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How and Why To Repost On Instagram: Resharing Others’ Posts, Stories, And Reels


How and Why To Repost On Instagram: Resharing Others’ Posts, Stories, And Reels

Reposting others’ posts, reels, and stories on Instagram has several benefits – both for brands and influencers alike. Even though Instagram doesn’t allow for the direct reposting of posts, there are several workarounds, which this article explores in detail.

Picture this: someone just made a great post praising your brand and talking about how your products benefitted them. You want to share this post with your own audience, brag a little, and hopefully get a few new customers out of it. 

Now, if this had been TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), or Facebook, resharing would have been as easy as clicking on a button. However, the client’s post was made on Instagram- a platform that doesn’t allow direct reposting. 

But don’t worry. There are a few workarounds for this. Let’s look at each of them in detail. 

But, before that..

Benefits of Resharing Others’ Content on Instagram 

Reposting others’ content on Instagram:

  • Allows you to showcase testimonials from your clients easily, increasing people’s trust in your brand
  • Saves you from having to constantly come up with original content
  • Gives you an opportunity to share user-generated content (UGC) about your brand with your audience, increasing brand awareness. Additionally, UGC is authentic, acts as social proof, and holds a lot of sway over potential customers.

How To Reshare Instagram Posts

Resharing others’ posts on Instagram in such a way that they appear on your own profile feed (also known as regramming) is the trickiest part. Mostly because there’s no direct button (like a retweet button) that you can use. 

Here are 3 different ways you can regram posts on Instagram instead.

1. Through a Screenshot

The good old screenshot method always comes to the rescue. However, this method only works for posts (and stories. But more on that later). 

Once you find the post you want to regram, take a screenshot, making sure that the original poster’s username is included. But back up a minute. Before you get to this stage, it’s always good practice to ask for permission beforehand!

Next up, crop the screenshot to remove all the unnecessary elements such as your phone’s status bar and any other extra parts from the Instagram app. 

Head to the new post button (which contains a plus) and upload the screenshot as a new post. Tag the original poster in the comments and add any relevant hashtags before you hit publish!

2. Use a Third-Party Regramming App

To fill the gap created by Instagram when it came to reposting directly, several third-party apps popped up (scroll down for a list). Additionally, various social media scheduling and analytics tools (like Sprout Social and Buffer) also give you the option of regramming Instagram photos. 

The best thing about these apps is that many of them automatically add a watermark of the original creator’s username, making it very easy for you to credit them!

How and Why To Repost On Instagram: Resharing Others’ Posts, Stories, And Reels

3. Share It To Your Story Directly

If you don’t fancy creating a separate post, you can just share the original post directly to your story and tag the creator. 

Head to the post you want to share and click on the tiny paper airplane button. 

How and Why To Repost On Instagram: Resharing Others’ Posts, Stories, And Reels

Once you do, a box will open up with various share options. Select Add to story

How and Why To Repost On Instagram: Resharing Others’ Posts, Stories, And Reels

Now, you can tag the creator, add text, stickers, music, filters etc. and share it to your story! You can choose to either hide the caption or make it visible in your story by tapping on the post once.

How and Why To Repost On Instagram: Resharing Others’ Posts, Stories, And Reels

The creator will get a notification and DM about your story reshare. 

4. Bonus: Download The Photo and Share It

If you want to maintain the HD quality of the original photo, downloading the photo and creating a new post on your account is probably the best way. There are 2 ways to do this:

#1 You contact the original poster either through comments, DM, or email, get their permission, and ask them to send you the photo. 

#2 You can use a third-party Instagram photo downloader website such as Inflact. You would still need their permission, and their profile should be public for you to use these websites. All you need to do is paste the URL of the photo on the website and click on Download. Then, head to your Instagram account, click on New Post, and share the photo with credits to the original poster. 

Here’s an example of how NatGeo does this:

How and Why To Repost On Instagram: Resharing Others’ Posts, Stories, And Reels

How To Reshare Instagram Stories

Many influencers and customers like to promote their favorite brands through Instagram stories – a testament to how important this feature has become. Here are 2 ways in which you can reshare Instagram stories. 

1. Stories You’re Tagged In 

This one is super easy. When someone tags you in their Instagram story, you’ll receive a DM (and a notification). You’ll see a button called Add to your story. Click on it, add any text, stickers, icons etc. and share it to your story. 

Now, anybody watching your story will be able to tap on it and head to the original poster’s account. Because of this, tagging their username isn’t necessary, but is always appreciated.

2. Stories You’re Not Tagged In

This one’s a little trickier since there isn’t a direct “add to your story” button. So, you’re gonna have to screenshot the original story, crop it, and then add to your story (or post) and tag the user. Again, you can also use third-party Instagram story downloader websites for a cleaner process. 

How To Reshare Instagram Reels

Resharing Instagram reels is similar to resharing Instagram posts (with one exception). You can share them to your story directly by tapping on the paper airplane button. You can use a third-party Instagram reels downloader website or a regramming app and upload it as your own post. But, there’s also a third way that you can do it:

1. Through a Screen Recording App

Get a screen recording app (if your smartphone doesn’t have an in-built one) and start recording your screen. Now, head to the reel you want to repost and wait till your app records the entire video. 

Once the video is over, stop the recording and head to the recorded file on your phone. Crop out the unnecessary bits at the beginning and the end. Now the reel is ready to be reposted as a separate post on your account. The best part about this is that the original poster’s username is automatically recorded. (But you still need to tag and credit them, though!)

Top Apps for Reposting on Instagram 

Now that we have covered all the different ways to regram others’ content on Instagram, it’s time to list out a few (free of cost) third-party apps that help you do exactly that! 

Best Practices for Reposting Instagram Content 

Before you go regramming on Instagram, it’s best to keep the following practices in mind so that you don’t accidentally violate others’ copyrights. 

Ask for Permission and Give Credits

Always. Why? Because the original posted owns the rights to the photos or reels they post and you can’t use them without their explicit permission. You can comment on their posts, DM them, or email them with a request to repost. 

When you do so, be kind and thoughtful and let them know that you’ll give them full credits. And if they say no, or don’t reply at all, do not repost that particular photo. 

Once you get their permission and move on to the actual regramming part, don’t forget to credit them. You can tag them in your photo, but always credit them in the caption as well. A simple “thanks @username for capturing this wonderful photo” will do!

Don’t Edit The Photos Heavily

Make sure it stays true to the original content. This means no adding heavy filters, cropping, or obscuring parts of the photo. 

Additionally, if the original caption is meaningful to the photo, don’t edit that out as well. 

Stay On Brand

It’s important to only regram content that is in line with your brand. For instance, if you’re a clothing brand that sells activewear, you can repost people who are working out in your brand’s clothes. This way you’re staying true to your brand. 

A good way to determine if something is on brand is by asking yourself this: does this look like something that would fit in with my brand’s mission and feed? If the answer is yes, go ahead!

Regramming on Instagram has several benefits which can, ultimately, lead to an increase in brand awareness and conversions. But, for best results, keep reposts to a minimum and fill the majority of your feed with original content. 

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