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Top Food Influencers in London – Food Influencers, Instagrammers, and Bloggers based in London in 2022

Influencer marketing helps you quickly build a relationship with an influencer’s audience, who are already primed and ready to learn about excellent London food. Food influencers are known for taking fantastic, beautiful, and eye-catching photos of foods, making their audience feel ready to rush over and try your delicious food. To help you out, we’ve compiled a massive list of the top food influencers in London, including London Instagrammers, Influencers, and bloggers.

London used to have a poor reputation when it came to food, with many of their neighbors teasing them about their repetitive meat and potato meals. However, this has quickly changed, and London is now a cultural hub for new, exciting foods and fusions

Today, London’s food scene is filled with modern twists on old favorites, like Chelsea buns, London particular, spiced duck doughnuts, and much more. Newer London fares are often interesting combinations of multiple foods, such as Bacon naan rolls, Senor Ceviche, fusion fish ‘n chips, beef Yorkshire burritos, and many more. 

To help you tap into the London food influencers’ market, we’ve compiled a list of the top food influencers in London that should be on your radar. 

Top Food Influencers in London to Watch

Breakfast London

Followers: 272,000 followers

Breakfast London calls itself “the coolest guide to the best breakfasts and brunches in the capital.” Breakfast London regularly reposts beautiful photos of London breakfast eats and has a vast number of contributing accounts that make up their delicious feed. Their website features in-depth blog posts on different culinary delights around London. They even have a book called “Breakfast London,” which features over 120 fantastic breakfast spots throughout London with beautiful photos and behind the scenes with the incredible chefs who created the dishes. Breakfast London also runs a Brunch Club email list, a Facebook, and a Twitter account. If breakfast is your thing, this is the account for you! 

London Coffee Shops

Followers: 244,000 followers

One of the best food influencers in London is London Coffee Shops. If coffee and breakfast are your specialties, be sure to check out the delicious London Coffee Shops Instagram page. This page regularly features tantalizing London breakfasts, delightful coffees, and beautiful hotel rooms. London Coffee Shops’ page frequently posts stunning photos of the outsides of restaurants and the insides of hotels. Their Instagram pins include images from sponsorships, staycation ideas, and brunch at home ideas. Recently, they’ve branched out and shared incredible photos and videos of London food delivery services, such as baked goods and alcoholic beverage deliveries from London establishments. 

London Food Babes

Followers: 168,000 followers

Three anonymous women run the London Food Babes account, which acts as a food diary of their delicious London eats. They also run the accounts @newyorkfoodbabes and @amsterdamfoodbabes. London Food Babes regularly posts about London food events and breaks their food posts into pinned sections by location for easy access for their followers. You can expect stunning, bright photos of every kind of London food imaginable from this account. 


Followers: 135,000 followers

If you’re into mouth watering pictures of burgers, pizzas and other treats this account is for you. This account runs a plethora of social media accounts, and they are constantly promoting charities. They also work with different travel guides and food delivery companies. Ks_Ate_Here even shares impressive recipes for delicious homemade meals. You can expect many amazing London foods on this account, especially ones featuring meaty dishes, like ribs, hamburgers, burritos, and sausage. 


Followers: 92,700 followers

Christy runs The_LazyFoodie account and loves sharing photos of coffee shops, beautiful coffee beverages, travel, and small luxuries. She is open to working with brands and offers photography services. Christie’s photography style is muted, minimalistic, and elegant. In addition to London eats, she occasionally shares travel photography of her eats abroad. 

London Foodee

Followers: 67,600 followers

Halal Food runs the London Foodee account and is open to working with companies. You can expect amazing recipes, food market posts, and amazing up-close posts of mouthwatering London eats from their account. Hatal Food favors meaty eats, baked goods, and Asian cuisine. Their account also features delicious lockdown recipes. 


Followers: 63,200 followers

London Food is all about documenting their delicious food discoveries throughout London. They regularly feature alcoholic beverages, cheesy delights, and lots of meat on their account. You can also expect a great variety of up close and far away shots of mouthwatering foods. Their account also features regular collaborations with London food establishments. 


Followers: 61,200 followers

EatnLondon features minimalistic, vintage-style photos of beautiful foods. They are especially interested in coffee shops and bakeries. EatnLondon also regularly features gorgeous pictures of the outsides of restaurants, holiday decorations, and breathtaking London scenery. This is the account for you if you love aesthetic photos. 

The Munch Brunch Kids

Followers: 60,600 followers

The Munch Brunch Kids focuses on London brunch and features bright, eye-catching close-ups on their page. You can expect regular London brunch photos on their account, especially beautiful acai bowls, eggs, and baked goods. They are even featured on Urban Journalist. The Munch Brunch Kids have also come out with their own Brunch Book on Etsy. 

London Food Fatty

Followers: 59,500 followers

London Food Fatty is made up of three anonymous creators, who embody a large number of eating styles: meat-eaters, pescatarian, and vegan. Due to this, their account shares a varied number of eating styles and foods, which is a significant benefit to those looking to promote their restaurant’s specific food style and dining options.  

Lady Who Brunches

Followers: 45,000 followers

Connie is a digital creator who shares her brunch adventures throughout the world, especially in London. Her account typically features beautiful flat layouts of London food. She is open to London food collaborations. 


Followers: 41,500 followers

ThinkingFood247 is an Instagram and TikTok creator. They only feature “honest faves, no hype.” In addition to delicious London eats, they occasionally share their international eats. You can expect cheesy and meaty delights, as well as a wide variety of cuisine from this account. 


Followers: 39,400 followers

The LondonFoodQueen covers home cooking, dine-in, takeaways, and deliveries to give their followers a wide variety of London food options. You can expect stunning, bright, and beautiful arrangements of London foods on their account. The top of their Instagram features pins of different food deliveries, restaurants, and giveaways. They are open to collaborations and partnerships. 


Followers: 26,200 followers

Ekta runs the SpicyPrawnXX account and is a London food blogger who loves posting delicious London food reels and recommendations. She visits many restaurants, bars, and culinary activities throughout London and shares these in fast-paced, exciting reels with her Instagram followers. Ekta posts the occasional lifestyle, vacation, and selfie photo, giving her account a more personal feel. She is open to collaborations. 


Followers: 24,400 followers

Liv is an active food blogger constantly on the lookout for “the BEST things to eat, drink, and activities to do and beyond.” Liv’s Instagram page has a consistent color block theme, where she posts several rows of red photos, then green, and so forth, giving her account a stunning look. She also features the occasional recipe on her account.

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