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The Top 10 Most Popular Funko Pop Influencers


The Top 10 Most Popular Funko Pop Influencers

When Funko Pops first arrived on the scene back in 1998, very few people could have imagined that these wacky figurines would take the world by storm. Nowadays, the company has a net worth of $364.04 million and is still releasing new merchandise on a regular basis. But, as these figures become more and more popular, it seems that influencers have also decided to base their entire content strategy on Funko’s wide variety of products.

What Are Funko Pops and Why Are They So Popular Online?

Surprisingly, when Funko was first created, it was only supposed to be a small project. The company aimed to build nostalgic figures that could stand alongside some of their more comprehensive action figures and articulated models. After a few unsuccessful attempts to enter the toy market, Funko narrowly avoided bankruptcy. Thus, the corporation needed a new plan to help make it a household name in the ever-competitive toy industry.

In 2010, Funko decided to take on San Diego Comic-Con, promoting a series of superhero figures like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. After creating a vast fan base across Comic Con weekend, the company decided to branch out even further, using iconic IPs such as Disney, Marvel, and Ad Icons. Thus, by 2014, Funko had a vast variety of categories as well as a bundle of highly sought-after exclusive figures. 

Though Funko Pops may be the company’s most notable product, it still enjoys diversifying its catalog from time to time. From pins to plush, Funko adheres to its original vintage and nostalgic theme and uses these motifs to bring its customers back to a more cherished time. 

Top 10 Funko Pop Influencers

  1. Muggle_Pop

Harry Potter is one of the world’s largest and most popular franchises, so it’s no surprise that Funko has also decided to capitalize on its success. Muggle_Pop is a devoted Potterhead and enjoys showcasing her diverse selection of themed merchandise and Funko Pops to her growing audience of 12.5K followers. This influencer doesn’t just post a few snaps of her latest purchase. Instead, she uses a ton of decorative set pieces and props to help create a surreal world for their figure to enjoy. When she’s not giving her Funko Pops a stylish photoshoot, she is using Reels to showcase her unboxing process and reviewing other types of Harry Potter memorabilia. 

  1. The Funko Chronicles

Ashley, better known as The Funko Chronicles, boasts a diverse collection of these lovable figurines and enjoys showing them off to her 821 followers. This Funko Pop influencer uses her Instagram account to post engaging photos of her superhero collection as well as her adorable selection of Disney pops. As such, she is a great content creator for those looking to learn more about the wide variety of items on offer. This creator also uses a range of alluring backgrounds to make her figures seem more life-like, such as placing Groot in an assortment of foliage or having her Spiderman figure pose with the character himself. 

  1. Top Pops

Top Pops, also known as Tristan is best recognized for his bustling YouTube account that has managed to amass a whopping 2.79 million subscribers. Here, this Funko influencer gives detailed reviews on the latest releases, ensuring that his growing fan base can make the best purchase for their personal collections. Tristan also conducts various challenges for his fans to enjoy such as hunting for Funko Pops of a certain color. On Instagram, Top Pops follows a similar approach. He often shares press releases of upcoming products and creates short Reels to help 58.5K followers learn more about his latest video. 

  1. Fun Pop Photo

Using a plethora of stylish photography techniques and lighting effects, Fun Pop Photo strives to make these figures as animated as possible. Whether they are using smoke effects to give The Beatles a more legendary look or are placing Carl and Ellie from Up outside of their iconic home, this influencer has a keen talent for toy photoshoots. This artist also enjoys vast travel adventures, sharing their favorite Funko Pops from different countries with their 11.5K followers. For example, in Thailand, they visited the regal region of Yat Wan Chaeng to show off cultural interpretations of Buddhist icons in Funko form. Thus, by showing off the worldly variations of these much-loved toys, this influencer has managed to build a very diverse fan base. 

  1. Dr. Applesauce

Dr. Applesauce is well known for putting the fun in Funko, creating vibrant content for their avid community of 27K Instagram followers. On this platform, this influencer often shares his time at various conventions as well as offers updates on the latest Anime news. However, on YouTube, this creator provides a more detailed expression of his love for Funko Pops. Here, he explores the nuances of the Pop Yourself experience and helps his 42.8K subscribers spot fake Funko pops. To describe his love for nerd culture even further, this influencer also hosts a podcast called The Applesauce Experience, where he discusses everything there is to know about gaming, collecting, and Anime. 

  1. Colossal Collectibles

It seems that influencer marketing and collecting go hand-in-hand and Colossal Collectibles is a perfect example of this amicable relationship. With an impressive 1,109 followers, this influencer strives to keep his audience up to date with all the latest news and updates from the Funko universe. From alluring press releases to updates from conventions from all around the world, this content creator showcases just how varied and plentiful these humble figures are. Colossal Collectibles also uses Uhive, an off-beat social networking platform to sell their bustling assortment of Funko Pops and NFTs. ensuring that their audience can continue to increase their own portfolio alongside them. 

  1. Geeky Tentacles

Boasting a collection of over 400 Funko Pops, Geeky Tentacles posts a wealth of imaginative photoshoots that often place these charming figures in their natural habitats. For example, this influencer showcases E.T. and Elliot against a mysterious full moon backdrop and presents  Bulbasaur in a wealth of rustic foliage. Alongside their hoard of Funko figures, Geeky Tentacles also collects Pop-Mart figures. These are vinyl models that adhere to a much softer and more Kawaii aesthetic. Therefore, this is an ideal content creator to follow if you’re keen to push away from conventional collectibles and start hunting for something a bit different. 

  1. Box Attack

Known best for his YouTube channel with 28.8K subscribers, Box Attack takes Funko Pop collecting to the next level. In his videos, this influencer showcases an abundance of limited edition figures as well as a range of entertaining hauls and unboxings. He also shares his experience of selling his collection, highlighting the immense value of these innocent figures. On Instagram, Box Attack hosts a much more amicable relationship with his 6,979 followers. By sharing close-ups of his latest purchase and giving his fans updates on his latest Whatnot livestream, this influencer has managed to create a very engaging and purposeful platform. 

  1. Supa Ghost

Blessed with an array of admirable Photoshop and graphic design skills, Supa Ghost ensures that these figures can be perceived in an entirely different light. This Funko Pop influencer has amassed a vast series of Anime-themed figures, including Yuji from Jujitsu Kaizen and Ash Ketchum from the classic Pokemon franchises. But these quaint characters seem larger than life when Supa Ghost pictures them in front of an awesome backdrop and moody lighting. But this influencer doesn’t just gatekeep his secrets from his 2,433 followers, he sometimes posts BTS footage on his Instagram stories. 

  1. Giojammies

Giojammies is another Potterhead who uses Funko Pops to highlight her love of the iconic franchise. This influencer often shares photos of her majestic home, indicating how she sprinkles these figures around the place so that they can blend into the rest of the decor. For example, she showcases her shelved collection of Funko Loungefly backpacks, which add a touch of flair to her fantastic cosplays. She also uses Reels to bring attention to her most recent trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, indicating how she immerses herself in this vibrant theme park. 

As Funko continues to be a keen icon within the toy industry and beyond, it seems that influencers also enjoy sharing their popularity. This trend also highlights the importance of finding your niche as an influencer and how it can help you secure a wealth of lucrative opportunities. 

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