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Popular Commentary Channels on YouTube


Popular Commentary Channels on YouTube

YouTube has always been a welcoming platform for long-form content, with data suggesting that the ideal video should be around 10-minutes long. Commentary channels provide valuable insight into various topics, exploring key thought principles in depth. These influencers have gained a devoted following through their intense research and high-quality production skills. In turn, Netinfluencer has uncovered the most popular commentary channels on YouTube.

Casey Aonso

This commentary influencer enjoys exploring every aspect of popular culture with her 495K subscribers. Casey Aonso first started producing content in 2017, posting lifestyle vlogs and makeup tutorials. In 2019, Aonso rebranded her channel and began voicing her opinions on contemporary television shows and celebrity gossip.

This then led to her creating commentary content such as discussing the controversy surrounding the true crime genre as well as reacting to viral TikTok trends. She also uses TierMaker to rank certain celebrities in terms of their popularity and success. Casey Aonso also uses Instagram to share updates on her travels as well as more personal content with her 25.8K followers.

Popular Commentary Channels on YouTube

D’Angelo Wallace

Amassing 1.48 million subscribers, D’Angelo Wallace unpacks all of the news and updates occurring within popular culture in a charming and charismatic way. Wallace is also a very talented artist and began following art tutorials on his channel back in 2018.

During this time, he also voiced his opinion on the art influencers who were also creating content on YouTube. Nowadays, D’Angelo Wallace provides commentary about YouTube’s Trending page as well as Elon Musk’s appearance on SNL. His most recent video was met with utmost praise as he disclosed how he was learning to cope with difficult mental health issues and had to take a break from posting consistently. 

Popular Commentary Channels on YouTube

Drew Gooden

Drew Gooden first started his content creation career on Vine, allowing him to have an already established audience when he made the transition to YouTube. Gooden analyzes both online antics as well as iconic moments from TV and film, giving him an all-encompassing view of both mediums.

This commentary channel has questioned what counts as good acting and has explored the world of obscure Instagram ads. Building a community of 3.68 million subscribers, this influencer has also conducted a tour where he showed off his comedic talents in front of a live audience.  Drew Gooden has also released a line of merchandise that displays his quirky catchphrases and characters displayed on his channel. 

Popular Commentary Channels on YouTube

Mike’s Mic

Michael Messineo, better known as Mike’s Mic, defies convention by creating videos that are up to two hours long. Mike’s Mic gained a large amount of popularity through his Pretty Little Liars videos, where he used an extensive whiteboard to explain the nuances of the overall plot.

This trio of videos gained an average of 3.2 million views and caused him to earn 739K subscribers. He also comments on popular movies such as Twilight and The Maze Runner, creating a humorous summary of their plots. Messino also produces short-form content on TikTok, where he has an additional 349.3K followers. 

Popular Commentary Channels on YouTube

Jarvis Johnson

Despite operating a YouTube channel since 2006, Jarvis Johnson is also a certified software engineer. He began posting regularly on YouTube in 2017, leading him to gain a devoted fan base of 1.83 million subscribers. Johnson explores a variety of different topics such as food waste in the modern world and the rise of reality dating shows.

He also discusses his career in computer science, explaining the steps he took to find success in the industry. This commentary influencer also has a gaming channel where he competes in various Minecraft servers with other content creators. 

Popular Commentary Channels on YouTube


Pyrocynical has been creating content since 2014 and is known for commenting on niche influencers and the worst-rated TV shows on air.  He also reviews lesser-known video games, giving more information to his 4.71 million subscribers. This commentary influencer creates videos that are around an hour-long, giving him the time to express his criticisms on every topic.

He also streams consistently on Twitch, playing games such as Call of Duty: World at War for his 269K followers. Pyrocynical also contributes to the TBH podcast, a platform that taps into unusual subsections of social media and questions their effect on wider subcultures. 

Popular Commentary Channels on YouTube

I Hate Everything

This commentary channel has an opinion on just about everything, all of which they share with their 2.11 million subscribers.  Despite creating his first video in 2013, I Hate Everything can still find things to complain about and posts videos on a regular basis. I Hate Everything provides his scathing opinion on superhero movies as well as Funko Pop Vinyls, listing all of the flaws of each concept.

Although this channel seems to be overly negative, I Hate Everything uses relevant footage and research to create an engaging and informative commentary every time. This influencer, whose real name is Alex Horton, also hosts a weekly podcast alongside his two friends where they react to the latest TV and video game releases of that week. 

Popular Commentary Channels on YouTube

Elvis The Alien

Elvis The Alien provides commentary on previously released films, constructing an eloquent argument for their downfall. This influencer discovers movies that have been slated by critics and gives his own views on them for his 1.64 million subscribers to enjoy. He has commented on off-beat features such as Son of The Mask and Choose or Die, explaining why they do not stand up to the competition. This creator also has a second channel called People Ruin Everything, where he discusses how internet fandoms seem to take to an unconventional level.

Popular Commentary Channels on YouTube

Friendly Space Ninja

This commentary influencer only created their channel in 2021 but has still managed to gain an impressive 411K subscribers. Friendly Space Ninja discusses the highs and lows of some of America’s most famous TV shows such as The Flash and Riverdale. They often refer to literary criticism to express their opinions such as Realism and Fantasy, giving each video a more refined feel. Friendly Space Ninja is also seeing growth on Instagram where they have an additional 11.4K. Here, they share more personal photos and clips from various podcast appearances. 

Popular Commentary Channels on YouTube


Since 2019, iiluminaughtii has been breaking down the mystery and secrets surrounding the many Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) schemes that are operating in the US. Their content aims to warn people of the dangers of these schemes, helping their 1.29 million subscribers become more informed. They offer educational content about these schemes as well as criticize certain operations such as Young Living. iilumiinaughtii also creates content about other controversies such as Rainbow Capitalism and the hidden secret of TLC’s most popular shows.  This commentary influencer also conducts Just Chatting streams on Twitch where they discuss breaking news stories and updates from various MLMs from around the world. 

Popular Commentary Channels on YouTube

Commentary channels open up a plethora of conversations surrounding the content we see on the internet, helping to create a healthy discussion on the platform. These long-form videos also signify that audiences can still be engaged for long periods of time, further validating the work of online content creators. To discover more about creating content on YouTube, visit our website

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