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How AdTech Platform Apvertise Is Democratizing Influencer Marketing With Aliu Muibi, CEO Of Apvertise

Brands can benefit immensely from working with nano-influencers and micro-influencers who often have highly engaged, niche audiences. However, connecting with these influencers, managing the campaigns, and tracking performance metrics takes time and requires specialized knowledge. AdTech platform, Apvertise, launched in November 2021 to address this problem and further democratize the creator economy by helping smaller influencers connect with brands seamlessly.

Apvertise is an AdTech platform monetizing and democratizing the creator marketplace by connecting brands and influencers of all sizes on one platform and marketplace. Apvertise is available in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store

Since November 2021, Apvertise has launched in five different countries, with its most recent launches in Rwanda and Ghana, which added over 500 influencers to the platform.

In this interview, Aliu Muibi, CEO of Apvertise shares his thoughts on democratizing the influencer marketplace, the value of nano and micro-influencers, and future trends. Aliu has a background in product management, working on high-level projects like digital banks before launching Apvertise.

He shares, “When we talk about Apvertise, one word comes to mind, which is democratizing influencer marketing as it is today. The influencer marketing space, if you ask me, is highly monopolized. We have celebrity influencers and mega influencers getting all the gigs. Apvertise has come to democratize that space to ensure that the nano and micro-influencers that drive engagement have a shot at meeting brands.” 

How AdTech Platform Apvertise Is Democratizing Influencer Marketing With Aliu Muibi, CEO Of Apvertise

How AdTech Platform Apvertise Is Democratizing Influencer Marketing With Aliu Muibi, CEO Of Apvertise

How Does Apvertise Help Brands Manage Influencer Campaigns?

On Apvertise, brands and marketers create digital campaigns, list their preferred social media platforms and influencer type (nano, micro, or mega-influencers), and determine a budget based on the desired impact of the campaign. 

Aliu explains, “It’s an ecosystem that connects brands that want to preach the gospel about their products or services with the right influencers … As a brand, you can pop up your browser and search “,” and voila, you’re in. You can create a campaign that will be visible to over 70,000 influencers today.”

Brands can also access Apvertise and create campaigns via the mobile app, It is available on Playstore and Appstore. When a campaign is launched, Apvertise ensures the right influencers that match the campaign’s specifications (such as: influencer follower count, niche, preferred social media platforms). 

Also, Apvertise ensures value and adequate return on investment for brands by programmatically making sure the brand is only charged for valid impressions and clicks, which alleviates concerns about receiving your money’s worth. 

For brands with unique campaigns and need to cherry-pick influencers, Apvertise offers a service that allows brands access profiles of verified influencers and directly choose influencers they will like to work with. 

How AdTech Platform Apvertise Is Democratizing Influencer Marketing With Aliu Muibi, CEO Of Apvertise

Case Studies

One of Apvertise’s most successful campaigns was with Wrkman, an app that connects skilled artisans to individuals or businesses that require their service. 

Another success story is with Terminal app, a logistics company looking to drive awareness. Aliu shares that this campaign was a massive success. Subsequent campaigns delivered greater acquisition and grew the number of users on their platform. 

Aliu shares, “What makes Apvertise stand out is how our brands continuously come back because of the value they derive from Apvertise. We always have repeat buyers.” 

The Key Challenges Brands Face with Influencer Marketing

One of the biggest challenges brands face in the creator economy is identifying influencers with fake followers versus real followers and receiving actual value from influencer campaigns. 

Aliu explains, “We are key on value delivery. We are the middle shop between the business and the influencer. So, when a brand creates a campaign and are about to set the campaign budget, Apvertise provides a calculator that tells you precisely the reach of the campaign in tandem with the budget set. For example, if your campaign goal is targeted at driving mobile app downloads and signups on your platform, Apvertise calculator precisely guides you on the right budget to set to achieve your desired goal and assuring actual value. 

The Value of Nano Influencers and Micro-Influencers

One of Apvertise’s key goals is democratizing the influencer economy by giving nano and micro-influencers easier ways to connect with brands for campaigns. 

Aliu says, “Apvertise has established a platform where you can meet nano influencers, micro-influencers, even mega influencers, and you can estimate the value you’d get. You can tie it to the exact return investment for your brand or service.”

Apvertise also cuts down on the legwork brands and influencers typically go through to create campaigns, as everything is easily managed on one platform, including performance metrics. 

The platform inspires more genuine partnerships between brands and influencers with its smart matching algorithm, ensuring the right brands and influencers are connected. 

He adds, “We also delved deeper into influencer profiling. We don’t pay all of our attention to just influencer followers. We rely on our  inteintegrations with multiple social media platforms that help us understand and profile our influencers better.”

For example, when an influrncer signs up on Apvertise, the influencer is immediately profiled automatically based on several yardsticks (Audience, Conversion Quality, Follower Count etc). Adequately profiling influencers helps us with accurate matching to brands, which overall increases the campaign’s success.

In summary, the biggest value influencers of all sizes bring is an emotional connection and story with whatever product, service, or person the story features. Smaller influencers with targeted niches can deliver these messages with unmatched precision because of their smaller, intensely loyal niche audience. 

Future Trends in the Creator Economy Space

Aliu predicts, “I see regulation and some standardization coming in to ensure transparency and protect consumers. Also, now that we are in the AI world, I see us having virtual influencers and a lot of AI-generated content.”

With the onset of AI technology, influencers will experience increased competition, meaning they need to use more deliberate planning when creating content to make it stick and deliver true value. 

Due to the constantly changing nature of the creator economy, Aliu shares that they keep a very agile team to allow themselves to pivot quickly. The team also uses technology as much as possible to eliminate how much work and human intervention is required to manage Apvertise. 

He explains, “The more social media platforms evolve, the better my platform because my strategy revolves around social media platforms… When influencers come on board, my integration with the social ecosystem helps me profile the influencers better.” 

To prepare for increasing standardization and regulation of influencer marketing, Apvertise has a legal team that checks for compliance and proper disclosure of influencer campaigns. This team also helps Apvertise to pivot quickly and adjust its technology whenever new regulations pop up. 

Aliu’s Advice for Brands 

Aliu shares, “[Influencer marketing] it’s one of the best mediums of reaching out to your customer base. I like to call it the modernized word-of-mouth marketing. It’s really good. As a brand going into this space, you’d need to learn how to set clear objectives.”

Apvertise helps brands with this by automatically tracking and measuring campaign results and significantly reducing the hassle of managing the campaign. 

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