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What Does TB Mean On Instagram A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang


What Does TB Mean On Instagram? A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang

Acronyms and slang with multiple meanings are the most fun to work with, especially if users and viewers define it as one meaning more than the other. 

The confusion, mistakes, and questions of what it means are incentives of engagement and interaction, helping your content reach more people. 

The Meaning and Usage of TB

On Instagram, TB has two different meanings that are far apart from each other, but one dominates in popularity and is often the only explanation for TB on Instagram. 

Throw Back 

Throwback is the original use of TB and refers to something from the past, no matter how long ago it may be. Throwbacks are a trend everyone hopped on, but they stuck around for long enough to become part of many creators’ social media strategies. 

Everyone started posting throwbacks to use up their old images and uninterruptedly have a post or reel scheduled for every day.

Some popular throwback content ideas include birthdays, parties, trips, vacations, and more. Although this is the most common use of the acronym, it can also be written TBT. 

TBT can mean Throwback Thursday and is like a streak that creators follow by posting a throwback every specific day of the week; some even use it to mean Throwback Tuesday. 

Tagged by 

Tagged by, on the other hand, is often included in captions to indicate that the account you found the content is reposted. In other words, “Tagged by” is another way of crediting the original creator. 

While this meaning of the acronym is less popular, you can determine what the creator means with TB by analyzing the context of their post. 

The Origin of TB 

What Does TB Mean On Instagram? A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang

TB has been on Instagram for over 12 years and dates back to the 2010s when a young man named Bobby Sanders invented “Throwback Thursdays.” This Hotwheel car post by Bobby is the first ever of TBTs, inspiring millions of other photos. 

The idea spread as people did the same, and business community soon caught on and used #throwbackthursdays to discuss updates to archived data and footage.

Everyone on social media loved the trend to the point that it inspired another throwback day named “FlashbackFriday,” and its hashtag has over 15,000,000 posts. 

How to Use “TB” in Content Creation

In content creation, TB is an easy acronym to work with and can be used as a caption or hashtag in almost any memory you have, from videos to photos.

However, using TB isn’t limited to creators and influencers; even businesses and brands use the acronym in their posts to post random content they have stored up.  

In one of the most straightforward examples, the popular page Fullviolence uses the acronym in the caption “Tb to the most normal Tank faceoff” to post a memory from one of the most notable faceoffs in MMA history. The video generated over 124,100 likes and works as gap-filling content, posted when there was nothing else to post. 

Another lovely throwback from Mayaandhunter, the cute Instagram couple. In a video with over 224,200 likes, Hunter takes viewers through the steps of preparing for his girlfriend’s birthday party, and surprising her as she wakes up, one of the most wholesome TB moments.

In the last example, Farzy uses TB to bring back a classic piece of content that performed well before to get the most out of its interaction and engagement. The Reel generated over 567,000 likes, making it well worth reposting. 


The TBT hashtag on Instagram has well over 581,689,469 posts. In contrast, the original acronym we’re discussing, “TB,” has 79,387,712 posts, making them essential hashtags to add to whatever memory you bring back on social media. 

Throwbacks are a fun and engaging way of repurposing and recycling old memories. You can use throwbacks in your social media strategy to boost engagement, reach more people, and squeeze each piece of content to its fullest potential.

Using acronyms is a fun way to relate to followers and viewers by posting similar things and hopping onto the same trends. 

If you have no throwbacks stored up to post, try reposting something you already shared on a random Thursday, and add TB or TBT hashtags to see if it makes a difference. 

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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