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TikTok LIVE’s Latest Community and Safety Features


TikTok LIVE’s Latest Community and Safety Features

TikTok LIVE is one of the platform’s most successful and prominent features, enabling creators to engage with their fans in real time. As this feature becomes more and more popular, TikTok is working tirelessly to ensure that users remain safe at all times. As such, Netinfluencer will discuss the latest updates in TikTok LIVE’s community and safety guidelines. 

How Popular Is TikTok LIVE?

In July 2022, TikTok released a wide variety of insights into its live streaming platform. The study found that 62% of candidates watched TikTok LIVE every day. This shows that the feature is constantly attracting and engaging new viewers.

In addition, the report also highlights how brands are seeing an influx of engagement and recognition through TikTok LIVE. 1 in 3 candidates believe that TikTok is an ideal platform for connecting with brands and 50% of users have bought a product after seeing it on TikTok LIVE. 

This suggests that the platform is ideal for both businesses and creators in terms of engagement and loyalty. 

TikTok LIVE’s Latest Community and Safety Features


What Is Multi-Guest?

One of TikTok LIVE’s new community features is the introduction of Multi-Guest, a unique way for creators to interact with each other on one live stream. Users can now go live with up to five guests, allowing influencers to build stronger connections with their audiences as a group.

Influencers will be presented in a grid or panel layout, ensuring that each influencer is seen in a clear view. Users can also access a variety of additional settings such as the ability to flip the camera, a library of filters, and can even add moderators to the stream.

TikTok LIVE’s Latest Community and Safety Features


What Are the Latest Age Restrictions for TikTok LIVE?

Currently, users must be aged 16 and over to conduct a TikTok LIVE stream. However, from November 23rd 2022, this requirement will be raised to 18. This is to ensure that minors are kept safe on the platform and do not come into contact with unwanted advancements from adults. 

Plus, only those aged 18 and up will be able to accept and send virtual gifts. Again, this is to protect younger users from inappropriate communications and limit their ability to spend money on the app.

Yet, 16-year-olds will still be allowed to access Direct Messaging services but will be able to adjust the settings on their profile so that they can only communicate with those on their friends list. 

TikTok hopes that by raising these age limits, older creators will be able to speak more freely and without censorship. The platform also hopes that adults will feel more comfortable about going live if they know that children will not be present.

TikTok LIVE’s Latest Community and Safety Features


What Are Safety Reminders?

As a way to upkeep a sense of community and safety on the app, TikTok will send push notifications to remind creators to filter and moderate certain keywords. These can be offensive words and phrases, as well as names that you do not want to see in your live stream.

Trusted moderators can flag certain comments, which will then alert TikTok of a wider issue. Thus, influencers and their moderators can work together to filter out keywords that do not enhance the environment of your live stream.

The platform also informs us of the popularity of this feature, stating that the most popular creators used it twice as much as standard keyword filtering. 

How To Use Keyword Filtering on TikTok

  1. Open the latest version of the TikTok app and select the Profile icon at the bottom right of the page. 
  2. Press the three-line icon at the top right to enter your settings.
  3. Select ‘Privacy’ and then ‘Comments’.
  4. Turn on the ‘Filtered Keywords’ tab.
  5. Enter the keywords that you would like to be eliminated from your page. 
  6. You can also review and edit your filtered keywords and comments from this page.

How Do These Features Affect Creators on the Platform?

The latest community and safety features allow creators to be more conscious of their interactions and they also deter others from saying harmful things. By raising the age requirement from 16 to 18, creators can now interact with other adults in a more amicable and respectful way. The policy also ensures that influencers are not overstepping any boundaries with their younger followers. Overall, this feature enables both creators and users to express better boundaries and keep personal safety at the forefront of all of their actions on the platform. 

Multi-Guest breeds a more in-depth sense of collaboration and encourages influencers to produce more content with other like-minded creators. With the growth of content houses on the platform, this feature allows influencers to interact with their peers in real-time and in a more amicable format. As a result, influencers can take this tool to new heights, conducting Q&As, cookalongs, and tutorials with ease. 

The advancements in keyword filtering now allow influencers to censor harmful phrases with help from their moderators. Previously, users would have to filter keywords manually, which can be a tiresome ordeal. Now, influencers have the power to eliminate negative talking points in real time without distracting from the main talking points within the stream. This shows that TikTok is looking to become more connected with its most active creators and ensure that their safety and well-being are paramount. 

TikTok LIVE’s Latest Community and Safety Features

TikTok LIVE’s latest community and safety features indicate a large bout of growth from the platform, moving away from harmful content toward a brighter sense of creativity. To discover more about earning money through TikTok LIVE, visit our website.

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