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Sima Gandhi Talks About The Launch Of Creative Juice's Juice Club


Sima Gandhi Talks About The Launch Of Creative Juice’s Juice Club

Juice Club, launched by Creative Juice, aims to address the unique needs of creators by providing them with a sense of membership, community, and belonging, along with the tools and knowledge to grow their businesses. Unlike traditional business tools that creators often find overwhelming and confusing, Juice Club offers a simplified and engaging experience catering to creators at all stages of their journey. With personalized funding options, advanced bookkeeping tools, and a strong emphasis on community-building and education, Juice Club seeks to empower creators and help them succeed in the ever-growing creator economy.

Juice Club, launched by Creative Juice, provides creators with a members-only community that offers short-term funding, advanced bookkeeping tools, and priority support from a team of industry experts. Unlike traditional business tools that creators often find overwhelming and confusing, Juice Club offers a simplified and engaging experience catering to creators at all stages of their journey. 

With personalized funding options, advanced bookkeeping tools, and a strong emphasis on community-building and education, Juice Club seeks to empower creators and help them succeed in the ever-growing creator economy.

Sima Gandhi Talks About The Launch Of Creative Juice’s Juice Club

Can you share more about the inspiration behind launching Juice Club and what unique needs it aims to address for creators?

Creative Juice has always started with the idea that creators are businesses and need the right tools to grow their businesses. The business of creating can be lonely, and creators don’t often feel understood. They feel like there’s no place they can go to and exchange notes or be with like-minded creators.

This inspired Creative Juice to launch Juice Club, with the goal of providing membership, community and belonging with the tools and knowledge that creators need to level up and continue growing their businesses. 

Juice Club is a creator’s one-stop shop as it provides all the resources they need to continue their businesses and thrive in the industry. By joining this exclusive community, creators will have access to bookkeeping tools, experts in the field, and more.  

How does the current creator economy landscape influence the features and services of Creative Juice and its Juice Club?

Creative Juice recognizes the abundance of content tools available today, ranging from scheduling to managing content. However, many of these tools are not built with the creator in mind.

Sima shares, “The average creator uses over ten tools to manage their businesses – they’re using tools that aren’t specifically built for them.” 

Nowadays, creators use a little bit of a variety of tools — say, a little bit of QuickBooks, PayPal, Venmo, and Google Sheets. As a result, creators are overwhelmed, confused, and it’s problematic as they have to learn how to use all of these tools. This also means that the creator’s finances are a hot mess as they don’t know how much they’re earning because their income comes from various streams, like Venmo and cash apps.

Creators don’t have a full-time accountant working for them to reconcile all of their revenue streams. And although tools like PayPal and Venmo make it easier and faster for people to move their money, they’re not the best tools to use for running an actual business, especially in the content creation space. 

Juice Club aims to encourage and educate creators not to fall into bad habits early. This community focuses on helping creators run their businesses in different ways like storing their money in a safe place and letting them know that they’re legitimate enough to open real business banking accounts online. 

“We’re really trying to strip away the friction by creating one place for creators to be organized and legitimized. More importantly, compliant with all the needs that come with running a business without the stress,” Sima adds.

How does Juice Club differentiate itself from other business management tools specifically targeted at creators?

As a creator, you deserve financial tools and personalized support catered to your unique needs. Juice Club caters to all creators no matter where they are in their journey — whether they’re a single creator making $250,000 or $10,000 annually or taking content creation as a flexible or full-time job. The community is also ideal for both new creators who need banking and expense-tracking tools and experienced creators who need additional funds to invest in their businesses and advanced bookkeeping tools.

In short, Juice Club offers an option that speaks to all creators in a language they can easily understand. The community is simple, interesting, and engaging, so every creator — no matter where they are in their journey — can find what they need stress-free.

Can you elaborate on the specific challenges that creators face when using traditional business tools and how Juice Club resolves these?

Most of the creators today use traditional business tools, say a mixture of Excel, QuickBooks, and many others. These tools were not created with the creator in mind.. 

During tax season, creators end up stressed as reconciling their account statements can become challenging if their cash flow comes from different places — something that the traditional tools don’t support. 

As a result, they’ll spend long hours or weeks going through their Venmo, PayPal, and personal accounts to figure out what’s considered a business expense and what’s not. The IRS enters the picture, and creators face bigger problems. 

