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Top 10 Most Popular Anime Influencers On YouTube


Top 10 Most Popular Anime Influencers On YouTube

Though Anime is most known for its traditional Japanese origins and motifs, data from Gitnux explains that 63.5% of Americans enjoy watching Anime on a regular basis. With such a vast and diverse fan base, it’s no surprise that this medium has also found its way into the lucrative world of influencer marketing. Therefore, Net Influencer will discuss the most popular Anime YouTubers and how they are successfully capitalizing on this genre. 

Top 10 Most Popular Anime Influencers On YouTube

  1. Bonsai Pop

Since creating their channel in 2018, Bonsai Pop has managed to amass an impressive 217K subscribers with less than 130 videos. This Anime influencer offers a deep dive into some of the medium’s most iconic shows and works hard to dissect some of its more complex and hard-hitting themes. For example, this creator uses the hit series One Punch Man to uncover the nuances of Existentialism and how the protagonist Saitama struggles to find a sense of purpose in his own life. When they’re not providing detailed commentary, Bonsai Pop is offering their fans a plethora of attractive merchandise so that they can support their favorite creator on the go. 

Top 10 Most Popular Anime Influencers On YouTube
  1. Mother’s Basement

Geoff Thew, better known as Mother’s Basement has been producing content since 2015 and is well-recognized for his humorous and analytical approach to Anime. Thew delves into all aspects of this niche from adaptations like Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender to more sentimental topics such as the legacy of Akira Toriyama. Since Anime is such a vast and complex topic, Mother’s Basement tends to produce list videos like The BEST Anime of Winter 2024, where he gives his 1.35 million subscribers a quick overview of the best content of that particular season. Alongside his videos, this content creator also strives to build an amicable and engaged relationship with his viewers, as seen by his Steam Group. Here, he offers a wealth of reviews and offers the latest updates on his content so that his fans can catch up with his next video. 

Top 10 Most Popular Anime Influencers On YouTube
  1. Glass Reflection

Glass Reflection is known by a few different pseudonyms such as Arkada as well as Tristian Gallant. But one thing’s for certain, this Anime influencer is never afraid to speak his mind. His humorous rant videos on certain Anime such as The Case Study of Vanitas and My Dress Up Darling allow Glass Reflection to explore the up-and-coming shows within this medium and also introduce newcomers to this alluring world. They also produce YouTube Shorts, ensuring that their 548K subscribers can enjoy the latest Anime updates in a more digestible and engaging format. Though he mostly creates content for his own platforms, Glass Reflection is also known to collaborate with other influencers, as seen by his guest appearance on Next Game. This channel strives to pitch sequels to hit games, like Mario Kart 9. 

Top 10 Most Popular Anime Influencers On YouTube
  1. Gigguk

Gigguk is one of the longest-running Anime YouTube channels on this list and has managed to collect 3.57 million subscribers since it was first formed in 2007. This Thai-British YouTuber has covered just about every popular Anime available and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to his humorous analysis. Whether he’s unpacking the impact lockdown had on our watching habits or recommending the best Anime for hardcore fans who have seen just about everything, this Anime YouTuber has not struggled to make his mark on this industry. Gigguk also created vlog-style content, such as giving us a tour of an acclaimed Anime studio in Japan. Together with his YouTube content, this Anime influencer also creates content on Instagram, sharing snapshots of his personal life with his 218K followers. 

Top 10 Most Popular Anime Influencers On YouTube
  1. The Anime Man

As an avid lover of Japanese culture and media, The Anime Man uses his bustling YouTube channel to share these passions with his 3.37 million subscribers. With regard to Anime content, this influencer often shares his recommendations for Manga and shows, creating lists such as 10 Scary Horror Manga to Read for Halloween and Top 5 Anime Series That Will Make You Cry. In recent years, The Anime Man has brought his content to the outside world, conducting interviews with controversial figures such as criminals and adult video stars. At the end of 2023, this influencer announced his biggest project yet, a collaboration between Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and his clothing brand Nonsense. Thus, The Anime Man offered his vast fan base the chance to dress like their favorite characters on a daily basis. 

