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How TikTok Is Breeding New Music Talent with StemDrop


Empowering New Music Talent Through TikTok and StemDrop

Musicians on TikTok have been using the platform to their fullest potential and have managed to make great strides in the competitive music industry. In 2021, TikTok reported that 430 songs surpassed 1 billion views, highlighting how many songs achieve a sense of virality. StemDrop is the platform’s latest talent-seeking initiative, collating some of the greatest forces in the industry to help discover TikTok’s next viral star. Netinfluencer will detail everything there is to know about StemDrop.

What Is StemDrop?

In October 2022, TikTok announced the launch of StemDrop, a global collaboration project that aims to pair some of the platform’s finest creators with the world’s most iconic songwriters and producers.

The project was formed by Syco Entertainment, a media entertainment giant that is led by Simon Cowell. On the 26th of October, StemDrop will release a collection of audio sources to help creators produce their own renditions of the original song ‘Red Lights.’

How TikTok Is Breeding New Music Talent with StemDrop


What Figures Are Involved?

Max Martin

Max Martin is one of the leading songwriters for this project and has written 25 Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles over the last two decades. His influence in StemDrop has allowed him to showcase his unique talent to the world as well as teach others the nuances of production. 

Sir Lucian Grainge

As the CEO of Universal Music Group, it is Sir Lucian Grainge’s job to filter through the many contenders and seek out the most popular budding producers and musicians. He is also responsible for Republic Records, a subsidiary of the wider company that focuses on securing record labels for independent artists.

Tim Van Rongen

Tim van Rongen is the co-creator of StemDrop, giving him the tools to make this initiative a truly global and user-friendly project. Rongen believes that TikTok is a key asset in leveraging careers and wants to find new artists within the creator economy.

Ole Obermann

The Global Head of Music at TikTok, Ole Obermann, understands the true potential of the platform and welcomes the blend of technology and creativity. As one of the largest figures at TikTok, Obermann believes that StemDrop is going to be a springboard for many creators, launching them into the lucrative world of entertainment. 

Paul Hourican 

Paul Hourcian is the Global Head of Music Operations at TikTok, giving him the power to conduct and express a variety of campaigns around the world. This latest initiative allows TikTok to work with both creators and labels to foster a new environment for exponential growth. 

Monte Lipman 

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Republic Records, Monte Lipman, believes that StemDrop is an innovative way to gain a closer look into the creative processes of some of the platform’s most iconic music influencers. 

Benjamin Braun

Samsung is another body involved in StemDrop and is responsible for providing the latest developments in music production to the many creators. Benjamin Braun is the Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Europe and will be involved in offering unrestricted access to these tools for all influencers. 

How Will the Process Work?

Later this month, creators will have access to a variety of music stems, giving them the keys to the initial foundations of a chart-topping hit. Max Martin, who is best known for his work with Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and The Weekend, will release a snippet of their original song.

Creators will then be able to mix, edit, and alter the track to better suit their own music styles. StemDrop is also releasing a series of individual effects, which will allow users to add harmonies as well as implement their own audio.

Using the StemDrop H5 page, influencers will have the chance to alter select aspects of the song, such as the vocal parts and bass. Thus, they can manipulate the song in whichever way they choose and upload it to their own profile. 

How TikTok Is Breeding New Music Talent with StemDrop


What Will Creators Be Asked To Do?

StemDrop’s main focus is collaboration, encouraging influencers on TikTok to engage with one another to build a catalog of inspiration and ideas. The TikTok account associated with StemDrop will also share some of the best covers on a weekly basis. 

The platform hopes that this will inspire new talent to show off their production skills and work alongside some of the biggest faces in the modern music industry.

What Will Influencers Gain From This Project?

Together with an abundance of exposure, creators will also gain a wide variety of mentorship from the project. With Your Boy Moyo and Astrid S as global ambassadors for the campaign, budding influencers will have the chance to see how these influencers gain engagement on this platform. Moreover, these popular faces help to add more credibility and gravitas to the overall project, helping other prominent record producers to see the potential in the creator economy.

TikTok’s simplistic interface has already helped many become well-versed in the world of video production. With the platform’s latest initiative, users will be able to mix, record, and edit their own music within the confines of one app. Therefore, musicians will now have access to industry-standard tools without the costly price tag or complicated processes attached to them.

The input from Syco Entertainment has helped StemDrop become an overnight sensation, without the project actually being fully released. Simon Cowell may be seen as a notorious figurehead throughout the industry but is responsible for launching the careers of artists such as One Direction, Camila Cabello, and Labrinth. In turn, StemDrop offers a collection of unknown creators the chance to achieve the same level of success and guidance as these revolutionary artists. 

How TikTok Is Breeding New Music Talent with StemDrop


StemDrop is a fundamental step in bringing more power to the creator economy. This project has the ability to support some of TikTok’s finest music talents and offer them a wide selection of successful opportunities. To discover more about working with influencers on TikTok, visit our website

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