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An Influencer Marketing campaign’s main goal is to build a positive brand image among its customers. Influencers post relevant and high-quality content to engage with a brand’s target audience, but consumers also solidify brand loyalty through loyalty cards, memberships, and participation in the brand’s latest trends. Influencers aim to make their followers’ lives better in one way or another, whether it’s through fashion, lifestyle, or other means.

In the field of Influencer marketing, the main goal is to promote a brand’s positive image to its customers. While influencers post relevant and high-quality content to engage with the target audience of a brand, the consumers also show brand loyalty by sticking to a specific brand, purchasing membership cards, and participating in the brand’s latest trends. Whether it is through their fashion sense or about their way of living, these influencers aim to impact the lives of their followers in one way or another. 

Companies in the fashion industry are very well aware of this strategy and use it to attract their customers’ attention. Not only do they use this marketing strategy to advertise their latest collections, but also to gain a deeper understanding of what their audience wants. For instance, when an influencer collaborates with a fashion brand and advertises their products on Instagram, these posts reflect the likings and disliking of their followers. This further helps the brand to make appropriate changes to acquire a larger market share. 

Let’s look at eight fashion brands making the use of influencer marketing and see how they are creating an impact on their audience. 


To showcase their newest collection of clothes, Forever 21 came up with a new way to engage their customers and build profitable relationships with them. Rather than collaborating with influencers to post pictures wearing the brand’s apparel, they asked the influencers to record videos of themselves while shopping and show the process of trying outfits. 

Influencer Marketing

Using this technique, the influencers were encouraged to talk about things they liked in a product as well as things that they wished would be different. These videos, when posted, allowed the potential customers to relate to these influencers and make their choices based on the influencer’s review of the brand. 


To promote their luxury gift-giving bags, Louis Vuitton collaborated with Alicia Vikander to run a campaign for the brand. The campaign was named ‘Home for the Holidays’ and focused on a heart-felt message for people living far away from their loved ones. Capturing these overwhelming emotions led to incredible results for the campaign as the company captivated millions of social media users and recorded a significant number of sales. 

Louis Vuitton

Not only that, the company featured a high-quality video in which moments of joy were represented as people went on their vacations with Louis Vuitton luggage bags in their hands and gifting high-end bags to their friends and family. 


If you are a fan of TikTok, you must have come across Charli D’Amelio. Having one of the greatest fan following on the app, she keeps posting entertaining content for her large number of followers. 


In 2020, Prada, an Italian fashion brand, invited the celebrity to join them for the Milan Fashion Week in Italy. The actress happily agreed to the proposal and attended the event while flaunting the brand’s products. Charli posted videos on her Instagram page and TikTok and gave all credits to Prada as she tagged the company in every post. This was a massive success as Prada was able to raise brand awareness among its target audience. 


H&M, a fashion company known to honor diverse cultures and communities, is based in Sweden and was founded in 1947. With its operations running in 74 countries today, the company has gained a large audience and attracted millions of followers on its Instagram page. 


The company collaborated with Ela Velden and Julie Sarinana to model for their catalog. To their surprise, the two actresses loved their collection so much that they decided to feature it on their own Instagram page while mentioning them in their captions. 


GAP launched a campaign named ‘’ in which they collaborated with six famous fashion bloggers, namely FabSugar, Lookbook, WhoWhatWear, Refinery29, MOG, and Rue. These bloggers talked about how they use the company’s apparel as daily wear. Furthermore, these bloggers also uploaded accessible links of the website on their feed and put swipe-up links on their stories. 



Old Navy, an American chain of clothing and accessories, was founded in 1994. In an attempt to boost brand awareness and raise funds for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the company collaborated with Alex Rodriguez. The actor, an alumnus of the organization, helped the company raise funding of 1 million dollars through promotions on his social media and tv advertisements. 

Old Navy


At times, it isn’t easy to believe the benefits of partnering with famous influencers. Such was the case for Zara when the company launched the #iamdenim campaign. In a period of eight months of the campaign, their Instagram page was filled with 4.6 million new followers. 


The campaign was focused on exhibiting the most comfortable denim a consumer can find. By partnering with Teesh Rosa and featuring her on the company’s website, Zara was able to convince people of the comfort and star appeal associated with its denim wear. 


To cope up with the restrictions posed by the pandemic while sustaining its marketing strategies, Chanel invited influencers to attend the Paris Fashion Week show in October 2020 while sitting in their homes. Sarah Ellen featured her photos flaunting the brand’s outfits among many other celebrities while sitting comfortably in her house. The event was successful with its live streaming on YouTube and generated a massive EMV of 30.8 million dollars



With the rise in influencer marketing, more and more fashion brands are switching towards collaborating with renowned influencers and celebrities to spread the word about their offerings. Moreover, this marketing strategy has also proven itself to be doing wonders for the brands as well as the profiles of the respective influencers.

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