Top 10 Most Popular Anime Influencers On YouTube
  1. Kenny Lauderdale

Though this influencer has only posted 44 videos since they created their channel back in 2015, Kenny Lauderdale has still managed to gather 312K subscribers. This is mainly because this content creator enjoys seeking out some of Anime’s most hidden gems, pushing away from traditional titles such as Dragon Ball Z or Sailor Moon, and informing us of some more vintage counterparts. As such, Kenny Lauderdale often provides us with a deep dive into more off-beat franchises like Golden Bat and Shonan Bakusozoku. Lauderdale also shows a fondness for lost footage, conducting a plethora of detailed research into the forgotten shows of Anime’s past. In turn, he sometimes uses his second channel, Kenny’s Discount VHS World to store some of these clips so that his 25.4K subscribers can access them whenever they need a hit of nostalgia. 

Top 10 Most Popular Anime Influencers On YouTube
  1. Totally Not Mark

Totally Not Mark, whose real name is Mark Fitzpatrick, uses his channel to give his 902K subscribers a masterclass in Anime and Manga. His most popular series The Anatomy of Anime provides viewers with an analysis of some of the medium’s most iconic characters and themes like how confidence is used throughout Dragon Ball Z or how antagonism is used to drive plots through the character of Jiren. Though these videos offer a comprehensive look into one of the world’s most popular shows, Totally Not Mark also provides overviews in 10 Words or Less. Fitzpatrick is also a talented musician, using his own compositions throughout his videos. All of these tracks, as well as some covers, can be found on his second channel Totally Not Music, which has 1.2K subscribers. 

Top 10 Most Popular Anime Influencers On YouTube
  1. Pause and Select

Japanese culture seeps into almost every aspect of Anime, so it’s very important that commentators strive to include this information throughout their content. Pause and Select does this exceptionally well, producing lengthy conversations about the political landscape of Japan alongside their reviews of Anime content. For example, this Anime YouTuber expertly discusses just how globalized this genre truly is and uses comments from Susan Annett to extend the discussion with their 42.7K subscribers.  They also post intuitive short-form videos on TikTok, where they give their handful of followers an introduction to Anime genres and the most impactful shows of each niche. 

Top 10 Most Popular Anime Influencers On YouTube
  1. hazel

Even though hazel has posted just 24 videos, she has still built a staggering community of 241K subscribers. Her love of quirky shows and details makes her a fan favorite for those who want to explore everything that this complex and intriguing medium has to offer. This Anime YouTuber spends a lot of their time uncovering lost shows and clips like Arisa Good Luck and Sonic Adventure. But, when she’s not playing detective, hazel usually comments on the animation style of these shows and the type of nostalgia they bring back to devoted fans. On her second channel, she creates lengthy streams of her playing vintage video games such as Super Princess Peach, amplifying her skills as a livestreamer and a long-form content creator. 

Top 10 Most Popular Anime Influencers On YouTube
  1. Super Eyepatch Wolf

It seems that John Walsh, also known as Super Eyepatch Wolf, doesn’t do things in half measures. With each video lasting around an hour long, this Anime YouTuber tends to discuss each piece of content in meticulous detail, making him a favored content creator among his 1.72 million subscribers. Whether he’s praising the emotive themes of Chainsaw Man or the terrifying twists seen throughout Blood on the Tracks, this YouTuber does it with such precision and detail that it’s very easy to hang on his every word. Walsh also considers himself to be an avid connoisseur of video games and contributes to a podcast called Let’s Fight a Boss, alongside a set of experienced animators. 

Top 10 Most Popular Anime Influencers On YouTube

Anime continues to see exponential levels of growth and success as does its related influencers. These content creators now have the prime opportunity to share their love of this content alongside their devoted fan base. With such high levels of engagement, brands also have the chance to create meaningful relationships and seek out a plethora of lucrative campaigns. 

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