Creators can waste time and money paying for tools without even realizing what they’re paying for. Traditional banks can shut down these creators because they don’t recognize being a YouTuber as a business, and this is one of the biggest and most common challenges creators face every day. 

When creators sign up for Juice Club, all of their money goes into one place, a one-stop-shop creator business account. Juice Club also provides automated and customized creator tax tools from expense categorizer to contractor pay and a CPA concierge service. Juice Club also partners with a banking institution to ensure the creators’ funds are insured by FDIC.

“We grow as creators grow. And we provide creators with the safety and tools they need to grow their business,” Sima says. 

Can you explain more about the personalized funding options that Juice Club offers, such as Juice Funds and AdSense Advances? How do these cater to the unique needs of creators?

Juice Club offers personalized funding for creators without the long-term commitment. Creative Juice funds creative futures, so creators can stay in full control of their content and supercharge their growth. And the best part is that Creative Juice offers many options for wherever creators are at in their creator journey. 

With Juice Funds, Creative Juice offers 6 or 9-month short-term funding options in exchange for a percentage of the creator’s existing video revenue.

Creative Juice also gives creators the ability to get advances on their AdSense, which is extremely helpful as YouTube pays out every 26th of the month, and some creators might need the money earlier. This feature allows creators 1-month advance for their AdSense getting paid 30 days earlier than the current AdSense payout schedule. 

In addition, Juice also helps creators make the most out of brand deals for eligible creators who specifically work with talent agencies. “I’ve seen surveys suggesting that creators earn 70% of their income through brand deals, but brand deals take forever to get paid,” Sima shares her insights.

To make things worse, Sima came across a post online suggesting that brands can pay creators 26% less if they can pay within 30 days. This doesn’t make sense for Sima — more so for creators. Creators should take the full amount even if it’s net 90.

Juice Club wants to close that gap, so creators can get paid what they want, meaning they’re not taking any discount in exchange for faster payment. 

Could you tell us more about the advanced bookkeeping tools available for creators in Juice Club? How are these tools tailored to their needs?

Juice Club offers a place for creators to balance their books and get tax help, so they can remain focused on their business growth. “We don’t want them to be stressed, and we know that bookkeeping is one of the biggest sources of stress for creators,” Sima says. 

Juice Club has a CPA concierge where creators can maximize their earnings and minimize their taxes with the help of creator-minded CPAs. These CPAs understand what it’s like to work as a creator and why it’s different from other occupations. 

Because Creative Juice knows a lot of creators work for themselves, running their own shops and hiring contractors, they’ve integrated tools in Juice Club like Contractor Pay, so creators can pay their contractors with Juice’s 1099 IRS-compliant tool.

Finally, Juice Club also helps creators categorize their expenses so they determine their personal and business expenses and avoid mixing the two. This will make tax time a breeze for creators as everything is kept in order in advance. 

Sima was a former corporate tax attorney and spent a lot of time doing tax policy. This feature is very near and dear to her heart, and she would want to make it easier for creators to understand their taxes. 

How does Juice Club aim to build a sense of community among creators? What kind of networking and educational events will be available to members?

Creators excel at creating content, expressing themselves, and living out their passion, but they don’t always enjoy the financial backend work of running their own businesses. Juice Club wants to help creators in this aspect by making anything they don’t want to do or understand easier for them. Hopefully, this will remove any friction and encourage creators to take the first step.

To achieve that goal, Juice Club brings in industry experts like YouTube expert Paddy Galloway or Forbe’s Jon Youshaei to cover various topics, from money management and tax knowledge to diversity in revenue streams. They also have experts like Founder Shield to educate creators on copyright and the importance of business insurers.

Juice Club wants creators to understand that they’re a resource helping them set up for success. It’s a special group of business-minded creators, and there’s an immense value that comes from being part of this community — creators get to learn and grow from each other.  

What is the process for creators interested in joining Juice Club? Are there any specific requirements or criteria?

Creators interested in joining Juice Club will have to visit Once they’re on the website, signing up is super easy. Creators need to be based in the US or have a US business entity in order to sign up. 

Creators only need to open a Juice business banking account, requiring them to have over a thousand followers or subscribers. “We want to make sure creators are monetizing,” Sima explains. If they don’t meet the 1,000 followers or subscriber requirement, they can contact us at

Could you discuss the partnerships you have formed for the launch of Juice Club and how these partnerships enhance the value provided to creators?

