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All About the OSEA Influencer Program


All About the OSEA Influencer Program

Osea’s products are the type of clean beauty that you test out once and instantly become a die-hard fan for years to come. If you’ve ever tried Osea’s products then you’ll know exactly what we mean. 

In this guide, you’ll find out how you can register to be a part of Osea Malibu’s affiliate program and begin collabing with one of the leading green and clean skincare brands.

What is OSEA?

OSEA, what does it stand for? Well, the company has drawn its inspiration from nature and assembled the ocean, sun, earth, and atmosphere in order to create a company that will deliver the best, and highest quality skincare products on earth.

Originally created in 1996, in Malibu by Jenefer Palmer, the OSEA brand was known for being a clean and vegan-friendly skincare line. With an emphasis on the use of organic seaweed as a component of their products, you can begin to understand why the brand stands out amongst a lot of its competition.

Being vegan-friendly, all the products are proudly cruelty-free and it’s nice to see the various ocean elements they put into their entire line. It showcases how they prioritize the protection of our ecosystem within their product line formulation and packaging.

So what does vegan-friendly mean? Well, Osea a vegan skincare brand, prides itself on being plant-based and also gluten-free. And Cruelty-free further means that the product ingredients don’t contain anything animal-derived, such include, but not limited to, lanolin, beeswax, and carmine. It also means that none of the products have been tested on animals during the production, or research process. 

OSEA is part of The Compact for Global Production of Safe Health and Beauty Products initiative which ensures that a brand’s products are free of chemicals.

Who are the OSEA influencers, and what do they do?

Some of the celebs who have been spotted online using OSEA products are Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Naomi Campbell, and even Victoria Beckham.

All About the OSEA Influencer Program

When you’ve got all the A-list supermodels sporting your skincare and supporting women founders it’s no wonder everyone’s going mad over their green skincare and luxe body oils. 

All About the OSEA Influencer Program

Having celebrities gravitate naturally towards your brand is every business’s dream, because it offers so much exposure, and when you have a brand that lives and breathes everything it stands for and has a worthwhile ethos it’s hard not to become a die-hard Osea Malibu fan for life. 

What are the OSEA influencer requirements?

All About the OSEA Influencer Program

Osea Malibu has an awesome affiliate program. The brand offers the most incredible perks, including a welcome package to help get you started worth over 250$. 

I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to receive awesome welcome pack from Osea?

There are three different ranks to their affiliate program which are based on the sales you convert each month. Each tier offers a different commission percentage, which seems like a really fair way to reward individuals who are driving revenue for the company.

Now, when it comes to their affiliate program here’s what we found:

  • You can receive 16% commission on sales from affiliate links on your social media.
  • Be the first to receive the inside scoop on promos, product launches, and even events.
  • Enjoy free products, plus unique discount codes for your followers.


Basic (16% commission)Gold (18% commission)Platinum (20% commission)
Posting Requirement2x month2x month2x month
Revenue Requirement$0 – $500/month$500+/month$2500+/month
Exclusive Access to Promos + Launches
Weekly Ambassador Newsletter
Exclusive Invites to Community Events
Welcome Product Package ($278 value!)
Shareable Discount Code
Friends & Family Discount
OSEA Merch
Monthly Product Gifting
All About the OSEA Influencer Program

How to promote OSEA products as an influencer and make money

Let’s take a look at how some of the Osea Malibu influencers are promoting the brand’s products on social media:

How Influencers Promote OSEA on Tik Tok

Here are some of the ways that micro-influencers and content creators are promoting Osea Malibu on TikTok:

Let’s start off with Tay, a 26-year-old beauty and lifestyle influencer with over 390 thousand followers on TikTok. From looking at her feed it’s clear to see that she enjoys trying out new skincare products and brands. 

Her unboxing video of Osea is amazing, she’s filmed the products being removed from their packaging in close-up style while allowing for the audio to be like a mini ASMR experience.

Next up is Haley, she’s a micro-influencer who loves creating UGC content for brands. Her entire feed mainly consists of lifestyle-type posts where she documents everything from her skincare routine to her postpartum journey.

In her recent Osea TikTok video she showcased the products on a marble tray, while also testing out some of the serums and creams on her wrists to show her audience the consistency.

Lastly from TikTok is HydrationCEO. Her account description is in the name! Rachel focuses on creating hydration-related content for the beauty and skincare niches. In her recent OSEA TikTok she can be seen introducing their new body butter, and testing it out herself while explaining the level of hydration the product can offer.  

How Influencers Promote OSEA on Instagram

Here are some of the most recent Osea Malibu sponsored posts on Instagram:


Giuliana is a skincare UGC creator within the skincare and beauty niche. In her Osea reel, she shows a close-up of the brand’s body butter and offers her audience a 20% discount code in her caption. 


Jess is a micro-influencer who according to her bio, shares all things boho style. In her Osea video, she gives her audience a tutorial on how to achieve soft and glowy skin for summer using the brand’s products. In the caption, she also offers her followers a discount code. 


Tanuja is a skincare, beauty, and lifestyle content creator based in the U.S. In her Osea Malibu reel, she showcases each product in a close-up format while also letting her audience know that the package had been gifted to her by the company. She closes by offering her discount code and link. 

How Influencers Promote OSEA on Youtube

Here are some of the latest skincare and lifestyle micro-influencers videos where they are seen promoting Osea Malibu on YoutTube:

First up we’ve got Level Blue a channel dedicated to elegance, luxury beauty & lifestyle. Her Osea haul shows her introducing each product to her audience and testing some of them out. She makes a point to emphasize the fact that the brand is vegan, cruelty-free, and offers a luxury experience. 

Here we have Alexia Elharrar, a micro skincare influencer who shares hauls, facial routines, and tutorials on her Youtube channel. In her Osea Malibu video, she can be seen sharing her evening skincare routine and describing what she’s doing and what product she’s using in each step. Kind off like a tutorial!

Lastly, there’s Dani Smith. Her Youtube channel focuses on beauty, skincare, acne, home decor, wellness, fashion (sustainable clothing when possible), and any other random videos she feels like posting. In her Osea video, she can be seen reviewing her experience using the products so far. She’s seen sharing her honest review on products such as the Undaria Body Oil, Ocean Lotion, Anti-Aging Body Balm, and Vagus Nerve Oil.


Becoming an Osea Malibu brand ambassador is perfect if you’re an eco-conscious skincare creator with a love for all things sustainable and vegan-friendly. All you need to do is follow the steps we provided in this article and register to their affiliate program to get started. 

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