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Top Food Influencers in Perth – Food Influencers, Instagrammers and Bloggers based in Perth

Food influencers in Perth can give you a quick but long-lasting boost to your culinary business. Influencer marketing gives you instant access and trust with an already food-obsessed audience located in or interesting in visiting Perth. Gain more exposure through beautiful food influencer photography and video. Keep reading for a giant list of the top food influencers in Perth, including food influencers, Instagrammers, and bloggers.

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, offers terrific local produce, wine, and food. While it’s not as famous as other Australian food hubs, like Sydney and Melbourne, Perth has its own unique twist and is quickly becoming a well-known foodie destination. On top of this, Perth offers impressive beaches, scenery, and many popular nightlife spots. 

In Perth, you can expect incredible dishes such as rock lobster, meat pies, kangaroo, dumplings, and sourdough bread. If you’re looking to stand out on the Perth culinary scene, keep reading to learn more about the top food influencers in Perth.

Top Food Influencers in Perth to Watch 


Followers: 56,400 followers

For great information about Perth food, travel, and life, check out Inexology’s Instagram account. Inexology is run by a social media growth strategist who shares her culinary adventures throughout Perth. She regularly collaborates with restaurants, beverage companies (especially healthy drinks like nootropics), and food delivery services. You can expect bright, stunning, and sometimes shocking photos of food from her account, along with the occasional smiling selfie. 


Followers: 22,100 followers

Alex is a passionate foodie who shares his “gastronomic journey” to discover some of the best food places in Perth. He takes all original food photos for his account, which are frequently close-ups of Perth culinary delights. Most of his images are taken from dine-in locations, with the occasional outside photoshoot, such as this picnic post.  


Followers: 32,400 followers

Perthyms is an Instagram account created by anonymous “professional food eaters.” Their Instagram account pins feature many local culinary events, food delivery services, and daily pizza posts. You can expect bright, crystal clear photos of a large variety of Perth foods from their account. Their account also regularly shares many beverages, from alcoholic drinks to tea to smoothies. 


Followers: 36,200 followers

Two anonymous Perth foodies created this account in 2014 to bring you on a “visual tour of all things Perth.” They create stunning but simple food photography shots of delicious Perth eats. Their account features a fantastic variety of foods, from Japanese to Italian to Indian cuisine. If you’re looking for simple but beautiful photography, this is an excellent account to check out. 


Followers: 25,000 followers

Martin Eade is a journalist who uses his account to share Perth food, coffee, travel, and culinary events. He regularly posts about supporting local Perth food businesses and even uses his pins to push shopping local companies at the top of his page. In addition, he runs @morsels_photography, the @shelflifeaust, which explores limited editions of favorite supermarket foods, and the @wagoodfoodguide, which shares state-based, independent dining guides for Australian restaurants. You can expect realistic but beautiful close-ups of Perth food from Martin’s account. 

Take Me To Foodie Heaven

Followers: 22,400 followers

Take Me To Foodie Heaven is run by Mel and Elwyn, who are passionate food photographers. You can expect tantalizing close-up photos of food from their account. As a whole, they seem to favor anything between bread (sandwiches, burgers, etc.), Asian cuisine, noodles, and delightful desserts. They are open to collaborations. 


Followers: 25,400 followers

WagFoodGuide is run by the journalist Martin Eade, who takes stunning photos of local Australian cuisine. WagFoodGuide is the only state-based, completely independent dining guide in Australia. They create a top 100 list that features the top 100 drinks, dining events, cooking schools, and much more each year. This account regularly features content about culinary festivities and has an editorial food photography style. We recommend checking this account out if you have a wine brand, as they regularly feature wines in photos with details on the many layers of the wine’s taste in the caption.  

Savour the Moment Perth

Followers: 19,300 followers

Savour the Moment Perth is a personal blog featuring Perth food and lifestyle. You can expect bright, cheerful close-ups of Perth food from this account, along with the occasional personal photo, which gives this foodie account a more personal feel than some. This account favors delightful desserts, charcuterie boards, alcoholic beverages, and a variety of beautiful Perth cuisines. They regularly feature hotels, travel, and food delivery content on this account as well. 


Followers: 16,200 followers

Since 2015, the Perth.Foodie account has been sharing their Perth foodie hotspots and hidden gems they find along the way. Jess runs this account and has a bright and varied food photography style. She occasionally shares a fun personal post, but most of her posts share her Perth dine-in eats and delicious takeaway options. 

Perth Munchkin

Followers: 12,900 followers

PertMunchkin is a personal blogger sharing West Australian food photography from her cooking, dining, and eating exploits. She also occasionally posts photos of her darling dogs, Chablis and Brillat. Her pinned posts break down food posts into different locations throughout West Australia, along with food events and cooking classes. She occasionally shares fun photos of her cooking experiences, herself, and beautiful photos of outside food and travel experiences throughout West Australia. 

Leen The Foodie

Followers: 13,400 followers

Leen and Jono run the Leen The Foodie Instagram account. Leen the Foodie has a large variety of cuisine on their account, including delightful pictures of cold drinks, desserts, brunch, seafood, steak, pasta, and much more. This account occasionally participates in different food and culinary challenges. They also promote microdose concentrate coffee, create occasional foodie guides,  and run a Facebook page. They are open to collaborations. 


Followers: 9,110 followers

Mary and Jacob run the Food_and_I Instagram account. This account features beautiful, calming, and rich photos of Perth cuisine. Additionally, this account features a large number of fresh eats, pastries, sandwiches, delicious beverages, and lots of ice cream. Mary and Jacob also appear in photos on their account, along with their adorable dogs. In addition, this account occasionally shares recipes and fun pictures of their culinary date nights. They are also huge fans of Javy coffee and are open to collaborations. 


Followers: 7,635 followers

Simone is a digital creator sharing her foodie journey in Perth. Her mission is to explore and support Perth’s local culinary business. You can expect stunning, bright, and eye-catching photos from her account of the best local Perth cuisine. She favors delicious drinks, sandwiches, burgers, breakfast foods, and stunning desserts on her account. Simone has many beautiful pastel foods on her page, so you may want to look into this account specifically if you have pastel foods and desserts on your menu. She is open to collaborations. 

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