagram. Although the page name does not reflect the siblings: Indiana, Ezra, Mae and Reese are often highlighted as part of the dog brand and have been included in product line promotion. 

These dog influencers are a combination package that has monetized their page through New York Times bestselling books and yearly calendars. Harlow and Sage also have a merchandise store where you can pick up pins of the dog’s faces, face masks, decals and clothing. 

Manny the Frenchie

Manny’s claim to fame is he is the ‘World’s Most Followed Bulldog’. Manny the Frenchie has just over 1 million followers on Instagram and is the author of the book “Manny the Frenchie’s Art of Happiness”. While Manny’s book was a success, it is not the only item that can be found on his Instagram page. This top dog influencer offers affiliate products and discounts that include a link to Petnet, AfterPay at PetSmart, Polar Vortex, Barkbox and myQ (smart dog door technology).

Manny also has a merchandise website where you can locate his book and additional affiliate links. He loves to give back to the community through his foundation. The Manny and Friends Foundation supports homeless pets and children in need.

Juniper Foxx

Juniper Foxx does not exactly fit the dog influencer mold but still deserves recognition as an influencer on Instagram. Juniper has 3 million followers that are interested in the life of an exotic rescue animal. You can buy items from her fox-friendly website that include paw print paintings, fox picture cards, popsockets and clothing. 

Juniper Foxx is also a supporter of dog adoption and features available pets on her website for a small fee. In addition, the Juniper Foxx website provides followers an opportunity to support the local rescue mission by making contributions to their cause or making a purchase from their Amazon wishlist.

Crusoe the Dachshund

This loveable dog influencer is known as a New York Times Bestseller and a People’s Choice Award Winner. Crusoe the Dachshund has 833 thousand followers on Instagram and is the CEO of DoggoRamps. Crusoe monetized his stardom through a merchandise website that contains apparel, books and DVDs, calendars, drinkware and even home decor. 

Crusoe is a Wiener dog extraordinaire when it comes to hardwood dog ramps and has his own business that supplies them. He features a variety of dog ramp options on his site for all sizes of small dogs. Crusoe is also a champion for other dogs with medical concerns. He has campaigned for medical research and clinical trials through The Crusoe Fund and Cornell University Hospital for Animals.

Dog Influencers are probably not the first thing you think of when talking about the Instagram influencer market, but they have definitely found their own following of supporters for their foundations, books, calendars and apparel. Dogs are adorably influencing their way into Instagram followers hearts and are here to stay.

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