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Top Food Influencers in Sydney – Food Influencers, Instagrammers and Bloggers based in Sydney

At this digital age, there’s simply no denying the effectiveness of Influencer marketing. For brands looking to enhance their consumer trust, brand recognition, and numerous other benefits, a potent influencer marketing strategy can be exactly what the doctor ordered. To help you out, we’ve compiled a massive list of the top food influencers in Sydney, including Sydney Instagrammers, Influencers, and bloggers.

Sydney is well known for its iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. This city has a population of around 5.4 million and is the second-largest city in Australia. As such, it has built up an incredible food scene which has inspired many food influencers in Sydney to create content surrounding it. Due to its vast size and multicultural population, Sydney’s food scene has been gaining a lot of popularity over the years. To dive deeper into this industry, we will discuss the most successful food influencers Sydney has to offer.

Top Food Influencers in Sydney - Net Influencer
Sydney, Australia

Top Food Influencers in Sydney To Watch Out For


This page is a celebrated Instagram page that proudly focuses on the diverse range of vegan cuisine currently found in Sydney. The account is owned by Renee Buckingham, a favored content creator who discusses veganism on a variety of platforms, like her podcast Do You Even Influence?

With nearly 40,000 followers and 3215 posts, Buckingham showcases the best restaurants to visit if you are looking for high-quality vegan food. She has promoted restaurants such as Soul Burger for their delicious truffle beef and satay tofu burgers. sydneyveganguide also uses Instagram to present an array of vegan recipes for her followers to try.


Philip Lee is a successful photographer located in Sydney, who uses his Instagram page to show off some of the finest food in the city. Lee created philsosophyy as a place to show off his photography skills as well as his love of food. A majority of his photos use a blurred background, which has since become a signature style on his page.

Lee often enjoys dishes from across Asia, including the dry scarlet prawn har mee from the famous Ho Jiak Haymarket in Sydney. philsosophyy has become a popular page for Australian foodies as he has managed to gain an incredible 33,000 followers.


foodbyzeebee is owned by a local teacher who enjoys sharing their favorite recipes, spots, and dishes with their 3582 followers. This influencer in Sydney posts larger-than-life pictures of some of the city’s best food offerings. Their content ranges from irresistible desserts to hearty meals. foodbyzeebee also consistently promotes local markets and restaurants to help keep her followers up to date with the growth of the Sydney food scene. They even offer their fans discount codes at places such as My Donut Box and Flour Drum


This account is owned by enthusiastic foodie Trish, who presents her biggest and best dishes to her 14,000 followers. nutrishous.x is an extremely active account with 1,000 posts and counting. This page truly shows how food from all over the world can be recreated directly in the heart of Sydney’s roaring food scene. Trish also uses Instagram to post videos of food being prepared in markets as well as some of the dishes from her worldwide travels. nutrishous.x also promotes a lot of homemade food such as the stonebaked pizzas from Gigi Pizzeria.


sydneybrunchclub is an Instagram account run by three best friends, who endlessly search for the best food to eat in Sydney. This account is popular with both tourists and locals as it has earned an astonishing 38.5K with only 262 posts. The trio post picturesque dishes from a variety of locations across Sydney. They often praise dishes such as the loaded breakfast bun from LP’s Quality Meats and an unconventional smashed avocado on toast from Proud Mary Coffee. They also post entertaining videos on Instagram like the demolition of a smash cake from Sydney SmashCakes.


This account is run by self-titled ‘Sydney brunch enthusiast’, Mille Gould. Sydneybrunch focuses on traditional brunch dishes such as the enticing poached eggs on toast from Room Ten. Gould also occasionally posts mouth-watering burgers like the ones from Top Shop. She has gained 26,000 followers with just 762 posts, making her a highly competitive food influencer in Sydney. Although Gould’s content mainly focuses on brunch, her posts are still rich and varied. She even posts videos of heavenly donuts and pastries for her fans to comment on.


girlswhofeast is an Instagram account run by two best friends who love food as much as they love each other. These ladies have traveled to places such as London and Iran to taste their local delicacies. Despite their lengthy travels, they are always ready to share some delicious dishes from Sydney’s food scene. girlswhofeast like to post hidden gems such as the DIY bao buns from Tsuru Food Truck and sakura taiyaki from Whisk Creamery. Building nearly 25,000 followers with 754 posts, these influencers in Sydney are quickly becoming fan favorites in the food industry. is run by Christina Brandalise, an experienced contributor to the Weekend Notes blog. Brandalise is best known as an acclaimed food and wine critic and uses her Instagram page to further review some of Sydney’s best dishes. She has 341 posts and 3,000 followers, giving her a platform where locals can share their favorite dishes and small businesses can gain much-needed praise and exposure. shares dishes such as the delicious ortolana pizza from Mezza Via Pizzeria and the moreish Nutella calzone from Italian Street Kitchen.


Known for their blog of the same name, excusemewaiter is owned by two friends who enjoy sharing the joys of Australian and Japanese food. Based in both Sydney and Tokyo, these friends explore their favorite meals and share their honest opinions with their engaged fan base of 4,000 followers. During lockdown, these influencers wanted to continue creating content and adding to their nearly 2,000 posts. As such, the pair reviewed a variety of meals from a collection of local restaurants. For example, they praised the flourless chocolate cake from Eugene’s Potts Point. excusemewaiter continues to post alluring content and their blog is updated on a regular basis.


basic_bite_girl_guide is another vegan food influencer in Sydney who enjoys showing the versatility of such foods. She shares everything from sweet treats to delicious dishes, all whilst having a vegan twist. basic_bite_girl_guide has rapidly become a hub for those who are looking to find excellent food that fits in with their dietary requirements. She presents handmade baked goods such as the vegan cookie selection from The Sunday Baker to her 4157 followers. This user also posts regularly on her Instagram stories and stores her best dishes in her highlights reel.


Street food has become insanely popular in Sydney over the last few years and this page is solely dedicated to showing you the wonders of this particular food scene. With over 2,000 followers and 751 posts, sydneystreetfoodz is not afraid to post content consistently. Whether it is markets, food trucks, or stalls, this account has tried it all and offers you the best places to visit during your time in Sydney. The owner of this account has enjoyed dishes such as the triple cheeseburger from Classic Burger and the fried ice cream from Duo Duo Ice Cream. They also post a range of content styles from photos to videos and GIFs.

Sydney will always be a tremendous city, filled to the brim with culture, history, and excitement. As the industry continues to grow and expand, food influencers in Sydney are working hard to create content from a variety of locations and push the boundaries of what each Instagram post can do for their engagement. 

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