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Creator Studios for Influencers: Facebook Creator Studio, Instagram Creator Studio & YouTube Creator Studio

Looking to understand how to maximize each social media platforms’ creator studio? If you’re interested in understanding the unique features of each creator studio for influencers, our article is the guide for you. Read on for information about YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram’s creator studios, as well as a detailed breakdown of what a creator studio is.

What is a Creator Studio?

Creator studios are dashboards that bring together many social media content management tools within a social media platform, such as Facebook or Instagram. If you’re looking for a one-stop content management tool, you can’t go wrong with any social media platform’s creator studio. Today, we’ve reviewed the benefits of creator studios, why influencers use creator studios, and why using a creator studio over a third-party tool to schedule, manage, and track your content is a valuable asset. 

The Benefits of Creator Studios

The benefits of creator studios will vary depending on the social media platform, but here are some typical features you can expect to see: 

  • Create (Ability to upload, edit, and post your content)
  • Content scheduling
  • Content library (being able to see all of your content and latest uploads/posts)
  • Activity insights (performance metrics)
  • Audience insights (information on your audience’s age, location, gender, and more)
  • Monetization management
  • Sound collection (Facebook and YouTube have access to free music and sounds)
  • Inbox (streamlines comments and messaging) 

Depending on the number of accounts and social media platforms you manage, a third-party content management tool may still be helpful. A third-party content management tool allows you to manage your content from one tool rather than having to log in and out of multiple accounts to view the creator studio. Certain third-party content management tools also offer more extensive features, such as app integrations, creating social media reports, and advanced collaboration tools. 

On the other hand, influencers who are only managing their own social media accounts may benefit more from creator studios because they are free to use, built into their preferred social media platforms, and offer detailed instructions and videos to help people learn them quickly. 

In short, creator studios offer many valuable benefits to marketers and influencers. However, we recommend considering the number of accounts you manage and your need for other features, like collaboration tools and social media report creation, before switching to using creator studios completely. Some creator studios, like Facebook and Instagram, do allow you to manage multiple accounts. However, you are still limited to accounts within those platforms and would need to manage your other social media accounts through a different system. 

What is Facebook Creator Studio?

Facebook Creator Studio is Facebook’s dashboard for creators that allows you to easily manage, post, study, and create content. Facebook Creator Studio can be accessed through or by using the companion Creator Studio app, which can be downloaded in Google Play and Apple stores.  Anyone who manages a Facebook page is eligible to use Creator Studio. 

Wondering what makes Facebook Creator Studio Unique? Here are some of the best features that you won’t find in your average content management system: 

  • A breakdown of the number of minutes viewed from your Facebook videos (including replayed time)
  • 1 minute video views (how many times your videos were played for a minimum of one minute)
  • 3 second video views (how many times your videos were viewed for at least three seconds)

These metrics are unique to Facebook Creator Studio and can be found under the “Insight” then “Retention” tab in your creator studio. Most social media management programs will only report on the total number of views or total time watched, so Facebook’s specific breakdown of the minutes watched per video and by the length of time gives you a significant edge when studying your videos and how they performed. 

Creator Studio - Net Influencer

To learn more about Facebook Creator Studio, we recommend checking out Facebook’s free course here.  

What is Instagram Creator Studio?

Instagram has long allowed you to manage your account in-app on your phone. However, they recently created Instagram Creator Studio to provide you with more tools and the ability to access your Instagram account on a computer. 

To access your Creator Studio, you’ll need to connect your account to a relevant Facebook page. Start by going to the Creator Studio website, then click the Instagram icon located at the top of your screen. Next, click login and follow the provided instructions to link your Instagram account to a relevant Facebook page. After this is complete, you can access Instagram Creator Studio from your computer whenever you want.  

Creator Studio - Net Influencer

Unique features to Instagram Creator Studio: 

  • Insights (Including accounts reached, post impressions, actions taken after viewing your post, such as visiting your website, texting you, or engaging with other posts)
  • Audience insights (Including when your followers are on Instagram, age and gender demographics, and where your audience is from)
  • Scheduling Instagram content
  • Monetization (for eligible accounts over 10,000 followers)
  • Synchronizing with your Facebook account
  • Adding Alt Text for people with visual impairments
Creator Studio - Net Influencer

To learn more about Instagram Creator Studio, access Instagram’s free course here

What is YouTube Creator Studio?

YouTube’s Creator Studio is designed to help influencers manage their presence, interact with their audience, grow their channel, and track their earnings – all in one easy-to-use dashboard. 

YouTube’s Creator Studio is automatically available to anyone with a YouTube channel. Simply click on your channel’s profile picture in the upper right corner on any page on YouTube, then click YouTube Studio or access it through

Creator Studio - Net Influencer

YouTube Creator Studio has multiple features that are unique to them and not easy to find on third-party content management systems. 

Here are some notable YouTube Creator Studio features: 

  • Creating a brand channel (multiple channels under the same Google account)
  • Editing your videos in YouTube Creator Studio
  • Adding subtitles to your YouTube video
  • Collaboration (Add multiple users to help you manage your YouTube channel)
  • Filter and manage comments (including disabling commenters, holding comments for moderation, and setting automated filters to exclude comments with specific words)
  • In-depth analytics (breakdown by video, overall channel performance, impressions, and more)
  • The ability to add cards, chapters, and an end screen to your video
Creator Studio - Net Influencer

We also want to note that you can manage several YouTube channels with YouTube Creator Studio. All you need to do is click “switch account” to bring up whichever channel you are interested in. YouTube also has a creator studio app that allows you to manage your YouTube channel on the go. 

For more information on the YouTube Creator Studio, we recommend reading more here and checking out YouTube’s YouTube Creators YouTube channel here, which posts weekly videos on YouTube creator news and insights about maximizing the creator studio.

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