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How Disney Creators Lab Is Providing Influencers With New Brand Opportunities


How Disney Creators Lab Is Providing Influencers With New Brand Opportunities

Disney is undoubtedly a household name, earning $19.24 billion in Q1 2022. In order to upkeep its profits, the brand is constantly looking for new ways to advertise and market its products. A subsection of the company, known as Disney Parks, has created an intuitive scheme that aims to use influencers to attract more customers to the theme parks around the world. Netinfluencer has everything you need to know about Disney Creator Labs. 

What Is the Disney Creators Lab Scheme?

In September 2021, the Walt Disney Company announced the launch of its Creators Lab, a program that seeks out new influencers to help the brand boost its presence on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. These influencers were contacted based on the success of their existing Disney content.

The program selected 20 influencers, all of which received an eight-week online training course. This course lasted for three months and focused on topics such as branding, creativity, and monetization. Disney also stated that these creators must be from a variety of backgrounds, including age, race, gender, and creative processes. 

Disney also reported that these creators would not receive any financial compensation for completing the course. Instead, successful candidates were invited to an all-expenses paid trip to Walt Disney World as well as a trip on the Disney Cruise Line.

How Disney Creators Lab Is Providing Influencers With New Brand Opportunities


Why Was It Created?

Despite the controversy surrounding payment, Disney Creators Lab was a success with a multitude of influencers wanting to take part. The program was set up to help smaller influencers gain a larger audience and potentially have the chance to make social media their full-time careers. 

Disney has been working with content creators for many years, forming the hashtag #DisneyCreators to use across their written content. These influencers have previously produced work for the Disney Parks blog as well as given reviews of the latest rides. As such, the Disney Creators Lab can be viewed as a new recruitment process to help the brand collaborate with more niche influencers.

Disney Creators Lab also aims to showcase these theme parks in a more approachable way. Thus, potential customers can see what the parks have to offer from the perspective of an experienced influencer. In turn, these influencers have the potential to uncover hidden gems and secrets that traditional advertising may not be able to show. 

How Disney Creators Lab Is Providing Influencers With New Brand Opportunities


What Did the Influencers Do During This Program?

Although the Disney Creators Lab seems like an easy way for influencers to live out their childhood dreams, the program required them to show off their skill set and growth potential. 

The trip to Walt Disney World and the accompanying cruise allowed influencers to explore the parks and create content as they wished. They also received special passes that allowed them to cut the line at busier attractions such as in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Influencers also received an assortment of gift packages such as themed popcorn buckets and Rayban sunglasses.

The program ended with a unique Disney Creators Celebration, a week-long event that encouraged these individuals to network and share content ideas. This celebration also joined the Walt Disney Resort and the Disney Cruise line, offering them a fuller vacation experience. 


Who Were Some of the Influencers Taking Part in the Disney Creators Lab?

Dom Corona

One of the most popular influencers in this program was Dom Corona, a talented artist who produces pieces inspired by Disney characters. Corona first visited the Disney parks in 2003 and quickly fell in love with the animation style. Since then, he has made art his full-time job and shares his work on Instagram with his 22.8K followers. This Disney content creator paints extensive portraits of characters such as Maleficent and Mickey Mouse, all using his unique art style. In June 2022, Dom Corona announced that he is working as a Disney Fine Artist, with his work being displayed across the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando. 

How Disney Creators Lab Is Providing Influencers With New Brand Opportunities

Melizza Black

Mellizza Black uses Instagram to show off her latest adventures in the Disney theme parks as well as updates on her personal life. Black partakes in ‘Disneybounding’, a concept where people match their outfits with much-loved characters from the franchise. Thus, she often posts pictures of herself dressed like Tinkerbell and Rapunzel to her 18.2K followers. She also posts hauls of her favorite Disney merchandise such as Minnie Ears and backpacks. Melizza Black also produces content for TikTok, highlighting her GRWM routine and highlights from her most recent trips.  

How Disney Creators Lab Is Providing Influencers With New Brand Opportunities

Conner Lundius

As both a Disney fanatic and disability advocate, Conner Lundius uses TikTok to express how accessible these theme parks can be. She often posts videos of her moving from her wheelchair to a rollercoaster, helping other disabled people feel more confident in these situations. This Disney content creator also showcases what she wears in the theme parks, offering style inspiration to her 24.7K followers. Aside from her Disney content, Lundius also notes her role in the Rollettes, a dance team for women with disabilities. In turn, she regularly enjoys showing off her dance skills in front of iconic landmarks within the Disney resort. 

How Disney Creators Lab Is Providing Influencers With New Brand Opportunities

Chris Rodgers

Chris Rodgers has detailed every moment of his Disney Creators lab experience with his 5.96K subscribers. From his tour of the considerable cruise ship to an in-depth Q&A session, Rodgers aims to answer his fans’ burning questions, helping him to boost his engagement on the platform. Although he first created his channel in 2015, he only started posting regularly in 2021 and has been posting consistently ever since. Rodgers is also an energetic DJ, hosting a plethora of Disney-themed music sets on Twitch for an additional 10.3K followers.

How Disney Creators Lab Is Providing Influencers With New Brand Opportunities

Griff & Alyssa

Couple Griff & Alyssa use their YouTube channel to document their cruising adventures to their 57.4K subscribers. The pair review major cruise lines and help their audience make the best choices for their next trip. They have also produced branded cruise content for other large brands such as Toyota. As part of the Disney Creators Lab, Griff & Alyssa created a vlog series that highlighted the best parts of the Disney Cruise Line. They also produced behind-the-scenes content to show their favorite meals during the trip as well as their overall thoughts on the boat. 

How Disney Creators Lab Is Providing Influencers With New Brand Opportunities

The formation of Disney Creators Lab indicates that even the most iconic brands in the world are making the jump toward influencer marketing. This scheme has helped small creators interact with each other and produce content that fits in perfectly with their existing niche. To discover how your brand can conduct an effective influencer marketing campaign, visit our website

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