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The Best Free Social Media Analytics Tools for Measuring Your Success


The Best Free Social Media Analytics Tools for Measuring Your Success

If you want to be successful on social media, you need to be tracking your social media analytics. These will tell you what content is doing well as well as other metrics and patterns for your page. We’ve rounded up some of the best social media analytics tools for being successful (and they’re totally free!)

Social media is one of the best ways influencers and businesses can grow their brand successfully. Analyzing your social media posts and patterns can be a great tool for expanding your audience and driving more traffic to your page.

By using social media analytics tools, you can track what content is doing the best as well as other metrics including follower counts and interaction patterns. But you don’t have to pay for the best tools to be successful. In fact, a lot of analytics tools are free!

We’ve looked into dozens of social media tools websites have to offer and rounded up the best free social media analytics tools for measuring your success!

What Are Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics track different metrics and patterns on your page. This data essentially tells you what content is and isn’t doing well, and gives you insight into creating the best business strategy for growing your social media presence.

Social media analytics are beneficial for everyone from individual influencers to small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Social media is currently the best way to grow your audience and make connections that will launch your success.

The Best Free Social Media Analytics Tools for Measuring Your Success


But with so many different creators, influencers, and businesses realizing this, it’s harder than ever to make your social media presence known.

This is where social media analytics comes into play. 

Social media analytics show you what content is performing well which helps you get to know your audience better and curate content that consistently does well.

Social Media Platform Analytics

Most popular social media platforms already come with built-in analytics features for all users. Depending on the platform, these insights will tell you things like viewer counts and interaction patterns, so they’re definitely worth utilizing. Some major social media built-in features include:

  • Instagram Analytics
  • Twitter Analytics
  • YouTube Analytics

Instagram Analytics

Instagram Analytics are available for all accounts registered as a business or creator. If you have a page that isn’t registered as either of these things, you can easily set it up by going to your settings.

Once you do this, you are given a plethora of insights and data including post activity, engagement, profile visits, and impressions. You are also able to see different demographics of your audience including gender and location.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter has a built-in analytics feature that shows you what posts are doing well. By using Twitter analytics, you can gather data on tweet impressions, profile visits, mentions, and followers.

By measuring engagement on each of your tweets, you can easily see what posts are doing the most successfully. Additionally, you can see the locations and demographics of the people interacting with your posts.

YouTube Analytics

You can access your YouTube Analytics as a creator in the YouTube Studio. They give you data and insights on subscriber counts, video views, impressions, profile visits, and more.

Since YouTube is a video-sharing platform, you can also see how long viewers stayed watching your video as well as how viewers found your video.


Quintly provides social media data and analytics for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn, making it optimal for businesses and influencers managing several different social media pages.

Quintly essentially analyzes data from all of your different major social media pages. With this tool, you get a whole dashboard of data including engagement and impressions. With all of the different types of data you can analyze with this tool, you are able to customize your dashboard to best suit your needs.

The Best Free Social Media Analytics Tools for Measuring Your Success



If one of your social media platforms includes Twitter, Followerwonk is a great way to track and sort your followers. Followerwonk allows you to see where your followers are located, how they found you, what other accounts they follow, and other patterns.

This tool also tracks both how many followers you’ve lost and when you’re significantly gaining followers. This can help give insight into how well your recent content is doing.


Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms. If you want to track analytics for your Instagram page, Squarelovin is definitely worth giving a try. Squarelovin gives you monthly analyses as well as recent post activity and growth metrics.

With this tool, you can learn what hashtags, filters, and content are performing well and what times are best to post.


Tailwind is useful for scheduling content for both Instagram and Pinterest. With this tool, you can also analyze what time your content performs the best, engagement with your posts, and basic impressions data.

One feature Tailwind has to offer is the Hashtag Finder for Instagram. With this feature, you can track what hashtags are performing well to increase the number of impressions your posts receive.


Keyhole is great because it’s compatible with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. With this tool, you can easily track activity from each of your pages as well as follower engagement, brand mentions, hashtags, and keywords.

This tool is highly beneficial for social media personalities and businesses because it allows you to track the interaction with all of your posts to learn what trends and patterns are doing well. Plus, all of it is done in real-time, so you don’t have to wait for data to be updated. 

The Best Free Social Media Analytics Tools for Measuring Your Success



Sparktoro is a unique but useful tool for Twitter users because it tracks the percentage of fake followers that you have. Fake followers include bots, inactive accounts, and spam accounts. This is important to track because these accounts are not going to add to your engagement or impression count.

Sparktoro also gives users a “Spark Score” which measures your influence by gathering data from how well your recent tweets have performed.

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