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Orlando Kyng The Medium Value Man On Leveraging Controversy And Being Uncancellable


Orlando Kyng The Medium Value Man On Leveraging Controversy And Being Uncancellable

Controversy in content creation is a balance that creators leverage for a boost of engagement and a higher reach. However, there is a fine line between aggravating the right demographic to gain more attention and completely destroying your online career. 

Today, we sit down with one of Canada’s loudest online personalities to unveil his strategy of creative methods that he claims have no direct association with his life outside social media. 

Who is Orlando Kyng outside of social media? 

Orlando Kyng The Medium Value Man On Leveraging Controversy And Being Uncancellable

“Orlando Kyng does not exist outside of social media; he’s a concept that exists between dimensions, and I created him to serve a specific purpose,” He tells us. 

“There is a famous psychologist, Carl Jung, who explains the shadow theory, where he claims that every human has a suppressed array of characteristics that can be leveraged to his advantage if properly integrated into everyday life,” explains Orlando enthusiastically.

“Looking at things from my psychological perspective, you can say that Orlando Kyng is one of the shadows I utilize for business purposes. However, outside of Orlando Kyng, I’m a soft, emotional, family-centric, well-read individual with some introverted characteristics,” he explains eloquently.

Orlando likes to separate his online shadow from who he is behind the scenes, believing that mixing the two can lead to confusion and sometimes a false perception of reality. 

Why and When Did You Start Content Creation?

Roughly three years ago, Orlando embarked on his content creation journey, knowing undoubtedly that social media would be interested in what he had to say if presented in the right manner. 

“TikTok and building an online presence is more of a calling to ease the process for my husting, entrepreneurial side. Since I started creating videos, the ultimate objectives have been business related, and developing an audience will pave the way for greater opportunities.” 

Although business and marketing are essential to building the online presence that Orlando currently enjoys, it is not the only motive. 

Orlando explains, “I’ve always been a writer at heart, so the creative process of writing scripts and being well-spoken allows me to do what I love; even if not directly, it keeps the creative spark alive.”

Is there a balance and limit to the controversy?

“There is a motive behind why I articulate myself the way I do. Controversy is often found in the opening or first 5 seconds of what I say, and that’s simply because I use psychology as part of my process; you can call it a hook if you want. 

When I say something online that may seem absurd to the average person, I usually use it to poke at something deeper; it’s never just that one-liner.”

Orlando adds, “Sometimes I just do it to challenge free speech. I’m testing my hypothesis: if an individual is unapologetic and firm in what they say, cancel culture can’t affect them.”

Some of the TikToks, like the “Caneling myself ones,” are simply experiments to test my hypothesis, and they proved me right.” 

How do you come up with your content ideas? 

The creative process for Orlando is simply the initial idea, as nothing he says is scripted or executed through an extensive time frame. 

Orlando believes that dedicating long hours to determine what you’re going to say in a video is a waste of time. Although there are instances where he’d re-edit a video or cut out a specific part of it, he claims that all of it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. 

According to Orlando, the key to a successful video is operating in the zen state and using momentum from other hit videos to create the next. 

He explains his point by comparing the creative process to professional fighting and tells us, “Let’s say that you land a strong flush punch on your opponent; you’re meant to use that momentum and rush of dopamine to land more hits that will result in winning.”

Some of Orlando’s Viral TikToks include: 

The One Unfollower 

The Story Of Fubar 

If You Did These Things You’ve Lost as a Man

Do you fully believe you are uncancelable? 

Orlando Kyng The Medium Value Man On Leveraging Controversy And Being Uncancellable

Orlando has made a few viral videos where he says he’ll cancel himself before platforms try to cancel him, narrating his storires of wild things that may get him canceled in the future

Although he clarified that these videos are a social experiment, we dove deeper into his theory and asked the ultimate question: Do you believe you are uncancelable? 

He responds, “It depends on what getting canceled means. If it means getting banned from a platform, that’s already happened.” 

“If my message is still listened to, and my new accounts grow effortlessly, I’m not canceled, am I? My followers and audience have the larger effect than the platform itself.” 

Why Sell Supplements?

Away from his full-time content creation career, Orlando sells natural supplements to those seeking high-quality alternatives to packaged herbal supplements with additives. 

He runs the business from the comfort of his home and uses his platforms to educate followers about the benefits of not staying chemically free. Orlando tells us, “I always get asked about my hair, beard, clear skin and more, so I decided to share the products that I use, and sell raw products that you can’t buy anywhere else.”

Some of the most popular products sold through Orlando’s online store include Shilajit, Ashwagandha, and Beetroot capsules. 

He claims that all products are sourced from producing countries, and nothing in his store goes through factory processing, giving him a competitive advantage over other products. 

What Advice Do You Have For Aspiring Creators?

Go into content creation with a clear objective. 

Dertiming your purpose will help you navigate your content creation journey. Orlando says, “If you have no purpose, you’ll do anything for the views, and you will be tempted to verge out from your original mission.” 

Have a hook to your video. 

Competing for the limited attention span of billions isn’t easy, as thousands of other creators are pitching something similar. Orlando wraps up our interview by saying, “Every video’s first 3 seconds should be the loudest; without a hook, it will flop.”

The small things 

Additionally, Orlando points out many other elements creators must consider. However, by constantly producing better content, the small things will enhance the presentation and overall viewer experience. 

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