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What Does Challenge Required Mean On Instagram


Understanding the Meaning of “Challenge Required” on Instagram

A Guide to Common Acronyms and Slang for digital content creators and influencers. How to fix the challenge required message on Instagram.

What Does Challenge Required Mean On Instagram?

What does Challenge Required Mean?

Have you ever had this problem before? When you’re logging onto your Instagram account, Instagram displays a message that reads ‘Challenge Required.’ What does this mean, and how can you fix the problem?

Below is an example of what the message will look like.

What Does Challenge Required Mean On Instagram?

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common error messages that Instagram users receive. Because it is so common, the message is broad enough to mean a variety of different issues at hand. Usually, this can be solved in a matter of minutes.

This message could mean a few different things. 

  1. There could be a security issue

Instagram may display the Challenge_Required message if they believe that the user is not human. They will usually display a CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart)  in order for you to prove you are not a robot. 

Your CAPTCHA test could look like this – 

What Does Challenge Required Mean On Instagram?
What Does Challenge Required Mean On Instagram?

These types of tests are very common across social media and on the Internet, so you are probably familiar with how they work. The test is easy to solve and sometimes it is that easy to get logged back into your account! 

2: Instagram Doesn’t Believe You’re The Account Owner

Perhaps you have tried (and failed) one two many password attempts, or you are logging in on a new device or from a different IP address than normal.

 Instagram may start to believe you aren’t the owner of the account, which is another reason a Challenge_Required could appear on your mobile device. 

Instagram can ask you to prove you are the account owner. You can do this in a few different ways.

A banner may appear that reads Suspicious Login Attempt, and Instagram will ask you to verify your account with either your phone number or email address. 

What Does Challenge Required Mean On Instagram?

Once you receive your security code, you can try log back in. If you can, try using a device that you have previously used before. If you continue to receive errors and get the challenge_required message, Instagram may be blocking your IP address. Contact Instagram directly for more help.

3. Your Comments May Have Been Flagged

Another reason you may be receiving the challenge_required message is that your comments or posts have been flagged for removal. This doesn’t always mean you’re in the wrong – sometimes Instagram needs to investigate a situation, so they may temporarily restrict your access to your account.  

4. Instagram May Be Down

Although the challenge_required message normally is a problem with the user, Instagram could actually be the culprit from time to time, too. Instagram has been known to crash at times, allowing all or certain users unable to access the platform.

You can check Instagram’s Offical Down Decteor to see if they are having issues with the server. You can also always check other social media platforms like Twitter to see if other users are having similar issues.

How to Fix Challenge_Required message 

There are a few questions you can ask yourself if you notice you are continuing to receive this error message. 

  • Are you using a brand new device to log-in?
  • Have you recently traveled to a new IP address?
  • Are you having multiple password attempts? 
  • Have you downloaded a third party app that has requested your Instagram access?
  • Did you recently post controversial content?
  • Is your Internet down?

If you have answered yes to one or all of these, and the problem is still persisting, you can always try contacting Instagram directly to see what exactly the problem is. 

Why You Should Know About This Error

It’s important to understand all the errors that can occur while you are running your social media page. If you are new to creating digital content or slowly gaining a fanbase as an influencer, your Instagram is an important tool for your career, and you don’t want to be locked out of your account. 

Receiving a challenge_required message is no reason to panic. Read through these steps on this article and remember, emailing customer service is a great way to receive an answer about the basis of your account and make sure you haven’t violated any terms of service. 

What social media and digital content creation tools would you like to learn about next? Let us know down below

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