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Popular Small Businesses On TikTok


Popular Small Businesses On TikTok

As the e-commerce market continues to be more and more competitive, a large section of small businesses struggles to stay afloat in such dynamic circumstances. However, with the advent of social media, many small businesses now have the opportunity to promote their wide range of products and services to a wider audience. In fact, research suggests that 95% of purchases will be made via an e-commerce platform by 2040.

TikTok in particular has allowed these enterprises to show off their products in more detail, attracting a considerable influx of revenue in the process. Netinfluencer has searched TikTok to discover the most popular small businesses on Tiktok.

Popular Small Businesses On TikTok To Watch Out For


This small business operates from Atlanta and brings all of the joys of adorable apparel to its vibrant TikTok account. pwuffyshop provides a range of accessories and stationery, all of which adhere to a selection of cute designs. The owner of this shop creates all of her own designs such as the macabun, which is a charming blend between a rabbit and a macaron. pwuffyshop also sells a range of high-quality enamel pins which all feature some of their best-selling designs.

The shop’s owner, Joyce, also discusses their manufacturing process, describing the highs and lows of setting up an online business. With 762.7K followers, pwuffyshop has managed to use a range of TikTok’s interactive features to create a profitable business venture. 

@pwuffyshop Reply to @amara69960 What can you get for $300? 🍓 #strawberrycow #cottagecore #kawaii #itabag ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell


With the impact of personal safety spreading quickly across the globe, moreofsafetyboutique offers a selection of safety keychains, designed to help individuals better protect themselves. These self-defense keychains contain a range of features including a window breaker, a flashlight, and more. They are also designed to be fashionable and attractive to help blend in with any outfit or accessory.

The owner of this account also details her packaging process and customer interactions in order to better engage with her 157.5K followers. In addition, this small business owner also informs her followers of her next restock, helping to keep her customers up to date with the advancements of her business. 

@moreofsafetyboutique Closest answer wiinss👇🏻 Restock the 15th💕✨ #fyp #packagingorders #keychain #restockasmr #restocking #winnerwinnerchickendinner ♬ Mission Impossible (Main Theme) – Favorite Movie Songs


Artisan candles have been a key trend over the last few years, inspiring independent candle makers to develop their own range of scents. starfallcandleco has gained 131.9K followers due to their eclectic assortment of candles and rooms sprays.

hey provide scents such as Frosted Sugar Cookie and Bourbon Butterscotch, helping to diversify themselves from other candle producers on the market. starfallcandleco also uses TikTok to highlight their growth, showing how each product has changed since the business first launched back in 2020. As they are a 100% vegan company, the owner of this account also shows how their wide range of products is made, ensuring an ethical manufacturing process with every product. 

@starfallcandleco packing a lavender woods order ❤️ #WomenOwnedBusiness #fyp #smallbusinesstiktok #packingorders ♬ original sound – Gretta Ray


reluxeandco takes upcycling to the next level, transforming vintage luxury goods into contemporary accessories. Their store contains a wealth of high-end items such as Chanel pendants and Dior bracelets. This small business removes various pendants and logos from older items and repurposes them into attractive pieces of jewelry.

As a result, this stops a large number of designer items from ending up in a landfill. Their TikTok is teeming with up-close shots of their most popular products, creating a more immersive experience for potential customers. reluxeandco’s intuitive business strategy has earned them an impressive 55.4K followers and an additional 1.4 million likes. 

@reluxeandco Which bracelet is your favourite? #smallbusiness #fyp #spring ♬ original sound – dom


This ingenious small business uses TikTok to promote an array of unique skincare products to their target market of Gen Z customers. idewcare sells products such as Get To The Root, its exfoliating sea salt scalp scrub, designed to eliminate build-up and stimulate the hair follicles.  Moreover, they also sell a range of accompanying accessories such as the Bristle Boost Scalp Massager.

