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Red Bull Ambassador How to Become a Representative for the Energy Drink Brand


Red Bull Ambassador: How to Become a Representative for the Energy Drink Brand

Since a staggering 82% of consumers rely on social media to sway their purchasing decisions, it is no surprise that some of the most prosperous brands in the world are using influencer marketing to elevate their reach. Brands are also keen to use influencers to boost their overall marketing strategy, producing a wealth of content to ensure that consumers are consistently engaged. To understand this topic further, Netinfluencer will discuss how you can successfully collaborate with Red Bull.

What Is Red Bull?

First created in the mid-1980s, Red Bull is an energy drink that was inspired by the many functional drink brands seen across East Asia. The founder, Dietrich Mateschitz, built the formula for the product in 1984 but spent another three years deciding how the product should be promoted to the general public.  In turn, the brand has been working tirelessly to upkeep its quirky brand image. In 1992, Red Bull released its first commercial, denoting its common animated style. This has become a key part of the brand’s success and has been a staple part of its content strategy for over three decades. 

Red Bull is a household name within many pivotal geographical markets such as Western Europe and the USA, selling 9.804 billion cans worldwide back in 2021. As the product continues to grow at a phenomenal pace, so does its employee base. At the end of 2021, the company expressed that it employed 13,610 throughout 172 countries, exemplifying the brand’s continuous desire to grow and expand. 

Red Bull Ambassador: How to Become a Representative for the Energy Drink Brand


What Other Projects Has the Brand Completed?

Alongside its vast portfolio of drinks, Red Bull has also made a tremendous impact on the elusive world of extreme sports. In 1988, the brand held its first sporting event, known as The Red Bull Dolomitenmann, an intense relay race along the rugged Dolomitenmann mountain range. This event triggered an abundance of other nuanced events such as cliff diving in 1997 and soap box racing in 2000.

The brand has also shown an incredible amount of influence over the independent music scene, launching Red Bull Records in 2007. This label focuses on the potential of genre-defining artists and offers them the chance to show off their talents in events around the world such as Red Bull Music Soundclash. In 2013, the company held the stakes even higher, hosting the world’s first live-streamed concert within the pods of the London Eye. This event was an avid celebration of Europe’s club culture and promoted the work of over 100 chart-topping musicians such as Mark Ronson and Richie Hawtin.

Nowadays, Red Bull is turning its sights toward the integral topic of sustainability, releasing a wealth of initiatives to strengthen the cause. Using its stand-out animation style, Red Bull offers a plethora of content that details the lifecycle of one of its cans. These videos hope to inspire consumers to recycle their products since the cans are made from aluminum which is considered to be a much more environmentally-friendly material compared to others on the market. 

Red Bull Ambassador: How to Become a Representative for the Energy Drink Brand


What Is the Red Bull Ambassador Program?

In an attempt to connect with the elder segments of Gen Z, Red Bull has also formed its own ambassador program. These individuals, also referred to as Student Marketeers, will work to push Red Bull’s clean brand image to an abundance of other like-minded students across a wealth of diverse campuses. Ambassadors will also be asked to collate new customers and educate them about the nuances of the brand as well as the product. 

Student Marketeers will also have the privilege of attending a wide variety of Red Bull events, encouraging them to use their content creation skills to truly capture the vitality of these occasions. Certain ambassadors will also get to travel around in Red Bull’s iconic Mini Cooper, increasing their ability to form a stronger connection between the brand and the consumer. 

Red Bull understands that this role steers away from the demands of a typical 9-5 and wishes to work with influencers and content creators that are willing to go the extra mile. This program also recruits those with an entrepreneurial mindset, offering them the chance to seek out new gaps in the market and become affiliated with one of the most iconic FMCG brands on the market. 

Red Bull Ambassador: How to Become a Representative for the Energy Drink Brand


What Perks Are Provided?

Fortunately, Student Marketeers will be financially compensated for their work and will earn around $13 USD per hour. Plus, depending on your specific role and experience, some ambassadors will earn an additional rate of commission. For example, if you decide to be a Sales Expert, you will be rewarded for your ability to distribute cans across campus. Many previous candidates have noted that the standard schedule for this job is an average of 29 hours a week, making it a suitable part-time role for busy students. 

The Red Bull Ambassador Program also allows students to have a much more detailed campus experience as it allows them to travel throughout their academic institution and connect with new individuals. Since this program requires candidates to consistently promote the Red Bull brand, Student Marketeers will be able to attend on-campus events as a way to extend their potential customer base. As such, candidates will not miss out on crucial college milestones during their time in this role. 

Red Bull also values the power of consistent communication and encourages candidates to join regular meetings with the rest of the team. These interactions are held either in-person or via video calls, allowing students to balance their studies with the demands of this role. Ambassadors will also be asked to offer local insights and offer their opinion on how the brand can attract new customers in student-rich cities around the world. 

Red Bull Ambassador: How to Become a Representative for the Energy Drink Brand


How Do You Join the Program?

To become a representative for Red Bull, candidates must apply for the role of Student Marketeer either via the brand’s official website or other recruitment sites such as Indeed and LinkedIn. Here, students will be required to complete a conventional application form, which details their previous work experience and gives them the chance to discuss how they plan to diversify themselves from their peers. It should be mentioned that candidates are required to hold a clean driver’s license and are fluent in English. 

Benefits of Becoming a Red Bull Student Marketeer

The Red Bull Student Marketeer Program is suitable for influencers who wish to increase their content portfolio, whilst still enjoying the vivacious aspects of college life. This role offers students the best of both worlds, letting them create content and promote Red Bull’s products at a collection of campus events. Therefore, ambassadors will not deplete their social lives and can become immersed in the cutting-edge atmosphere that the brand is able to create. 

By gaining access to a wealth of Red Bull events, influencers will also get the chance to delve into a wide range of new niches. Whether it’s nuanced extreme sports or lively music events, influencers will now gain first-hand experience in these incredibly profitable industries. As a result, they have the ability to weave these topics into their own content strategy, attracting a different collection of engaged audiences on their own social media platforms. 

With regard to student influencers, this program also allows you to earn a decent amount of pay whilst creating content. This ensures that your well-being and financial security are not under threat as you learn to find a good balance between work and school. In turn, growing influencers have the opportunity to gain compensation for content and monetize it on their own selection of social media channels. 

Red Bull Ambassador: How to Become a Representative for the Energy Drink Brand


Red Bull’s array of Student Marketeers has the premium opportunity of collaborating with an ever-growing brand whilst also building their array of content creation skills. Thus, this program supports the next generation of influencers by giving them the tools needed to become more competitive in this bustling industry. 

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