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Top food influencers in Los Angeles


Top Food Influencers and Bloggers in Los Angeles – Food Influencers, Instagrammers and Bloggers based in Los Angeles

From food trucks to high-end restaurants, these top food influencers in Los Angeles will make your mouth water. Follow their social media accounts for a delicious glimpse into the L.A. food scene!

Hollywood is not the only thing Los Angeles is famous for. It is also famous for its eclectic food. Here are some food Influencers in Los Angeles who take us on a delicious virtual tour of the L.A food scene.

If you need a radical dining experience, Los Angeles is the place to go! Known as THE most exciting food city in America, L.A is bound to give you a culinary experience that you will never forget. Right from french dips to ice cream sandwiches to Korean BBQs, you can treat your palate to a diverse range of cuisines. 

Sounds delicious, right? My mouth is already watering..

Let us take a virtual tour of the L.A food scene through these top L.A food influencers.

Top Food Influencers in Los Angeles That Take You On a Culinary Trip

Eddie Sanchez (@hungryinla)

Followers: 102k

A native of L.A, Eddie is a foodie (rhyming unintended) with a passion for travel and photography. Combining all of his passions, he travels to different restaurants on the West Coast and documents his experiences. Need to find the best places to eat something in L.A? Eddie’s got you covered! Apart from this, he also posts detailed recipes on his blog. Discover great meals or make your own.

L.A Foodie Guy (@lafoodieguy)

Followers: 447k

L.A. foodie guy takes you to the best hole-in-the-wall/ roadside places in L.A. that serve delicious fast food, as well as introduces you to unusual food combinations! Ever had pozole ramen in a cup? Or oreo wine? Well, L.A foodie guy says they’re delicious. Why don’t you try it for yourself and see? Not only does he help you gorge on your favorite burgers and tacos, he also updates all his followers on any food related news.

Jenn Harris (@jenn_harris_)

Followers: 31.7k

An L.A. Times columnist for the “Food” section, and the host of “The Bucket List” fried chicken show, Jenn documents her delicious food journey in L.A. Her feed is filled with all the scrumptious meals she gets to eat. She is a big supporter of small restaurants and food trucks. She puts a personal spin on all her posts, which is amazing, because, this way, you get to know the person behind the page as well. Trust me, you will NOT be able to resist checking these places out for yourself when you see her food pictures.  

Foodz My Thing (@foodzmything)

Followers: 31.2k

The very definition of food porn, this page curates the best spots for food and dessert in L.A. Treat yourself to some Japanese BBQ and some mini truffles after? Or.. you could combine sweet and spice and have some chocolate pizza or a truffle chicken. Don’t diss it till you try it, folks! You might just be surprised by how well they go together!

Caroline Pardilla (@carolineoncocktails)

Followers: 23.1k

Fancy a colorful cocktail, anyone? Caroline is a cocktail influencer (I totally made up that word just now, by the way) in L.A., and posts about the best cocktails and mocktails and bars in the city. The drinks she recommends are easy on the eyes and tasty on your tongue- perfect for unwinding after a long day. Who knows, maybe you’ll find out your next favorite drink from her feed!

Jenni (@hello.jenni)

Followers: 13.7k

Jenni tours all the happening restaurants in L.A and posts appetizing photos of her food. Don’t forget to make your reservations, though! Apart from making us jealous of all the variety of meals she gets to enjoy, she also takes part in fundraisers and spreads awareness about community kitchens. Bonus point: you get to see pictures of her dog if you follow her.

Stephanie Breijo (@breij)

Followers: 10.1k

As a food reporter for L.A. Times, Stephanie gets to spend her time eating and writing about food. (Seriously, I’m starting to get a bit jealous of these food journalists, guys..) She believes that L.A. is the finest food city in the country, and I agree with her. Follow along for some Stephanie-approved restaurants and their best dishes. You won’t be disappointed.

Lisa (@lisaeatsla)

Followers: 31.5k

Lisa takes you everywhere, right from the swankiest Michelin-starred restaurants to family-owned ones. Along with photos and videos of the food she tastes, she posts a list of everything she ordered. She also likes to add fun facts about the places of food she tries out! She adds a bit of a personal touch to her posts by talking about what she liked the most at the restaurants (the outdoor seating areas, or watching the chef cook the meal). All the places she visits have an amazing ambience, so if that’s your thing, she is definitely worth a follow!

Zach Brooks (@midtownlunchla)

Followers: 19.4k

Zach is the founder of Smorgasburg L.A., one of the largest weekly open-air food markets in America. It happens every Sunday, and features more than a hundred local vendors. So if you get the chance to attend one, don’t miss it! It will be an experience for a lifetime. Apart from that, he documents all his culinary adventures on Instagram, including mouth-watering desserts.

Lindsey Baruch (@lindseyeats)

Followers: 309k

You ever look at a picture of a meal SO beautiful that you immediately want a taste of it? That’s Lindsey’s page for you! The best part is that you can have everything she posts about! You’ll just have to make it first. Lindsey posts recipes of some of THE most delicious things I have ever seen. You can now enjoy everything from focaccia to baked camembert, right from the comfort of your own home. It may take a while to prepare them, but your taste buds are going to thank you for it. I’ve been looking at her page for the last five minutes, and I’m suddenly hungry now. That too after I JUST ate my lunch!

L.A. Phoodie (@laphoodie)

Followers: 10.4k

L.A. Phoodie talks about all her favorite places to eat in L.A, including pastries. Wondering where to go get your Sunday brunch? L.A Phoodie has tons of recommendations for you! Add these places to your list, and experience them one by one.

Antonio Malik (@antonio_eats_la)

Followers: 205k

Antonio posts some of the most drool-worthy things to eat in L.A. His videos show the makings of the food themselves, so you can see how much talent and love goes into each meal. His page also features a lot of desserts for those of us who have a sweet tooth. I mean, who can resist a Red Velvet Funnel Cake? He also speaks the language of us foodies, guys. By which I mean that he understands there is no such thing as too much butter! We all know you measure that with your heart, right? 

Bill Esparza (@streetgourmetla)

Followers: 32.3k

Bill is an expert on Latin American cuisine. If you are a fan of Mexican food, you should definitely give him a follow, because he will lead you to the best spots in L.A to satisfy your Mexican food cravings. He is also the author of a book called L.A. Mexicano, in which he talks about the close-knit relationship that the residents of L.A have with Mexican food. Enjoy the most authentic Latin American dishes with Bill. After all, who better than an expert to guide you?

Did you enjoy the virtual food tour? Now it’s time to take a real one (whenever you can). Put L.A on your bucket list, follow these people, drink (well, eat) their recommendations, and let your taste buds run wild and free!

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