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Redbull Ambassadors – How To Join The Team And Promote The Energy Drink

Red bull has one of the best marketing teams and overall guerilla marketing techniques out there. Their advertisements are bold, they stand out, and most importantly they claim their own unique lifestyle. 

If there is one thing Redbull is known for in the marketing world, it is its mass appeal and social proofing strategies. Everyone who’s relevant loves Redbull, so why wouldn’t you? 

One of the most popular Redbull campaigns is in fact one of their oldest launched back in 1994, the brand used empty cans to create a high consumption effect. 

Redbull Ambassadors - How To Join The Team And Promote The Energy Drink

Brand managers and marketers, would go around different clubs and social bars and drop bags full of empty Redbull cans, making it seem like everyone who matters is drinking the new energy beverage.

Even up to this day Redbull still enjoys exceptional advertising strategies, however, with the ever-evolving marketing efforts, it is only right to have a dedicated team of ambassadors and brand representatives. 

Redbull Ambassadors - How To Join The Team And Promote The Energy Drink

Redbull is a master when it comes to influencers, sponsorships, and mass targeting campaigns, and it is not easy to get sponsored by one of the biggest names in both sports and beverages. 

About Redbull sponsorships

Redbull is one of the best sponsoring brand out there, especially for athletes and lovers of extreme sports. The brand pays an average of $30,000 to $55,000, however, payments and deals differ from one athlete to the other. 

The highest-paid Redbull sponsorship is the infamous football player Neymar Jr’s sponsorship, generating over 9.2 million from Redbull in 2019.

However, despite the brand being picky with who they sponsor making it almost impossible to get sponsored if you’re not an athlete, here are a few different Redbull sponsorships and collaborative ways you can work directly with Redbull. 

Redbull Ambassadors - How To Join The Team And Promote The Energy Drink

Different types of Redbull ambassadors 

Redbull Musketeers 

Redbull musketeers are the real-life embodiment of the brand values and what the Enegy-drink brand stands for. Redbull Musketeers are mainly responsible for bringing in new opportunities and collaboration while living the Redbull lifestyle. 

A day in the life of a Redbull Musketeer ambassador involves meeting up and collaborating with different influencers, clubs, venues, and more. The perfect way to pave your way towards mass influencer marketing relationships, and strengthen your sales skills. 

The estimated salary for a Redbull Musketeer is around $60,500 according to Glassdoor analytics.

Student Marketeers

Aside from expensive brand promotions and hefty thousand-dollar deals, the brand manages to stay relevant and rich with new marketing ideas thanks to its student marketeer program. 

As a Redbull marketeer, you are a student that is able to contribute to the brand’s marketing plan and bring in new ideas in exchange for working experience. With over 4000 student marketeers around the world, you can gain professional working experience with the brand. 

The typical student marketeer salary ranges anywhere from 16 – 20 per hour, and are responsible for driving traffic and engagement in their region. 

Although this isn’t the type of sponsorship anyone would expect as it comes off more like a full-time job, Redbull funds and operates this program under the same brand ambassador program as athletes and full-on musketeers. 

Athlete ambassadors 

Finally, one of the most difficult Redbull sponsorships to get, Redbull athlete ambassadors are the ultimate form of Redbull brand ambassadors. 

Job responsibilities as an athlete ambassador include attending corporate events, bringing in social media content ideas, collaborating on campaigns, and maintaining schedules of your competitions and playoffs. 

Out of all the different Redbull Brand ambassador programs athlete ambassadors make the most revenue from being sponsored, and are the only ambassadors to still have the freedom of doing what they do best. 

While Redbull sponsors over 500 athletes across the world, compensation deals highly differ from one another. The majority of athletes are in countries such as The United States of America, Canada, The United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and Australia. 

What does a Redbull ambassador do? 

Different Redbull ambassadors carry on different roles within the corporation but are significantly unique from one another. The best and most rewarding brand deal one can possibly get from the energy-drink brand is their athlete sponsorships. 

With salaries that stretched to over 9 million dollars annually, Redbull is the perfect sponsorship brand to grow or kickstart your career with. With ambassadors in every sport from Formula1 racing to skydiving and soccer, if you have exceptional skills and are looking to get sponsored look no further than a good Redbull deal. 

Redbull Ambassadors - How To Join The Team And Promote The Energy Drink

If you’re not an athlete, your next best shot is if you’re a marketer or salesperson on the rise with an exceptional eye for advertising and opportunity while truly admiring the brand.

Are Redbull ambassadors currently in demand? 

Through researching all three different types of Redbull sponsorships, we found that the least in-demand opportunity is the athlete ambassadors program. On their official site, Redbull states that they’re currently not accepting any new athlete applications, but are there for any inquiries or questions. 

As an extreme sports athlete, this “we are currently full” message isn’t meant for you. If you have what it takes to offer something new and adrenaline-boosting, you should still reach out and apply. 

Redbull Ambassadors - How To Join The Team And Promote The Energy Drink

Find what works for you and associate yourself with one of the best global marketing teams out there.


Working as a Redbull ambassador is clearly not for everyone as they are not looking for just any influencer or athlete. Redbull sticks to its brand values firmly, and unless you can relate to or reflect the Redbull lifestyle, it is extremely difficult to get a brand deal.

Do not hesitate to reach out or visit your local Redbull office to view your collaborative options, sign up for an ambassador program, or even convince them what you offer is relatable and different. 

Lastly and most importantly, if you do not like the energy drink, do not apply to be a brand ambassador. Your whole life will change to be centered around Redbull if hired, so be prepared to go all in or not go at all. 

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