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New Study Finds Marketers Are Diverting Digital Advertising Budget To Creator-Led Marketing


New Study Finds Marketers Are Diverting Digital Advertising Budget To Creator-Led Marketing

Many brands are now discovering that Creator-Led Marketing is a lucrative way to drive sales and secure audiences with immense levels of buying power. As this form of marketing continues to grow, marketers are still assessing how they can still achieve high levels of ROI as they continue to increase their budgets. To discuss this further, Netinfluencer will state the key findings and analysis seen in the CreatorIQ Survey Report. 

Who Conducted the Survey?

The ‘Can Creator-Led Marketing Really Drive ROI?’ report was carried out by CreatorIQ, a creator marketplace program that offers brands a plethora of integral insights and resources to ensure that they can receive the most out of their latest influencer marketing campaign. After working alongside a collection of prolific brands such as Disney and Red Bull, CreatorIQ has established itself as a sought-after platform for those seeking stronger relationships with content creators. 

Brands can also use this marketplace to scale and accentuate each element of their project from monetization strategies to effectively measuring their goals. Alongside its acclaim, this platform also produces a wealth of accompanying content such as blog articles and webinars to ensure that their customers can keep up to date with contemporary events occurring within their relevant industries at all times. 

Survey Methodology

The findings from this report were collected using an array of responses from over 130 marketers. CreatorIQ then rounded up each percentage and implemented other sources of industry data to help build a more comprehensive report. It should be mentioned that due to this process, a lot of the report’s data does not equal a complete result of 100%.

Three Key Takeaways

The ‘Can Creator-Led Marketing Really Drive ROI?’ report presents an abundance of interesting findings, allowing us to take a better look at the inner workings of this bustling industry. Listed below are just three key findings showcased within this report. 

  1. 67% of businesses increased their influencer marketing budget in 2023.
  2. Nearly all of the respondents can link sales to creator content produced on social media.
  3. 60% of businesses prefer to pay influencers per piece of content.

What Does This Mean for Influencer Marketing?

The first finding within this report explains that businesses are happy to increase their budget for influencer marketing, suggesting that they are able to see the benefits and potential of this form of marketing. With nearly 70% of candidates increasing their budget and an additional 26% of brands keeping their budget the same, we can assume that many businesses are pleased with the service influencers are provided and are willing to continue compensating them. CreatorIQ also states that 76% of respondents increased their marketing budgets but have decided to implement these funds into other areas of their operations. Overall, this data informs us that brands are looking to exceed their output and drive their marketing strategies to new heights.

New Study Finds Marketers Are Diverting Digital Advertising Budget To Creator-Led Marketing

This report also discusses how a large majority of candidates saw a positive relationship between the number of sales and the influx of creator-led content. An impressive 94% of businesses primarily noted that they saw an increase in click-throughs and conversions when producing relevant content alongside an influencer. Thus, this data highlights that although Creator-Led Marketing is mostly used in the awareness stage of a campaign, it can also be used to influence even the most niche audience bases. 

New Study Finds Marketers Are Diverting Digital Advertising Budget To Creator-Led Marketing

The final finding expressed in this report examines the nuances of compensation, detailing that 60% of candidates prefer to pay their chosen influencer for every separate piece of content they produce. This report also explains that 45% of respondents enjoy offering a rate of commission based on the number of affiliate links clicked, which further exemplifies the ever-growing popularity of influencer marketing. In addition, CreatorIQ explains that each candidate was allowed to select more than one option, giving us the impression that compensation within this industry is a lot more diverse and nuanced than first expected. 

New Study Finds Marketers Are Diverting Digital Advertising Budget To Creator-Led Marketing

Link to the Report

The ‘Can Creator-Led Marketing Really Drive ROI?’ report can be found on CreatorIQ’s website along with a range of other resources such as podcasts and whitepapers. 

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