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Best Artists to Follow on YouTube

YouTube is well-known for its assortment of long and short-form content, inspiring influencers to create an assortment of engaging videos. Artists on YouTube are able to express their skill set in a variety of different ways, helping them to captivate their audience. These influencers use this platform to document their creative processes as well as recommend a range of new art supplies. In order to find out more about this niche, Netinfluencer has examined the platform to discover the top artists on YouTube. 

Top Artists On YouTube To Watch Out For


This artist has been creating YouTube videos since 2013 and has managed to gain an incredible 2.6 million subscribers during that time. DrawingWiffWaffles is an accomplished artist, who presents her illustrations to her devoted fan base.

This artist, also known as Rae, uses her platform to practice her drawing skills as well as promote her latest projects. Rae also has a unique and episodic graphic novel called Magna Girl, which follows the life of 13 year old Maggi Reese as she attempts to understand her newfound role as a superhero. DrawingWiffWaffles also experiments with an array of unconventional art supplies in collaboration with ArtSnacks and Paletteful Packs subscription boxes. 


SuperRaeDizzle uses her YouTube channel to experiment with art in any way possible. Whether it’s viral TikTok trends or using A-List celebrities’ art supplies, this artist is able to create incredible pieces in a fun and digestible format. They also experiment with short-form content, producing a wide selection of humorous YouTube Shorts.

SuperRaeDizzle posted their first video in 2011, sharing a friend’s saxophone performance. She also continued to create short vlogs for a few years. It wasn’t until 2016 that she posted her first drawing tutorial and started her career as an artist on YouTube. Since then, SuperRaeDizzle has gained 1.81 million subscribers and over 281 million views.


Josiah Alan Brooks, better known as Jazza, is a vibrant and energetic artist who has been making videos since 2012. This artist first began making simple animation tutorials for his 5.89 million subscribers to follow. As the years went on, he upped the stakes, taking on incredible challenges such as drawing with an etch-a-sketch and creating giant art pieces with just sharpies.

Brooks also creates other types of content on YouTube such as music production on his channel Jazza Records. He also contributes to Tabletop Time, a channel dedicated to classic games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer. 


Despite only having 389K subscribers, Mary Doodles has been creating art on YouTube since 2006. Her charismatic art style is inspired heavily by popular culture, creating an array of original characters for her fans to enjoy.

This artist is most known for her work on Epic Rap Battles of History, where she designed a collection of merchandise and posters to accompany the channel. Recently, she has been uploading a mix of livestreams and YouTube Shorts, proving her ability to create engaging content regardless of the length. Mary Doodles also has a second channel named Here Be Mary, where she posts vlogs and life updates for her 41.9K subscribers. 


ScarfDemon, whose real name is Chloe Dungate, is an artist and vlogger with 38K subscribers. Dungate’s platform is a pleasant mix of cute animations and personal videos, helping her to engage with her active fanbase on a deeper level. ScarfDemon has been producing short animated films since her channel launched in 2012. Her most recent film, Brother, premiered at Buffer Festival in 2021 and has tugged on the heartstrings of nearly 4,000 viewers.

Dungate’s vlogs feature a collection of other influencers, such as Tom Ska, who appears in her series Little Moments. Although ScarfDemon may only have a small number of subscribers compared to other influencers in her field, her content shows the importance of building an interactive community on YouTube. 

Sam Does Arts

This artist gives tips and tricks on how his 650K subscribers can improve their art pieces. Sam Does Arts is a 23 year old digital artist who only posted his first video in July 2020. In less than two years, this artist has not only managed to build a community on his platform but has managed to gain almost 30 million views.

This influencer produces a variety of content such as speed portraits as well as timed painting challenges. As a successful artist on YouTube, Sam Does Arts also explains how to achieve more engagement on social media, exploring which platforms have the best reach for artists. 

Chloe Rose Art

Chloe Rose Art uses her YouTube channel to explore the art industry in more depth, specifically, the wide assortment of art supplies available on the mass market. Implementing a range of hilarious memes into her videos, Rose tests out art supplies such as paint pens and art advent calendars.

This artist also reviews other YouTubers’ art products, deciding whether or not they are worth purchasing. Chloe Rose is a self-taught artist, who has managed to amass 687K subscribers since creating her channel in 2014. She has also created a series of YouTube Shorts, where she humorously explores the struggles that artists experience on a regular basis. 

Florian Gadsby

After setting up his own ceramic workspace in London, Florian Gadsby made the transition over to YouTube to document more of his pottery endeavors. With nearly a decade of professional experience, Gadsby is well versed in the principles of pottery, allowing him to educate his 888K subscribers. Although he first created his channel in 2015, he actually posted his first video in 2019, showing how to make a hand-thrown yunomi. Since then, this artist has been producing a variety of tutorials as well as ASMR videos for his viewers to enjoy. Gadsby also uses his platform to promote his online store, which sells a limited selection of his artisan pieces. 

Steven Richter

With an incredible 1.74 million subscribers, Steven Richter uses his astonishing sculpting skills to bring various fictional characters to life. Ritcher has recreated characters such as the Joker and Spiderman, using immersive timelapses to exemplify the process. These amazing sculptures can be purchased on his Etsy store, alongside a collection of other prop replicas. With 25 years of experience, Richter decided to create YouTube videos back in 2010, originally creating parody videos of popular films such as The Dark Knight. After making content consistently for over a decade, this artist has managed to build engagement on other platforms such as Instagram where he has 14.4K followers.

BM Sculptures

BM Sculptures produces one-of-a-kind sculptures using a range of unconventional materials. Blake McFarland is a retired professional baseball player, who reinvented his career back in 2019, earning him 182K subscribers on YouTube. After leaving the Toronto Blue Jays in 2018, this artist made his passion project his full-time career. McFarland recycles unwanted materials and items from flea markets and transforms them into stunning art pieces. He has created a bear out of wood and epoxy resin and has even created a $14,000 sculpture out of recycled tires. This artist also has a large fan following on Instagram where he shows off his fantastic pieces in more detail, impressing his 22.1K followers.

Artists on YouTube manage to use this platform to its full capabilities, producing interesting videos that bring exposure to their creative pieces. These influencers are able to draw traction to their videos but also to their own portfolios, helping them to create fulfilling careers just from the platform. To discover more about how YouTube can increase engagement for your brand, visit our website

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