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Top Food Influencers in Chicago


13 Top Food Influencers in Chicago – Food Influencers, Instagrammers and Bloggers based in Chicago

We’ve compiled a list of our top food influencers to follow on Instagram. They are Chicago natives who love their city and its specialties, and they take stunning photos that will make you want to visit the Windy City ASAP!

Over the years, the Windy City has gained worldwide acclaim for its hip-hop scene and an abundance of successful rappers. With artists such as Kanye West, Lil Durk, Chance the Rapper, Polo G, and Chief Keef, to mention a few, one thing Chicago has dominated headlines for is its music. 

Beyond its music though, Chicago has also always possessed a measure of fame as a culinary hotspot. The city has always been a haven for foodies and culinary enthusiasts, with several international publications, including Bon Appetit, praising the city’s culinary prowess. It can be a not-so-easy task to decide where to have your next meal in Chicago. With over 8,000 restaurants, dozens of food festivals, and a scary number of food trucks, you can never run out of options.  Whether you are a local or a visitor, Chicago has something for everyone. Check out these food influencers in Chicago that we prepared just for you!

The food scene in Chicago is famous for its diversity, from its deep-dish pizzas to delectable steak, Italian beef sandwiches, brownies, and the famous Chicago hot dog. The Chicago cuisine is characterized by three-inch-thick slices of pie oozing with meat, vegetables, cheese, and budget-friendly burgers, not to mention Chicago’s famous barbecue, Jibarito sandwiches, the Rainbow Cone, Flaming Saganaki, Buttermilk old fashioned Chicago style doughnuts, and so much more. These meals have had people trooping in from all over the globe. 

Top Food Influencers in Chicago

Chicago also has an abundance of food influencers. Food influencers in Chicago are largely responsible for the culinary spotlight shed on the Chicago food scene. Due to the diligent work of these influencers in Chicago, Chicago’s cuisine has become quite popular beyond the shores of the US. These influencers have leveraged social media and are watering taste buds from Chicago’s south side to downtown Egypt. Here are some of the top Chicago Food influencers to watch out for this year:


Run by Chicago Blogger Michelle, this page would definitely make you a foodie if you aren’t one already. Michelle delights her over 15,000 followers with pictures of mouth-watering dishes from food spots she visits. Color and Spice; this is what we like to see. Steak, burgers, pasta, smoothies, chocolate, cookies, sandwiches, Michelle shows them all and leaves detailed reviews too. One very interesting thing about this influencer is how much she explores. Chicago is home to diverse cuisine, and exploring them is a journey she enjoys. With menus and recommendations from her favorite spots, finding good places to eat in Chicago would be no problem at all. 


It is an Instagram food blog run by one of the influencers in Chicago. Charly (the page’s handler) seems to be more interested in the nitty-gritty of food. Preferring to tease her over 15,000 followers with an inside look into burgers, sandwiches, and bagels. You can also find how-to videos on this page just in case you fall in love with what you see and would love to try it yourself.  Like any culinary enthusiast, Charly goes around Chicago sampling food from its diverse restaurants. So if you need recommendations on where to eat what, her page would give you a fair idea.


Boasting over 85,000 followers, FabFoodChicago is surely a food influencer to look out for. This page takes it up a notch by not just exploring typical Chicago foods but also showcasing Chicago’s Asian cuisine too. I mean, who doesn’t love ramen? FabFoodChicago also gives an inside view into some of the most fabulous restaurants in Windy city. And yeah, they have occasional giveaways too, so hop on to their page; you never know, you might get to eat at one of the best restaurants for free!


A Chicago food page run by Erin Byrne, 312Food is a Chicago food and city guide page. With almost 130,000 followers, it is one of the top Chicago food influencers to look out for. Beyond just showing you the meals, 312Food walks you through the process of making those meals, ensuring you salivate for every second spent on the page. Did I also mention Erin is a big fan of female-owned restaurants too? She always seeks to promote female establishments, and honestly, we love to see it.


What other information do you need that the page name doesn’t already give? ChiCityFoodie is run by Seth Marcus, and boy has he earned the title “foodie.” Seth is a 9-5er but uses his nights and free time to explore Chicago food. If you need ideas on Chicago’s night foods, Seth is the right man to ask. Did I forget to mention he has over 42,000 followers too? He’s definitely doing something right. 


What’s better than a beautiful lady posting her pictures on Instagram? A beautiful lady posting herself alongside delectable meals on Instagram. Chele is an unapologetic foodie, and honestly, we don’t blame her. With the number of options, Chicago offers you, it’s hard not to be one. Chele delights her 20,000 plus followers with pictures of her food quests in the different Chicago restaurants. She is one food influencer to look out for.


Mauna loves her tea, coffee, pizza, and sandwiches. Okay, she probably loves everything about food, which explains why she brings her 15,000 plus followers on her journey to sample the best Windy City foods. We’re not complaining. If you are a coffee or tea person? Mauna has a recommendation or two for you. 


ChicagoFoodGoals is a top food influencer in Chicago. They delight their followers with really well-taken pictures of different cuisines across Chicago. The part of the page that stood out for me was that they were open to collaborations. Also, if you use their hashtag, you could be featured on their page. Boasting an audience of over 39,000, getting featured on this page would be great for your restaurant or food place.


Chicago_Foodguide is an influencer when it comes to the Windy City cuisine. From custard to pizza, ramen, pasta, bagels, and different desserts. Believe me when I say that this page will leave you drooling. Chicago_foodguide seems to be bent on guiding us to the best spots in town, and that’s exactly what we are here for. With a following of over 25,000, chicago_foodguide is a top food influencer brand to watch.


Hangry_Chicago doesn’t just show you the beauty of the meals available in Chicago; they also take you on a journey to explore the restaurants as well. This page is not just about the food, but the overall scenery and environment where it’s being eaten. Most of their videos begin outside of the restaurant before proceeding to tease us with the pictures of sumptuous-looking meals. Hangry_chicago is a top food influencer in Chicago, and their 17,000 plus followers agree with that.


Yohangry is run by a “HANGRY” girl, who happens to be eating her way through Chicago one carb at a time. Please don’t take our word for it, though; you can visit the page and be delighted with the wide array of food on display. From cookies to margaritas to sandwiches, tacos, and loads of desserts, yohangry will leave you hungry or probably angry that you can’t pull the food out of your screen and have a bite. Food, colors, and everything in between, yohangry is a personal blog that boasts over 3500 followers. 


LickWorthy is slowly becoming one of the top food influencers in Chicago. Do they post lickworthy content? Definitely! With videos on new restaurant openings and live tasting, Jessica takes us on her exciting journey to tasting lick-worthy foods, and when she does find them, you can see her licking her plate! Jessica takes us to the hottest spots in the city and sometimes to the not-so-popular spots. Her over 5000 followers can testify to her honest reviews and recommendations.


Did you think we would end this article without attending to our vegetarian audience? Definitely not. TheChicagoVegetarian is dedicated to all things vegetarian. The page gives insights into the different vegetarian meals in Chicago. They also give recipes for home-cooked vegetarian meals as well. You can hardly go wrong with the recommendations on this page. Visit the page, and you might just find the next restaurant you’d be enjoying your veggies in.

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