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Top Food Influencers in San Francisco- Food Influencers, Instagrammers and Bloggers based in San Francisco

The San Francisco Bay Area is an incredible place to visit for foodies of all ages and tastes. From young upstarts making waves in their respective industries, old masters crafting world-class dishes with modern twists on classic recipes—to family traditions established, you can find whatever your foodie’s heart desires! When choosing which restaurants deserve attention, there’s no shortage, making it difficult to decide which ones deserve your attention! Fortunately, food influencers from throughout San Francisco have shared their favorites with us—and they understand how this region functions when it comes to locating a great meal.

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Foodies around the world are in love with San Francisco. The city has so much to offer, and no matter where you go, there’s always something new worth trying! If you’re looking for a taste of home in an unfamiliar land, look no further. The city has countless international dishes to satisfy even your most discerning appetite—with more variety than anywhere else on earth!

This city will give your taste buds a delicious adventure, from authentic Mexican food and Nepalese cuisine to Chinese specialties. If you want to do yourself a favor and explore the city’s culinary offerings by stimulating your appetite, follow some of the incredible Food Influencers in San Francisco that will give you inside looks into what’s awaiting you.

Top Food Influencers in San Francisco To Watch Out For


Local foodie hero Tim Cheung keeps it real about all the best eats in town and shows you the proof on his Instagram account @bayarea.foodies. He’ll travel from San Jose through Santa Clara with his trusty camera for a review-centric account of what he finds on this journey – including some recipe clips! Come experience these recommendations from breakfast through brunch or lunch right up until dinner time together with his other over 250 thousand followers.


Alyssa Wang is an avid boba lover and social media content creator who rose to fame on the internet by sharing delicious recipes for boba tea along with recommendations from around town. Her @feedmeimei account counts more than 190 thousand followers, which is filled with stunning photography of delicious-looking drinks, desserts, and meals paired with witty captions that make them pop off their screens!


The popular Instagram account @bayareafoodz is a must-follow for food lovers in the area featuring some of San Francisco’s most delicious and authentic dishes. Darion Frazier’s page has attracted more than 130 thousand followers with posts that are just as good-looking as captivating! The account has reached its level of fame not because it posts slick videos at trendy restaurants but with homages to small local soul foods joints that are beloved by locals and travelers alike!


Hee Jin’s reviews are so mouthwatering you’ll be half-starved by the time you finish scrolling through her Instagram page @hungryhungryheejin. Her love for food shines through in every bite of news that hits her page, and it will make you want to head straight out there yourself! She has been around long enough now that if anything new pops up in the area, then the chances are good that Hee Jin has already posted about it for her over 84 thousand followers.


When Yen Kim Phan shares her food recommendations on her Instagram page @foodiswhyimbroke, you can’t help but be excited. With over 66 thousand followers, she is on a continuous culinary journey. Her style of humor and self-deprecating remarks are a refreshing touch to her posts! Though based out of San Francisco, this woman has traveled extensively, giving her ample opportunity for delicious eats while abroad as well. 


Cynthia Linh is a photographer, videographer, and recipe creator who runs the delicious Instagram account @cyneats with over 63 thousand followers. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or want some inspiration, Cynthia’s page is chock full of informative foodie clips. She takes us behind the scenes at popular Bay Area restaurants and their menus, with her profile being nothing but mouthwatering content! Her posts also offer tips on taking great photos so you can create your own tasty shoots that’ll make anyone who views them crave eating right away.


Allie Tong is a food blogger and Instagram influencer who posts recipes, travel tips, and more. One way to follow Alli through her culinary adventures? Join her club of over 52 thousand followers on her Instagram page @allie.eats as she eats her way around town! You can also get more insights by checking out her website. Besides reviews and travel stories, Allie also regularly posts some of her own recipes so you can recreate some of the delicious dishes yourself.


There’s no shortage of great food in the Bay Area, but @bayareawhatsin will make sure you never get bored with satisfying and colorful posts on their Instagram account. With over 43 thousand followers and countless likes on posts so far, they are documenting all sorts of dishes from around the San Francisco Bay Area!


When it comes to breakfast, the three designers from San Francisco of the Instagram page @breakfastinsf are always on top form. They love a good morning meal and will review any dish that catches their eye for its aesthetic value as well as taste! You may rest assured that this page will improve your morning by showing you the most incredible breakfast places in town, along with their over 43 thousand followers.


Kelly’s love for food and San Francisco is sure to make her a popular blogger on her Instagram page @asideofsweet with over 36 thousand followers. Her photos are so fresh, vibrant, colorful that they’re perfect little bites of joy on your screen! You won’t be able to stop scrolling through them, and after one glimpse at Kelly’s posts, you will have developed an instant desire to take your bags and visit those mesmerizingly beautiful places yourself.


With Cindy and Bic on the hunt for some serious foodie treasure, we all get to enjoy their findings on their Instagram page @ieatsf. These two will present you with dishes that will fill up any savory or sweet craving you have! Their captions are quick and simple, keeping their over 25 thousand followers engaged with tasty treats from around the town.


The team behind the Instagram page @bayareafoodcritics is on a mission to show you the best food in the Bay Area and sometimes even beyond. With over 17 thousand followers, they will provide all sorts of hearty meals from around town, so make sure not to miss out on their recommendations!


Those who follow the Instagram account @foodie.dreams are treated not only to some delicious food recommendations from San Francisco but also an aesthetic pleasure with great photos of dishes being enjoyed in all their glory! With over 16 thousand followers, Rose’s work has certainly made her account a hotspot for food recommendations. 


The Instagram account @oaklandfoodie is a great way to discover the best foods in Bay Area. The current follower count exceeds 14 thousand, and each post contains something new and creative with an amazing flavor and detailed captions!


If you’re looking for a way to spice up your feed, then the Instagram account @foodiesofsf is the perfect place. The page has over 11 thousand followers and regularly posts some amazing dishes with a massive variety of food from all around the Bay Area!


Bryan launched his food blog, @definitelybayarea, in 2018 to showcase the fantastic local dishes he was eating. His love for photogenic and delicious creations led him into a hobby that quickly grew into an opportunity-working with some of his favorite stores! Nowadays, 14 thousand followers look forward to where Bryan will be taking them next through social media posts and collaborations.

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