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Watch These Top Dad TikTokers for Entertainment

Discover the most viral Dad TikTokers and their influence over their growing fan base. VIsit NetInfluencer to learn everything you need to know about TikTok.

As of September 2021, TikTok has built up over 1 billion users. Therefore, there is no doubt that this video-sharing platform is growing in popularity. With so many users, you are bound to find someone to make you smile. Top Dad TikTokers are a sure favorite on the app, creating skits, dances, and more. NetInfluencer has searched through various TikToks to find the most viral and hilarious Dad TikTokers.

Here are your Top Dad TikTokers:

Your Korean Dad

@yourkoreandad Answer @im_siowei $9 oranges from the Korean market! #mukbang #yourkoreandad #koreanfood #fruit ♬ Own Brand Freestyle – FelixThe1st & Dreya Mac

Your Korean Dad has melted the hearts of many. Amassing over 3 million followers, he has quickly become a mentor for his growing and devoted fan base. Your Korean Dad, also known as Nick Cho, is a well-known coffee entrepreneur. At 47 years old, Cho has two teenage daughters. Cho begins every video exclaiming his lovable catchphrase, ‘Hey, I’m your Korean Dad!’. This has made him one of the most celebrated creators on the platform. Cho takes his followers around the United States and explores popular attractions and tourist sites. If you are looking for an adorable Dad TikToker, Your Korean Dad is the one to watch.


@alldefdadjokes #DadJokes Battle in ATL Pt. 2!@Collabcrib vs @dormtainmenttv Find out who wins?@Theo @noahmadesmk1 ♬ original sound – Dad Jokes

Alldefdadjokes brings in some of the funniest comedians and makes them battle it out to tell the best dad joke. With 65,000 followers, this page has even drawn in some surprise celebrity guests. For example, comedians Darren Brand and Ronnie Jordan had a side-splitting battle of dad jokes. This pairing gained nearly 3,000 likes and was shared numerous times across social media. Even comedy legends Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell joined in on the fun. Alldefdadjokes also has a popular YouTube channel with 70,000 subscribers. They are also very active on TikTok, posting a new battle every week for fans to enjoy.




Thesupercole, whose real name is Cole LaBrant, is most known for his popularity on Vine. Since leaving the app in 2016, LaBrant has earned nearly 22 million followers on TikTok. The social media star now creates funny skits and silly dances with his two children, Zealand and Posie. La Brant is a very devoted Christian and also makes content surrounding the complexities and nuances of his faith. This has also built a stronger connection to his fellow Christian followers. Thesupercole also has a family YouTube channel called The LaBrant Fam. This is where LaBrant showcases his family life and gives important updates to his 13 million subscribers.



It still tasted better than what BB8 😏

♬ everyone using this sound – zup

If you like Dad jokes with a twist, Fitdadceo is the perfect Dad TikToker for you. Dave Ogleton has gained over 948,000 followers by giving old jokes new punchlines. He is best known for his popular saying, ‘No, Dummy.’ A majority of his jokes follow the same fool-proof routine. For example, ‘I said to my son ‘How does Reese eat her cereal? He said, duh, in pieces.’ I said ‘No, Dummy! Witherspoon.’ These unconventional jokes have allowed Olgeton to create a full-time career and even sell personalized merchandise. Fitdadceo is also known for creating various other sketches using popular sounds on TikTok.


@joerauth_ Better not get caught #fyp #school #class #pov ♬ original sound – Joe rauth

This 21 year old is not a dad just yet. However, he has become popular on TikTok for acting just like one. Joe Rauth is popular amongst his Gen Z fan base for creating parodies of high school maths teachers and stereotypical dads. He found TikTok fame after his video ‘When your Dad sees his buddy in public’, went viral. Since then, Rauth has gained 4.2 million followers and is still growing. Rauth films his videos in various classrooms and in his car. This gives each skit a more realistic and immersive feel. Joe Rauth is a naturally funny man and is one of the best examples of how Gen Z is dominating TikTok.


@montyjlopez La Fashion week at its finest! @styleonthespot ♬ sonido original – Jason The Toy Mayker

Monty Lopez is a famous Dad TikToker in his own right. But you probably know him best as the father of TikTok superstar, Addison Rae. Lopez often posts adorable videos of the pair together. Addison Rae is ranked as the third most followed person on TikTok. Therefore, it is no surprise that Lopez himself has around 2.2 million followers. He enjoys having fun on the app as he is often seen dancing to popular sounds just like his daughter. Monty Lopez has also been mixing with other TikTok families. He has made videos alongside the D’amelio family, including the most followed person on TikTok, Charli D’amelio.


@jonathanjoly Best friends forever ❤️ #bestfriends #siblings #sacconejolys ♬ END OF THE LINE theory of relativity – Adam Watt

Jonathon Joly is most recognized for his family YouTube channel, SACCONEJOLYS. Jonathon is married to lifestyle blogger, Anna Saccone and together they have four children: Emillia, Eduardo, Alessia, and Andrea. Joly has found immense fame on TikTok, sharing updates on family life and children on the platform. He has also spoken out on his experiences with gender dysphoria, particularly when growing up in post-Troubles Ireland. The family’s loyal 2.2 million followers also voted Joly as Celebrity Dad of the Year in 2019. Jonathon Joly has also branched out into the world of literature, releasing his first memoir called ‘All My Friends Are Invisible.’ 


@brandonfloyd7220 This is the best thing ever…no more busted cokes in freezer….#lifehack #life #fyp #cocacola #foryou #coke #great @cocacola_us ♬ original sound – Brandon Floyd

Brandon Floyd has impressed his 420,000 followers with uncanny impressions of his 12 year old son Carson. Filled with energetic jumps and childish mannerisms, Floyd perfectly captures the youthful enthusiasm of a pre-teen boy. These impressions have become viral, helping him to make various news appearances across the US.  The Dad TikToker has three teenage sons and a young daughter, all of which make an appearance on his page. Floyd also shows off his beautiful daughter and all of her adorable moments. Brandon Floyd now creates skits sharing light on all of his kids’ quirks, making him a fan favorite amongst parents.

These 8 Dad TikTokers prove that TikTok is a platform suitable for any creator. Whether you are creating content alongside your children, or just updating your viewers on family life, TikTok offers an engaging platform to do so.

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