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Top Food Influencers in Dallas – Food Influencers, Instagrammers and Bloggers based in Dallas

Dallas has gone through a restaurant renaissance in the past few years. These top food influencers show us what the hype is all about.

The food scene in Dallas has gone through something of a “restaurant renaissance” in recent years. New restaurants popped up like crazy practically overnight. And these were not your quintessential eateries, either, but rather highly personal spaces that spoke for the chef’s talents. And with chefs hailing from different backgrounds, there is no shortage when it comes to variety. From chocolate globs to Vietnamese smorgasbords to every type of Mexican dish available, there is a little bit of everything.

Top Food Influencers in Dallas_Net  Influencer
Dallas, Texas

This renaissance was so huge that Bon Appetit magazine named Dallas the Restaurant City of the Year in 2019. After hearing that, we simply must see for ourselves what all the buzz is about. Let us look at some of the top food influencers in Dallas. You’ll soon be planning your food trip after this article.

Top Food Influencers in Dallas 

Dallas Food Nerd (@dallasfoodnerd)

Followers: 49.1k

Started by Elysa and Rory after going on a tour of 5 Dallas restaurants, this page is now run by over 20 people who geek out over anything food-related. They document all their foodie adventures with details about what they ate, and what is so special about the restaurant. On their blog, they also talk about food-related events!

Food Bitch (@askfoodbitch)

Followers: 55.9k

Are you in Dallas, and have no idea what to eat? Don’t worry. Ask “food bitch.” She will tell you what to eat, and you. will. like. it. She tours the best restaurants and eats the most delicious food. Plant-based tamales with blue corn masa, anyone? Apart from this, she also hosts giveaways and posts coupons for food and drink festivals. Trust me, her page is a godsend.

Dallasites 101 (@dallasites101)

Followers: 300k

Whether you are new to the city, or a local, this page is your 101 for life in Dallas. They introduce you to the best restaurants in Dallas. They are very thorough in their restaurant reviews, and post everything from opening hours to signature dishes. I mean, where else would you go to find out about the Chick’n’cone? Yes, that dish is exactly what it sounds like! Chicken served inside a waffle cone! Follow them, and go get your fill of new places to eat.

Dallas Love List (@dallaslovelist)

Followers: 244k

This page finds the most instagrammable places to eat in Dallas. When you buy Santa Boot Shots, it would be a crime to not flaunt it on Instagram, right? If the ambiance of these places doesn’t pull you in, the food definitely will! Check out their page, add these restaurant hotspots to your love list, and make your soul happy with delicious food and drinks. They also host giveaways, so don’t miss out!

Kathleen (@dallas_foodie_snob)

Followers: 14.9k

Previously known as Dallas Sushi Snob, Kathleen posts about restaurant hotspots and hidden gems in the Dallas area. As you might already have guessed, she LOVES sushi. So if you are craving for some sushi right now, her page is the place to go! She also teams up with restaurants and gives away little food treats now and then, such as the 6×6 board filled with Halloween candy. I don’t know about you, but winning at least one giveaway is on my bucket list. 

Dallas Eat More (@dallaseatmore)

Followers: 48.6k

If there is one thing we humans have in common, it is our love for food. This page is run by a bunch of people who want to build a community through food. From new restaurant pop-ups to offers on food, this page has everything. Whether it is spicy food you crave or colorful desserts, this page will tell you where to get it. Dig in, and enjoy!

Saria (@dallasfoodwanderer)

Followers: 22.8k

She gets to travel all around Dallas and taste the best food and drinks? I’m a little envious, guys. Discover everything from European to Asian cuisine from her page, with plenty of cafes and dessert places thrown in. She covers a lot of holiday-themed restaurants, so don’t forget to add them to your list for next time! I mean, who can say no to a drink called “Christmas in a Cup?”

Dallas Food Blogger (@myculinaryadventures_)

Followers: 13.5k

This page is run by a couple who go to THE coolest places to eat in Dallas. Ever encountered a BLUE chicken sandwich? You will, when you go to their page. And yes, it really is blue! For those of you who want to try authentic cuisine from different countries but haven’t had a chance to yet, this page lets you know the best spots in town. Whether it is some Italian you crave, or African, they’ve got you covered. And if you follow their culinary adventures regularly, you might just find out about a secret bar or two.

She Flies From Dallas (@shefliesfromdallas)

Followers: 10k

Self proclaimed noodle pull queen, She Flies From Dallas talks about the most wonderful places to eat in Dallas. Want to grab a bite of Korean tteokbokki? Or maybe you have the hunger pangs for some delicious dessert. She knows the best places for all of them. The thing I like the most about her page is how she adds a little personal touch by including tidbits about herself, as well as talking about her favorite things about the restaurants she visits. Keep an eye out for her giveaways, guys!

Foodie of Dallas (@foodieofdallas)

Followers: 11k

Do you ever have those moments where you are hungry but want to try out a new restaurant instead of going to your old haunts? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a ready-made list of places in those times? You could just go through that list, and pick out a spot that looks good. Well, this page has it! Foodie of Dallas curates the best local eateries for you to choose from. They repost pictures from a variety of restaurants and food bloggers, so you are bound to find a perfect match for your needs here. (Food-related.)

Erin (@thefoodromantic)

Followers: 7.1k

Not only does Erin help you discover the best spots to eat, she also recommends what to eat from each place. She has a particular lean towards desserts and drinks, so this page is perfect for all of you who have a sweet tooth. And finally, her pictures are delicious. I can practically taste the frosting from those donuts.

Jenn (@eatsbyjenn.her)

Followers: 8.2k

Sometimes, you need to wait for the things you love. But in the end, the wait will always be worth it. And by this, I mean to say that Jenn posts recipes of amazing dishes. Yes, you will have to make them yourself, but you can also eat it in your pajamas while watching your favorite show on Netflix, so I see no downsides to this. Follow her now for some mouth-watering dishes!

Sarah Le (@dfwfeed)

Followers: 3.7k

Sarah is a Dallas foodie who documents her personal adventures with food. You should be taking notes because everything she eats looks so good. Go along with her adventures! Who knows, you might find your next favorite place to eat.

Amanda J (@cowgirlseat)

Followers: 4.9k

Amanda is the founder of @dfwgrubclub, a community of Dallas foodies who tell you where to eat, and why you should eat there. So you get a bunch of eclectic recommendations from a variety of people. On her own page, Amanda documents her favorite food spots in Dallas. 

Whew! That was quite a ride, huh? Well, now we know what the Dallas food-hype is about!

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