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Popular Gen Z Influencers on YouTube


Popular Gen Z Influencers on YouTube

Data from 2021 reports that 77% of Gen Z regard YouTube as their most-used platform. As the platform continues to attract this profitable demographic, many young creators are seeing incredible growth. Gen Z refers to those born between 1997 and 2012, meaning that a large section of this demographic now has a tremendous amount of buying power. Thus, many brands are looking to implement these creators into their next influencer marketing campaign. Netinfluencer uncovers more about this demographic and lists the most popular Gen Z influencers on YouTube. 

Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain first started making videos at just 16. Now at 21, she has 11.5 million subscribers as well as her own independent coffee company. Chamberlain attracts other Gen Zers with her quirky vlogs showcasing her trips to New York and San Francisco. She moved to Los Angeles in 2018 and collaborated with other popular YouTubers like The Dolan Twins and James Charles, helping her to gain more engagement and traction on her platform. This Gen Z YouTuber also has a podcast named Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain, where she details her inner thoughts and feelings to her large number of followers. 

Popular Gen Z Influencers on YouTube

JoJo Siwa

This Gen Z influencer first found fame on Dance Moms, where she would show off her moves in various competitions around the United States. In 2015, JoJo Siwa began making videos on YouTube answering questions from her fans and giving behind-the-scenes footage of the show to her 12.2 million subscribers. She then launched her music career, creating catchy pop hits such as Boomerang and Only Getting Better. After a string of hits, Siwa now creates lifestyle content such as unboxing her own line of toys and merchandise. In April 2022, JoJo Siwa announced that she would be a judge on the show So You Think You Can Dance?, putting her skills to the ultimate test. 

Popular Gen Z Influencers on YouTube

James Charles

In September 2016, James Charles tweeted about retaking his senior portrait with a full face of makeup. By October, he was the first male brand ambassador for Covergirl and gained a large amount of attention. He began posting makeup tutorials on YouTube back in 2015 and has managed to gain an impressive 24 million subscribers. Charles has also been a makeup artist for many high-profile celebrities such as Iggy Azalea and Lil Nas X. This Gen Z YouTuber has also released his own line of makeup after collaborating with Morphe Cosmetics. The palette was so successful that it sold out in less than an hour across Europe. 

Popular Gen Z Influencers on YouTube

Fiona Frills

Fiona Frills has been creating content on YouTube since the age of 10, making her one of the most popular Gen Z lifestyle influencers on the platform. At 16, she now has 918,000 subscribers and over 111 million views. She often focuses on beauty and makeup challenges such as testing waterproof mascara and reviewing Crayola’s line of cosmetics. Frills is also an actor and a model, appearing in online series such as WDW Best Day Ever and Cartoonium. This Gen Z influencer has even founded her own line of cosmetics named Frillance. Frills launched the brand at age 13 and now sells its products in over 400 Walmart stores across the nation. 

Popular Gen Z Influencers on YouTube

Annika’s Leaf

As a dedicated post-graduate student, this influencer uses her channel to showcase how she navigates her studies as well as her online shop. Annika’s Leaf differs from conventional American YouTubers as she rarely shows her face or voice, something that is seen in countries such as South Korea. However, her anonymity does not stop her from creating engaging and inspirational content. Annika shares her daily life as she lives alone as well as what she eats during the week with her 706,000 subscribers. Her online store,, offers a plethora of adorable stationery and handmade jewelry, helping her to build a profitable small business. 

Popular Gen Z Influencers on YouTube

Sturniolo Triplets

Made up of Nick, Chris, and Matt, the Sturniolo Triplets first found success on TikTok where they have 2.9 million followers. On YouTube, these men make hilarious videos in their car, discussing various topics and reacting to fans’ comments for their 2.12 million subscribers to enjoy. They also complete obscure challenges like trying to make brownies whilst blindfolded. These Gen Z YouTubers also have a separate channel dedicated to live streams where they open fan mail and play video games for an additional 109,000 subscribers. After building a vast following across multiple platforms, the Sturniolo Triplets have announced a line of merchandise, which they have been teasing on Instagram

Popular Gen Z Influencers on YouTube


After suffering a turbulent bout of homelessness in 2020, EHIZ now has 50.9k subscribers on Youtube and an additional 12.6 million followers on TikTok. EHIZ, also known as Ehiz Ufah, creates a selection of energetic content for YouTube such as reacting to Coachella outfits and playing the Sims 4. In 2021, Ufah made the transition into acting appearing in UK-based comedy shows such as BBC Laugh Lessons and The Stand Up Sketch Show. He is also very active on Instagram, highlighting his work in both LA and London to his 259,000 followers. 

Popular Gen Z Influencers on YouTube


Alex Elmslie, better known as ImAllexx, creates commentary videos that discuss trending topics across social media and popular culture. He published his first video in 2016 and continued to post updates occurring in the online gaming industry for his 2.06 million subscribers. Elmslie then began collaborating with other creators such as Memeulous and James Marriott, leading to the creation of The Eboys Podcast. ImAllexx also hosts his own podcast called Internet Sensation Show where he interviews other influencers such as Lauren Alexis and Joe Gilmore. He also occasionally produces Just Chatting streams on Twitch where he plays music for his 149,000 followers. 

Popular Gen Z Influencers on YouTube

Answer in Progress

Answer in Progress is an educational channel hosted by Sabrina Cruz, Taha Khan, and Melissa Fernandes and has 866,000 subscribers. The channel was originally founded by Cruz where she would post vlogs and other lifestyle content. In 2016, she began creating content that focused on philosophy and art. This then led to her forming Answer in Progress alongside the other creators. This channel aims to uncover more about our world such as why small talk is so unpopular and how entry-level jobs aren’t always as they seem. The team has also contributed to the Learn with Google series, helping viewers navigate through their career choices. 

Popular Gen Z Influencers on YouTube

Riya Gogoi

Based in India, Riya Gogoi is a 22-year-old YouTuber who creates comical videos for her fellow Gen Z audience. She shares her daily life and provides commentary on various topics such as the glorification of cheating in the entertainment industry. She was also interviewed by The Free Press Journal, allowing her to discuss her life as a Master’s student and parental expectations. Although she only posted her first video in April 2020, she has gone on to gain 242,000 subscribers on the platform. Gogoi is also popular on Instagram where she posts reels and other short-form content for nearly 100,000 followers.

Popular Gen Z Influencers on YouTube

Gen Z influencers on YouTube are quickly gaining attention for their engaging and well-produced content. In turn, these influencers can offer an array of benefits and experiences, especially to brands who are looking to embark on an influencer marketing campaign. To learn more about how Gen Z impacts social media, visit our website

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