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Top Food Influencers in Houston


Top Food Influencers in Houston – Food Influencers, Instagrammers and Bloggers based in Houston

Houston is well-known for its impressive food scene. These 11 food influencers in Houston are gaining a vast amount of followers by documenting the best cuisine that Houston has to offer.

Houston is well known for its impressive food scene. So much so, it has managed to attract a wide selection of enthusiastic influencers. Various food bloggers are now gaining a vast amount of followers solely by documenting the best cuisine that Houston has to offer. Houston is a diverse and bustling city with an abundance of food options, such as Creole and Cajun. As this community of influencers in Houston continues to expand, so do a wealth of opportunities. Here are NetInfluencer’s top 11 food influencers in Houston.

Top Food Influencers in Houston to Watch


With 17.6K followers on Instagram, boomtownbites is a self-proclaimed ‘Texas Foodie.’ The owner of the account was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and is proud to showcase a collection of home-grown content and boast of what the city has to offer. Although the owner of the account likes to remain private, he is often seen at various food conventions and events around the United States. His content effectively blends popular locations such as Five Guys with hidden gems such as treats from the Rodeo festival held in Houston every year. boomtownbites also likes to expand his content, posting reels and videos from his travels to New York and Galveston.


houstontxfood is a popular food page run by travel creator Kendra Lynch. She is known for expertly touring Houston to discover some of the finest and most unique food options that the city has to offer. Whether it is perfectly cooked dumplings from Trendy Dumpling or a mouth-watering chicken sandwich from Mendocino Farms, houstontxfood has tried and tested it all. This page uses idyllic photos and sensational video content to engage with its 50,000 followers. The success of houstontxfood proves that food influencers in Houston are on the rise.


Petitebrunchie, also known as Jamie San Pedro, is a food influencer who covers both the Houston and Dallas food scene. Pedro is a successful apartment locator in Texas, but that does not stop her from sharing her love for food with her 11,000 Instagram followers. Pedro uses her Instagram page to highlight her sweet tooth. She posts dynamic dessert options from locations such as Sprinkles Cupcakes and Bahama Bucks Snow Cones. Petitebrunchie also adds some personal touches to her page like dressing in silly costumes as well as promoting various social justice campaigns. 

Local Grub Houston

Local Grub Houston is run by a teacher named Jamie, who expresses her love for her city through her adoration of good food. She has amassed over 14,000 followers on Instagram by displaying some of the city’s most lucrative locations and offering her audience the chance to go and find some rare treats. Local Grub Houston is an eclectic hub for foodie content, highlighting classics such as crawfish boils as well as more nuanced options such as beetroot loaves. As a native citizen of Houston, Jamie also posts some of the best cocktails in Houston on her page, allowing her to gain a full scope of the Houston food and drink industry.


Ginny Griffin is the proud owner of the texasfoodgawker Instagram account. Griffin collates all of the finest food in Houston and shares it with her 21,000 followers. texasfoodgawker is an impeccable page for any foodie as it is the perfect balance between gigantic burgers and fresh green salads. texasfoodgawker also posts recipes so that their devoted fan base can make these delicious dishes at home. Not to mention, this food influencer also uses Instagram to create alluring travel guides, such as ‘Favourite Margaritas in Houston.’ 


This Instagram page is run by a popular foodie who shares both the finest dishes in Houston along with the joys of parenting her twin sons. Her fascinating photography skills allow her to exemplify a wide range of cultures through her content. thehungrypetite enjoys posting pictures of endearing Japanese food and treats. As a result, this food influencer is able to successfully blend her own heritage with her Texan roots. thehungrypetite enjoys engaging with her audience as she regularly posts updates on her food and family to her 37,000 followers.


This may be a small account, but houston-foodstagram posts a range of unique dining options that should not be missed. With less than 8,000 followers, this food influencer is still able to post mind-blowing content on a regular basis. They visit popular locations in Houston such as Caracol and The Pit Room and reveal an abundance of amazing food. For such a small account, houston-foodstagram does an incredible job of engaging with its followers. This allows fans and other locals to discuss the Houston food scene in more depth and recommend more acclaimed restaurants. The page also makes use of Instagram’s video features, posting short-form content of these food items being cooked and served.


This account sees food as a peaceful endeavor, encouraging followers to ‘Stay Trill, Spread Love, and Be The Wave!.’  With less than 500 posts, newfoodhouston has still managed to gain an incredible 22,000 followers. The team uses their impressive photography skills to capture the explosion of color that accompanies each dish. newfoodhouston promotes popular chains such as Voodoo Doughnuts as well as smaller places such as Anon Cafe. newfoodhouston also runs an expansive blog, displaying a range of local events occurring in this vibrant city.


The bigfoodies Instagram account is run by Sarah Lewis and Katherine Stevenson, a dynamic duo who love everything to do with food. The pair travel around Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, and other encapsulating cities to share the best food with their 12,000 followers. bigfoodies recognize that Houston is appreciated for its multicultural food scene. Therefore, these ladies often post enticing photos of pasta and sushi dishes. Adding on to this, both creators have a true understanding of what is popular, posting iconic cheese pulls and sandwich tears for their audience to enjoy.


With just 74 posts and 2469 followers, tastehtx is a food influencer in Houston that is quickly climbing up the ranks. tastehtx likes to think outside of the box and often posts unique food items such as Hawaiian barbeque and Korean fried chicken. The food influencer also sees more than just the food on the plate as they are often seen to include some of Houston’s most eccentric food trucks and street art in their photos. Their first post was created way back in 2017, however, they have been posting more often as a way to encourage fellow Texans to shop locally during the pandemic. has built up nearly 3,000 followers in over six years. This developing account recommends some of the most popular establishments in Houston, including drinks from the finest bars and restaurants. This helps the account to diversify themselves from creators who strictly post food content. knows how to draw attention from their audience, posting eye-catching desserts and sweet treats. They regularly visit well-renowned restaurants such as Sleek and Bisou to try out some of their indulgent chocolate items.

Many influencers in Houston are proud to call this city their home. As we learn to live with the conditions of the pandemic, many food influencers are excited to explore the variety of new dishes on display. Instagram has been an enlightening platform for many food influencers and continues to help them gain traction and engagement.

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