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Top Food Influencers in Montreal- Food Influencers, Instagrammers and Bloggers based in Montreal

Discover the Top Food Influencers in Montreal- These food influencers are top on social media because of their amazing skills and eye-catching shots.

Known best for its decadent smoked meats and moreish bagels, Montreal effortlessly blends an array of cultures within its developing food scene. This bustling Canadian city ‘has the highest number of restaurants per Capita in Canada.’  Influencers in Montreal are now hosting an array of content that truly demonstrates how this vibrant city comes alive. With so much more to be discovered about this food scene, Netinfluencer dives deep into the most popular food influencers in Montreal.

Top Food Influencers in Montreal - Net Influencer


Top Food Influencers in Montreal to Watch Out For

This influencer is a boisterous independent news outlet that promotes some of Montreal’s best dishes. has just over 64,000 followers and guides them through all of the secret food spots within the city. Each picture shows off the alluring nature of every dish, showing off how every restaurant is able to put its own spin on its meals. praises restaurants like Restaurant L’Express for their incredible canard confit, a dish that expertly uses every part of the whole duck. 


With 177,000 followers and nearly 4,000 posts, tastemontreal has no trouble going in-depth about some of the city’s finest food options. Collating an assortment of desserts and mains, this influencer presents a wide variety of dishes that originate from countries all across the globe. For example, they devoured the packed chicken shawarma pita from Sumac as well as the chocolate-covered hazelnut croissant from Hazukido. tastemontreal offers a comprehensive guide to all of the best food options that Montreal has to offer. 


This is an influencer in Montreal that uses Quebec French dialect throughout their posts. However, that does not stop them from translating how good the food is to their 28.2K followers. mtlatable is the official Instagram account for the MTLáTABLE food festival, an event that aims to showcase the diversity and growth of Montreal’s food scene. This influencer promotes a wide variety of restaurants and gives praise to their best dishes such as the incredible sushi options at Restaurant Sho-Dan


mtl_foodie_patrol is a popular account owned by two sisters, determined to show foodies across Montreal the most exciting and interesting food options. With nearly 30,000 followers, these ladies have tried and tested an abundance of moreish dishes and never fail to give their honest opinion. Diving into dishes such as the arancini from Corneli as well as the donuts from Cafe Myriade, these influencers enjoy supporting local businesses and using their presence on social media to put them in the spotlight.


Focusing on both upmarket dining and lucrative street food options, feedmemoontreal gives their 25.8K followers a full scope of the Montreal food scene. Their posts present extensive portions and interesting food options, giving their followers more incentive to try out these dishes. feedmemontreal has tried a wide selection of dishes from a multitude of restaurants, including the traditional ramen dishes found at Le Petit Sao, an establishment that fuses French and Vietnamese cuisines. 


Maya is a devoted foodie, who created mtl.foodie as a way to document her progress as she travels around the Montreal food scene. This influencer has just over 500 posts but has managed to gain nearly 26,000 followers. Maya loves to share all of the fantastic dishes and food options that Montreal has to offer. She has even tried the mini dutch pancakes from Casa de Pastel, a food establishment inspired by the hit show Money Heist. 


Although mtl_food has just under 17,000 followers, their account is becoming more and more popular as they continue to post a collection of amazing dishes. Whether it’s the indulgent pepperoni pizza from Pizza Toni or the delicious ice cream options from Kem Coba, this influencer is dedicated to trying all of the dishes that Montreal has to offer. mtl_food also posts a lot of videos detailing how moreish desserts are served in a variety of locations across the city. 


Amassing over 20,000 followers, 514eats is made up of two best friends who love nothing more than to eat good food. These influencers tell it like it is and do not indulge in the customs of fine dining. Instead, they seek to find hidden gems and devour a wide variety of amazing food. 514eats recommend unique options such as the immense jumbo-sized cheeseburgers from B12 Burger. As their account continues to grow, they regularly update their blog and share their opinions of some of Montreal’s newest restaurants. 


mtlfoodbuzz is a popular content creator and influencer, who uses a range of platforms to share their growing food adventures. They have managed to gain nearly 17,000 followers on Instagram and an additional 31,000 followers on TikTok. This influencer uses Instagram in a variety of different ways, creating guides to showcase the best ‘Breakfast Spots’ and ‘Sushi’ options the city has. They document their experiences in a detailed fashion, giving reviews of dishes like the handmade Middle Eastern stuffed crepes from Mademoiselle Crepes


dishedmontreal is the official Instagram account linked to the food and beverage section of the Daily Hive Montreal news outlet. Posting news stories, famous dishes, and informative videos, this influencer gives their 16,000 followers all they need to know about the Montreal food scene. They present a wide range of food and drink options in an incredible way such as the rich and warming soup from Satay Brothers. Their range of guides helps their audience gain the best deals on a variety of food choices like ‘13 Places To Get Cheap Eats in Montreal.’ 


This food influencer in Montreal is proud to show off the more unconventional food options within the food scene. taste.montreal perfectly captures the bright and vibrant colors in every dish, even the eye-catching blue and green swirl ice cream from Ca Lem Creamery. Their 15.8K followers enjoy engaging with this account, drawing a series of likes and comments onto every post. 


Nath is a successful photographer in Montreal, who uses her skills to create a variety of content for her fulltimefoooodie Instagram account. This influencer is not afraid to try new things and likes to seek out new food trends in her area and share them with her 17.5K followers. fulltimefoooodie posts a lot of decorative content, making her pictures very immersive and entertaining.  Recently, she indulged in a collection of Mexican dishes from Quesada, including their famous drunken chicken tacos. travels around her city to highlight some of the most exclusive and exciting food and drinks experiences. With over 14,000 subscribers and over 1,000 posts, this influencer knows the Montreal food industry inside and out. Her expressive content uses photos, guides, and videos to explore how the food scene is rapidly transforming and growing. offers commendation to places like Tiramisu for their great atmosphere and tasty squid ink spaghetti. 


This account is run by Carol McKeown, a budding food reviewer based in Montreal. They enjoy taking their 12,000 followers to a range of popular restaurants in the city and allow them to see their most popular food options. iatemontreal blends a mix of high-class dining experiences with local chain restaurants, giving her followers a collection of options for every budget. They love dishes such as the seafood platter from Osteria MKT and the delectable sushi from Saint Sushi. McKeown also has a blog where she goes into more detail about her latest food experiences.


Owned by Steve Daniel and Katrina Ioseco, lebrunchsquad is an account solely dedicated to helping locals and tourists find the best places to eat. Since 2018, the pair have been consistently creating content, earning them just under 10,000 followers. These influencers like to throw their own personalities into their content, seeing food as a way to connect with others. lebruchsquad dine in popular restaurants such as Le Cochon Dingue, where they enjoyed a full variety of spectacular brunch options.


Sisters, Julianne and Emille, created vegansofmontreal as a way to track down the best vegan options in their city. As the vegan scene continues to grow and gain success, these influencers are working their way around this developing industry. vegansofmontreal give praise to restaurants such as Colomtino for their wide variety of Colombian and Argentine vegan empanadas. This pair only has around 7,000 followers, but it is quickly becoming apparent that they are gaining a lot of attention within the vegan food industry. 

Popular food influencers in Montreal are successfully putting their city on the map, highlighting the wide range of food options within their city. These influencers are pushing away from the norm and opening up a space for smaller businesses to grow in size and success. To discover more about food influencer strategies, visit our website.

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