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Scout Sobel Placing Women at the Forefront of Podcasting


Scout Sobel: Placing Women at the Forefront of Podcasting

Who is Scout Sobel?

Scout Sobel has managed to build an empire through her passion for podcasting, allowing other women to reap the benefits that the medium provides. She is also the co-host of the intuitive podcast Okay Sis, giving her the tools needed to expand her vision. Sobel is also the founder of Scout’s Agency, a diverse platform that allows women to become headline guests on some of the world’s most popular podcasts. She explains:

I am currently the CEO and founder of Scout’s agency, which is a female-focused PR agency, which specializes in getting women as guests on podcasts.’ 

Sobel also goes into more detail about the development of the Okay Sis podcast and how it expanded her view of podcasting.

So in August 2018, I started Okay Sis, that’s the podcast with my sister Mady. Very early on in starting the podcast, I was recognizing the power of the medium. First of all, we were getting into the room with women we never thought we’d be able to get into the room with. They were giving us an hour of their time and we were able to interview reality TV stars and content creators we had followed forever.’ 

Okay Sis has become a fan favorite amongst many female listeners and has welcomed acclaimed guests such as Orion Carloto and Esther Povistsky

The Creation of the Emotional Entrepreneur

Alongside her book of the same name, Sobel has built a brand image surrounding the idea of the Emotional Entrepreneur, helping women to cope with risk and uncertainty when starting a new business venture. The concept of the Emotional Entrepreneur is built on impeccable strength but was devised when Sobel was experiencing mental health issues.

A little bit of backstory into the Emotional Entrepreneur brand is that when I was 14, I had my first depressive episode and then at the age of 20, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. So entrepreneurship was really a vehicle and a framework for me to thrive and function and manage my mental illness.’ 

With this fierce determination, Scout Sobel began crafting her PR agency, using a range of unique steps to help capture both the right clients and opportunities for them. Sobel further explains that

I decided on these three services. The first was, if you have a podcast, we will book high-profile guests onto your podcast because that’s what I was doing for Okay Sis. Then the second became our bread and butter. It’s what we’re known for and it’s a podcast tour. So getting female entrepreneurs as guests on other podcasts, going on a bunch of them to sell their business and product. Then I threw in traditional PR because I didn’t think anybody would sign me if I didn’t have that traditional aspect.’ 

Scout’s Agency has grown into an undeniable success, supporting creators such as Rebecca Minkoff and Lauren McGoodwin. The agency has even created an alluring course that helps other businesses build their own podcast tours. 

Boosting Podcasts Through PR

After seeing major success through her own podcast and through the success of her clients, Sobel understands how podcasting positively impacts the PR industry.

‘I realized that podcasting and being a guest on a podcast was the new form of PR or was going to be the new form of PR. That it is one of the most powerful forms of PR because it was intimate and it was long-form.’

Scout’s Agency welcomes female entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, creating an intelligent intake form to help streamline her in-depth recruitment process. Sobel further describes her recruitment process.

Before we add a podcast to our database, we do a deep dive into what that podcast is really about. Is it an interview format? Do they take guests? So, when we bring a client on, we have them fill out an intake form and in that form, we ask very specific questions that really help us understand who they are as a podcast guest and as a brand.’ 

By collating some of the most diverse and intriguing women within the podcasting industry, Sobel believes that a personal brand is more significant and attractive than any product or marketing campaign.

In today’s world, I don’t believe that consumers buy products because of the product. I believe they buy the product because of the founder and what the story of the business is.’ 

The Bright Future of Podcasting

Scout Sobel has mastered the art of podcasting through her authentic persona and relatable content. The podcaster also believes that this can translate through businesses too, allowing them to also see a wide variety of benefits.

‘If you have a business, you should have a podcast. Not necessarily for the downloads or for the ad revenue, but for the community it creates within your business. It really leverages you as a thought leader and allows you to network with your role models.’ 

Despite her devotion to the medium, Sobel is also able to recognize that the podcasting sphere is quickly becoming more competitive. Yet, she still sees this as a positive aspect of the process, due to its ability to host powerful conversations.

‘It’s very difficult to be discovered as a podcast and I think that’s one of the beautiful things about podcasting is that it remains a very sacred place for us to have real in-depth conversations. It’s a quality over quantity game.’ 

How Scout’s Agency Stands Out

Scout Sobel has managed to create a pioneering PR agency through not only her determination to perfect the craft but through allowing other creators to thrive on a more competitive playing field. She explains how her experiences and unique recruitment process help to boost Scout’s Agency’s presence. 

‘I just think from the sheer experience that we have, the database that we are able to cultivate, the relationships, and the knowledge that we have within the industry is unparalleled to anything else.’ 

Scout’s Agency also focuses on building long-lasting relationships within its own team, creating prosperous business opportunities for employees and clients. Sobel continues to describe her working environment with her fellow teammates. 

There’s the incredible human culture that we have here. We are warm, we are supportive, and we are championing our clients.’ 

Advice for Budding Podcasters

Sobel has an integral understanding of the podcasting industry and is not afraid to share fundamental advice with other podcasters. She also believes that potential podcasters should hold themselves accountable in order to gain the best results from their content.

‘Make a commitment to yourself that you are going to release episodes every week and if it means that you have to batch record ten episodes to ensure launching, then do that.’ 

They continue to discuss the podcasting market in more detail.

I would really say that the landscape for launching a podcast has changed a little bit. When me and my sister did it, we got it up within two weeks and I think you can still do that.’ 

Scout Sobel’s success has allowed her to be at the center of an ever-changing podcast market. Yet, she is aware that her pioneering business model is drawing immense amounts of traction within the industry. She ends by describing her most profitable and intuitive concept.

We have been doing this in an extremely concentrated and focused way for the last three years. I believe that we are the first agency to fully launch around the idea of a podcast tour.’ 

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Melody Day is a UK-based copywriter, working in developing industries such as travel, beauty, and lifestyle. She creates digestible copy that is fully optimized for SEO and gains positive engagement from readers. They are able to create engaging blogs and website copy for a range of unique brands.

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