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Have Social Media Influencers Impacted The Great Resignation?

Over the past two years, many people have been changing or leaving their jobs, in the hopes of finding something that better fits their lifestyle. This could be related to a better work-life balance, more money, or even just a more positive environment. As such, a trend known as The Great Resignation, has developed. Social media influencers have been creating an array of content to support this trend and have even inspired others to become full-time influencers. Netinfluencer will discuss the complexities of The Great Resignation and shine a light on the collection of influencers who have impacted this movement.

Have Social Media Influencers Impacted The Great Resignation?


What is The Great Resignation?

The Great Resignation first occurred in Spring 2021, with a vast amount of individuals quitting their full-time jobs in the attempt of finding something better. A shocking 33 million Americans quit their jobs during this time, creating a record-breaking statistic.

Although some believe that The Great Resignation occurred because many Americans became too accustomed to working from home during the pandemic, many believe that this trend is a direct response to a unique cultural shift. After the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, many professionals did not want to waste their free time worrying about their jobs. In turn, many Americans vowed to make a positive change. 

What has caused this trend?

Recent trends have shown that The Great Resignation was most likely brought on by a change in perspective from a large number of young professionals. When many corporate positions shifted to remote working conditions, employees began to realize that they did not need to be in an office in order to be productive. 

Data from January 2022 tells us that 55% of employees would rather quit their job than return back to the office. Therefore, this exemplifies how remote working conditions have dramatically changed the modern world of work.

Following on from this, many businesses understand that their employees value remote working more than joining a vibrant office. Research states that ‘25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022, and remote opportunities will continue to increase through 2023.’ Thus, these new conditions will obviously impact whether a person will leave their current position.

In addition, there seem to be a lot more job openings than expected. Ironically, the industries most negatively affected by the pandemic such as hospitality and food service, saw an increase in job openings once restrictions had ended. This not only signifies that these sectors are popular and more adaptive than others, it shows that many people were not worried about finding another position after resigning. 

Have Social Media Influencers Impacted The Great Resignation?


The impact of social media on The Great Resignation

Social media has the ability to influence every aspect of our daily lives, including our jobs. With platforms such as LinkedIn becoming more and more popular, individuals are more aware of new jobs available in their respective fields. 

Moreover, social media helps us connect and communicate in our line of work. Therefore, many people have the opportunity to find a job through a contact they have on social media. In fact, those who are referred for a job are more likely to advance through the initial stage of interviews. 

On a much wider scale, hashtags such as #quityourjob, have a supreme amount of influence over the general public. This hashtag has been used over 87,000 times on Instagram and has nearly 109 million views on TikTok. This simple trend has inspired others to no longer be complacent in their working lives and try to find something that is better suited for them. 

Furthermore, social media can help us highlight negative discrimination in the workplace. As a result, this can help others remove themselves from toxic workplaces. Statistics from 2021 show that ‘60% of American workers have been subjected to discrimination.’ When these issues are brought up on social media, they have the ability to spread very quickly. Thus, this can help to highlight negligence and malpractice across a wide range of industries. 

Have Social Media Influencers Impacted The Great Resignation?


The Great Resignation and ‘Quit-Tok’

TikTok has grown into an extremely valuable asset for many social media influencers, allowing them to gain a large amount of traction and followers to their platform. ‘Quit-Tok’ is a unique trend that gives creators the space to express how and why they quit their job. Thus, a micro-community of influencers has developed. Here are just five of the most popular Quit-Tok influencers.


Gabby Ianniello quit her high-status corporate role in February 2021 and has been using TikTok to help others detach from a traditional 9-5 job. corporatequitter explores the negative side of western corporate culture, explaining how it can push many employees into negative spirals.

Ianniello also talks candidly about how her previous job made her feel, highlighting the importance of prioritizing your mental health over your work. corporatequitter shows her 29.5K followers how to make a stable income from social media, teaching them the basic principles of modern-day digital marketing. This Quit-Tok influencer also provides a range of classes for her followers and even has a podcast where she explores the impact of The Great Resignation on the American workforce. 

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itsmarisajo is a content creator who believes that a positive mindset is a key to achieving any of her goals. She also teaches 141.6K followers how to avoid burnout, a key indicator of too much workplace stress. This Quit-Tok influencer regularly discusses how she quit her job, despite all of the time and energy she put into receiving the role. itsmarisajo teaches her followers how to make money from social media, creating classes on how to audit TikToks. She also works alongside Spacetime Monotasking, a virtual workspace platform that aims to help creatives build strong relationships whilst working from home. 


Teaching is a remarkably admirable profession but is sometimes too much for one individual to handle. thatspanishteacher uses TikTok to document the difficulties of her past teaching career, advocating for better workplace practices throughout the profession. This Quit-Tok influencer describes how the educational system made her feel negative and doubt her working abilities, causing her to quit a long career in this system. thatspanishteacher also details humorous scenarios such as parent-teacher conferences and observations for her 64.4K followers to enjoy. 

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thatcorporatelawyer creates content that not only celebrates the nuances of a corporate role but also stresses the importance of finding a job that makes you truly happy. This Quit-Tok influencer resigned from a role due to a large build-up of stress that deeply affected his mental health. In response to these experiences, this influencer creates videos that both showcase and make light of everyday workplace stress. thatcorporatelawyer also makes videos about suffering from anxiety at work and how that can affect his work-life balance. Due to this, this influencer also uses TikTok to promote a wide range of mental health resources for his 32.5K followers to make use of. 

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Alexa Shoen is the acclaimed author of Entry Level Boss, an intuitive guide that educates readers on how to find their dream role in the 21st century job market. Shoen uses TikTok to engage with her 211.2K followers and answer all of their burning questions. She explains when is the best time to conduct a job search and the difference between active and passive job searching. This Quit-Tok influencer appeals to recent college graduates, advising them to seek out the right role for them instead of accepting the first offer. Alexa Shoen also provides a Daily Job Hunt email, which offers readers a wide assortment of job information such as CV templates and remote working job roles. 

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The Great Resignation has deeply impacted corporate America, pushing employers from every industry to change their ways in order to maintain their workforce. Social media has also been a driving force in this change as it has opened our eyes to what other opportunities are out there. To discover more about the impact social media influencers can have on your business, visit our website

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