The various contributors to this account use TikTok in a very successful way, providing demonstrations on how to use each product accurately and safely. This is so their 458.8K followers can get the most out of their purchases. idewcare has also expanded into mainstream stores, stocking its products in Target and Ulta Beauty

@idewcare We won't blame you if you fall in love with Cake My Day Hydrating Sprinkle Wash-Off Mask🧁 🤫 #idewcare #facemask #skincare #kbeauty #satisfying ♬ i was just a little boy – j


Based in Southern California, sugar.republic sells a variety of vibrant and handmade phone cases. This small business creates cases for both iPhone and Android, helping to cover the full scope of the smartphone market.

Their designs are packed full of color and off-beat designs, such as flame and butterfly cases, which follow a signature Y2K style. sugar.republic also creates cases in relation to popular TikTok trends, such as their humorous range of pastel Ghost Face cases. Their TikTok account highlights the nuances of each style, helping their 216.2K followers choose the best case for them. Furthermore, they also sell phone accessories such as popsockets and phone case charms

@sugar.republic Shop link in bio🙌 cute & super affordable phone cases🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️#fyp ♬ original sound – sped up songs ❤️‍🩹


Offering an assortment of clothing, stationery, and homeware, maddiegreenboutique uses her impressive design skills to build a thriving small business.

Every product follows a positive affirmation or symbol, creating a mindful brand that its 313.7K followers can relate to. maddiegreenboutique sells handmade scrunchies, smiley face slippers, and decorative glasses, giving each customer a sense of joy when using their products. Plus, this brand also offers mystery bundles, allowing customers to get a set of surprise gifts. Maddie Green uses TikTok to promote her latest products but also describes her business journey, showing how her brand has seen exponential growth over the last few years. 

@maddiegreenboutique #smallbusinesslife ♬ Miami, My Amy – Keith Whitley


With handmade baked goods becoming extremely popular on TikTok, browniegod proves that e-commerce is definitely the best way to break into a saturated market. This small business creates opulent brownies to celebrate a range of occasions such as birthdays, Mother’s Day, and even uses braille as part of their decoration. browniegod uses TikTok to give a glimpse into their production process, creating spellbinding videos of how each batch is perfectly crafted.

They have even gone one step further, using platforms such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo to deliver their products around the UK. Consequently, this means that their 509.1K followers can enjoy delicious brownies without leaving their house. 

@browniegod I need to know which one was your fav 🤣 #reviews #browniegod #shopify #customorders #funnyorders ♬ original sound – Browniegod


warmandfuzzysoapery creates handmade soap with character, allowing their 161.6K followers to clean their hands in style. The dedicated owner documents every step of the soap-making process, creating fascinating videos for their followers to enjoy.

They also interact with viewers in the comments to help build up more engagement on their platform. warmandfuzzysoapery also educates its customers on how to create soap themselves, building a more active community within this craft. Their soaps range from Black Coffee in Bed to Chocolate Covered Strawberry, each providing a new set of benefits for the customer’s skin. They also produce additional products such as candles and pet products, helping to build a more varied product range. 

@warmandfuzzysoapery #soap #addictedtothis #lifeisshortusethegoodsoap #WomenOwnedBusiness #coldprocesssoap #soapmaker #soapmaking ♬ original sound – sweet bee


This small business uses TikTok to both promote their prolific clothing brand as well as give integral marketing advice. wrldinvsofficial sells a range of creative and imaginative clothing items such as their World Peace shirt and their Basketball Letter shorts. These products all adhere to a modern and inventive style, creating cohesion within their brand.

This small business also creates videos on TikTok to promote developments in the clothing market and encourages others to set up their own small business with the help of their educational courses. Amassing 78.2K followers, wrldinvsnofficial proves that social media marketing is a key asset to any developing brand. 

@wrldinvsn We started with only $120 🤯 … #clothingbrand #fromthegroundup #blackownedbusiness #fyp #behindthescenes ♬ Yearnin' – Stone Cold Jzzle & Cash Cobain

Small business owners on TikTok have managed to become key influencers on the platform, helping potential customers from around the world discover their next favorite product. These businesses also prove how effective social media can be in terms of advertising and reach. To discover more about how your brand can benefit from social media marketing, visit our website

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