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In addition to reviewing PR packages, influencers commonly promote brands via Instagram stories. It is not uncommon for brands to start their campaign with Instagram stories. Here are eight influencer marketing Instagram stories examples.

Instagram stories have become a popular way to express yourself and keep your friends updated about your daily life. Originating from Snapchat, the short video format has been adopted by other platforms, including Instagram itself, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and TikTok. Their popularity is due to their high engagement and awareness potential.

Many influencers use Instagram stories to promote brands by reviewing PR packages or promoting them in general. Some brands go in length and start their campaign with Instagram stories. Let’s look at eight influencer marketing Instagram stories examples.


LULUS is an American retail company that specializes in women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. Lulus is already aware of influencer marketing as it hires models for its advertisements. Apart from models, they invite influencers to become their brand ambassadors. They share product reviews and mentions by influencers on their Instagram stories to promote themselves as well as providing social proof to customers. By sharing influencer’s stories on their account, it gives people a sense of how famous the brand is and how the products are. And most of these influencers also add a link for viewers to purchase the products.


In 2016, Uber hosted the #UberSummerSeries in collaboration with Perrier and Hotel Indigo. It was a 3 concert series held on the rooftop of Hotel Indigo. The event was exclusive for Uber users who booked a ride to the venue. The app included a unique feature in booking the exclusive ride to the hotel. To promote the series, Uber and Perrier partnered with fashion and lifestyle influencer Adam Gallagher. He is known for creating aesthetically pleasing content on Instagram.. He has over 2 million followers and had previously worked with Timex, Armani, and Hugo Boss. 

Gallagher posted stories where he was waiting for an Uber to go to the concert and one where he was holding a can of a Perrier beverage. By using the tags #ubersummerseries and #perriermoment, he promoted both brands in an authentic style of his own.


Caudalie is a French skincare company that specializes in beauty products and natural cosmetic treatments. Caudalie was in for a surprise when Chriselle Lim featured some of their products on her Instagram stories. Chriselle is a blogger, vlogger, Instagrammer, and the founder of The Chriselle Factor. She is known for creating beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content. She has 1.4 million followers on Instagram and has partnered with brands like Lakme and Fossil.

In the sequence of stories she posted, she showcased some Caudalie products and even endorsed them as “New Obsession.” The brand was clearly recognizable and got promoted amongst viewers. This is a typical example of how modern influencers promote brands. This is very common in the millennial and Gen Z age groups, where they post a story of a product or service and tag the brand for instant promotion.


The partnership of Smashbox and Huda Kattan is just like Caudalie. Huda Kattan is the owner of Huda Beauty – her own lineup of beauty products sold at Sephora. Her Instagram is full of signature looks, beauty products, and reposts from other beauty influencers.

Under the partnership with Caudalie, she promoted their color correcting sticks through Instagram stories. She usually posts the products when featuring them, but this time she used stories. This was a refreshing change for users and helped raise the excitement and hype for the new product. 


Popularly known as Gal Meets Glam, Julia Engel has a glamorous and exquisite Instagram profile featuring well-executed and beautiful posts. She likes to experiment, and in one of her stories, she posted a shoe she came across for $150 on an online website. Although the website’s name is not clear in the story, she added a swipe-up feature to visit and check the shoe out. It is also unclear if it was a sponsored story or not, but she gave her followers a reason to check out the product due to her experience and dedication. 


Forever21, the American clothing brand, is no stranger to the influencer marketing realm. Focusing on women’s clothing, they pay close attention to their advertising and marketing. They also have a sound Instagram marketing strategy where they partner with influencers to promote their products. They regularly post stories showcasing influencers dressed up in their products. The influencers are tagged in the stories to show they are endorsing them. The influencers also post the stories on their accounts, increasing reach and people who purchase from the store.


Like the Forever21 Instagram campaign, Nordstrom Rack, the American retail giant, also has a sound Instagram strategy. The models and influencers wear the clothes and post stories on Instagram to encourage people to buy their products. 


Converse is an American footwear brand that is famous for its iconic Chuck Taylor sneaker. You must have owned a pair of them or have seen people wearing them when you were a teenager. But apart from good shoes, they also have a great Instagram marketing strategy. Converse has partnered with many influencers, and whenever they announce a new collaboration, they often use posts and stories together for a more cohesive campaign. Their feed and stories work perfectly well with each other and add to the over aesthetic of the campaign to attract potential customers.

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