Juice Club partners with creator educators who align with Juice’s goal to increase the financial comprehension of creators, so they can grow their businesses. The goal is for creators to be inspired by other creators and for them to understand that if other creators can do it, they can do it, too. 

All the creator ambassadors in Juice Club are focused on creating content that educates other creators — whether that’s content about YouTube’s algorithms, how to edit content, or how creators can multiply their revenue streams. The creators of Juice Club will cover all of these topics and more.

Creators partnering with Juice to launch this exclusive members-only community include:

  • After working inside YouTube & Instagram for 8 years, Jon Youshaei shares what he has learned about the creator economy with creators.
  • Through coaching programs, informative and engaging social content, and her weekly podcast, Kristen Bousquet’s goal is to help regulate the influencer industry and educate creators on how to successfully run a business.
  • Hayden Hillier-Smith and Jordan Orme of The Editing Podcast realized with the explosion of the internet, video editing is in our lives more than we realize, and with “YouTuber” being the top job kids want today, the demand for editors will only escalate.
  • Jade Beason is a creator who specializes in helping fellow creators and entrepreneurs increase their online presence, multiply their income streams and create profitable online businesses.
  • Ryan Ng has started a film movement aiming to democratize storytelling by recognizing popular social media genres, like vlogging, as a respected medium of artistic expression, on the same level as painting and literature. 
  • Lloyd Not George focuses on crafting content that amplifies diverse voices, specifically teaching courses on starting and growing a podcast.

How have the creators partnering with Juice for the launch of Juice Club contributed to its formation?

“All of what we build is influenced directly by creators. We spent a lot of time with creators listening and learning — this is about them and for them,” Sima says. 

One of Creative Juice’s values is that as creators grow, Juice grows as well. They want to ensure that even though they’re a tech platform, they’ll support creators in a way that feels native to them.  

In the formation of Juice Club, they surveyed a ton of their creators and spent time with them. They learned that community is essential to success, and many of them feel alone and want to feel that sense of community. In fact, 90% of their Juice creators say having access to a community of industry experts, like the ones they offer through Juice Club, is indispensable. 

The team behind Creative Juice decided to formalize that and establish Juice Club because they recognize how important it is for creators to have a community.

“The number one thing that has helped me grow as a creator is a community! Finally, there’s a way for creators like me to get access to exclusive creator events through Juice Club. Now I can access actionable monthly creator sessions to grow.” –Lloyd Not George, Juice Club ambassador

How does Creative Juice foresee the future of the creator economy and the role of Juice Club in it?

Sima predicts that more and more creators will understand that they’re businesses, and these businesses will continue to grow. In the future, creators will start exchanging knowledge with each other — whether it’s about tax benefits, lifestyle tips, or negotiating — and Juice Club will be a key place or the go-to destination for creators looking for support.

Second, more creators will run their own money. “Today, it can feel intimidating to run your own money because the tools are intimidating,” Sima says. Presently, creators aren’t well-versed with taxes and bookkeeping and would opt to let other people, like a friend or business manager, take care of that side of the business for them.

Gradually, creators are seeing the negative impact of outsourcing their money to other people. It’s not always there, but many creators have their own horror stories about trusting other people to handle their money, leading to bigger issues. 

Juice Club will empower creators to run their money themselves rather than outsourcing or completely ignoring this side of the business. 

Third, Sima believes that creators will keep diversifying their revenue streams. For example, they will maximize YouTube, subscriptions from another platform, sell products or offer consulting services. It will be a mix of different things that make the most sense to them. 

What advice would you give to creators who are considering whether to join Juice Club or use similar tools?

Sima encourages all interested creators to try out Juice Club. But she also believes that the most important thing for creators is to take a step back and invest in the things they need to run a business; otherwise, they’ll end up stressed.

By using Juice Club, the process is way smoother for creators. All they have to do is put their money in there, and the rest will follow from that. This means that their expense management, the need to use at least ten tools, and voice management just get simpler. 

Can you share any upcoming features or partnerships for Juice Club that creators can look forward to?

Juice Club is working on some exciting programming initiatives exclusively for its community members. They’ll bring in experts to share taxes and other tips and discuss the ins and outs of YouTube, business strategies, the importance of business insurance, copyright laws, and many others. 

From a product perspective, Juice Club will continue to expand Juice Books and other tax products. “We’re trying to make taxes fun and just do our best to strip the confusion that comes from that,” Sima concludes. 

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