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Top Food Influencers in Hong Kong- Food Influencers, Instagrammers and Bloggers based in Hong Kong

The food scene of Hong Kong is influenced by many cultures, and yet, remains uniquely its own. Let us tag along with some of the top food influencers from Hong Kong, and discover new dishes to taste.

Today, I’m going to take you on a trip to a place that is known as a “food paradise,” and rightly so. They have got so many great food influencers in Hong Kong and their dining scene here is truly eclectic due to the influence of the Europeans (especially the British) and the Chinese. Its history of being an international port of commerce also has a part to play. Aptly named “The World’s Fair of Food,” you can taste a variety of dishes from all over the world – right from a dim sum meal and claypot rice to egg waffles and bowl pudding! 

Top Food Influencers in Hong Kong - Net Influencer
Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong’s food map has everything, right from affordable roadside stalls to Michelin-starred restaurants. Four culinary neighborhoods, in particular, are a must-visit– Central, Kennedy Town, Wan Chai, and Tsim Sha Tsui. Each one has something different to offer! 

Ready to go on a culinary trip with some of the top food influencers in Hong Kong?

Top Food Influencers In Hong Kong To Watch Out For

Hong Kong Foodie (@hongkong.foodie)

Followers: 11.4k

Sometimes, we foodies are picky. Good food, great ambiance.. we want it all. For people like us, this page is a godsend. Not only do they post about their food ventures, but they also provide detailed reviews! Each restaurant is rated out of five stars (or hearts, in this case) for food, ambiance, and value for money. They also post detailed descriptions of the dishes, including the different tastes as well as price, so you know exactly what you’re getting! (Please note that all prices are in Hong Kong dollars.)

Best Food Hong Kong (@bestfoodhongkong)

Followers: 32.6k

Best Food Hong Kong is a community organization that feeds you the best food. Pictures. Their goal is to support local restaurants and help people find out which places are still open. They curate recommendations from other foodies which always include descriptions about the food- the good, the bad, and the best!

This way, you get to take your pick from a variety of dishes, each one having the seal of approval of the locals (which is the highest honor, if you ask me). If you are craving a certain type of food – such as noodles – and don’t want to peruse the entire feed for recommendations, worry not! The page has highlights for each type of food, making it very easy for you!

HK Food Blog (@3foodlovers)

Followers: 27.3k

Aptly named, this page is run by three food lovers eating and drinking their way through Hong Kong. Self-proclaimed Bachelors of Eating, they seem to have a sweet tooth, because they post a lot of dessert and coffee recommendations. And let me tell you. They. look. DELICIOUS. I need that chestnut kakigori, you hear me? With each post, you get the price of the delicacy, the address of the restaurant, and one mouth-watering food picture. Don’t forget to check their highlights for specific food recommendations!

Hey, Food Here (

Followers: 36.1k

With meals, snacks, and a whole lot of desserts, this page is a food diary. All of the dishes posted here are authentically Hong Kong. Each picture of a dish comes with an authentic and detailed description of the ingredients and flavor, along with the price. This seems to be a common practice followed by food influencers in Hong Kong, and I am ever so grateful for it. To top it all off, you also get an honest rating of the dish out of 10!

Decent Food HK (@decentfoodhk)

Followers: 11.9k

Despite their name, they serve more than decent food recommendations. Whether you want Asian cuisine or European, this page has recommendations for all. And wine. Don’t forget the wine! Don’t be scared by their long captions, though. They let you know exactly what is in your food. They have separate highlights for each type of cuisine, including vegan. Truly, an all-inclusive food page!

Jamie (@jamiefoodie)

Followers: 1.9k

Jamie’s photos have a clear-cut minimalistic feel to them, with the dish being the main attraction (as it should be). Follow her for the best food and beverage recommendations. As usual, you get the price as well as the rating of the dish. She also lets you know if the food is worth the money. (Spoiler alert: it usually is!)

Hong Kong Foodie (@hkfoodie_jp)

Followers: 2.8k

This page posts some of THE most elaborate restaurant and food reviews I have ever seen. When I search for reviews, this is exactly the kind of content that I expect to see. This page describes each dish with so much accuracy that it almost felt like I was eating the dish myself.

Apart from all this, they also post a rating based on how difficult it is to get a reservation at the restaurants! I find this super helpful because it lets me plan in advance. And, now.. for the best part. They also let you know the price for a degustation menu (a menu that offers you small portions of different dishes to try). This page truly goes above and beyond to give you a wonderful culinary adventure.

Food Histories (@foodhistories)

Followers: 31.1k

Food Histories travels all over Hong Kong to bring the best meals to your doorstep. Err.. your phone. Scrumptious pictures, great reviews- this page has it all (including desserts and beverages!) Follow along on their journey, and treat yourself. You just might find your next favorite guilty pleasure.

Nobody can accuse the Hong Kong food scene of lacking in variety. Whether you like the trendy restaurants in Central, or the cool taverns and cafes in Kennedy Town, don’t forget to put Hong Kong on your foodie bucket list! 

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