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The Dual Role Angelika Acevedo’s Life As A Mom And Content Creator


The Dual Role: Angelika Acevedo’s Life As A Mom And Content Creator

Meet Angelika, a motherhood lifestyle influencer who navigates the delicate balance between content creation and single motherhood. With candid insights into her journey, she shares the challenges of staying authentic in a competitive influencer landscape while raising her sons. From overcoming brand rejections to championing authenticity, Angelika’s story unfolds as a testament to the power of genuine connection and community in the dynamic world of influencer marketing.

Meet Angelika Acevedo, a motherhood lifestyle influencer who navigates the delicate balance between content creation and single motherhood. With candid insights into her journey, she shares the challenges of staying authentic in a competitive influencer landscape while raising her sons. From overcoming brand rejections to championing authenticity, Angelika’s story unfolds as a testament to the power of genuine connection and community in the dynamic world of influencer marketing.

The Dual Role: Angelika Acevedo’s Life As A Mom And Content Creator

Can you tell us about your background and how you got started as an influencer in the motherhood/lifestyle niche?

Angelika Acevedo, a motherhood lifestyle influencer, delves into her journey’s highs and lows, sharing her struggle to maintain equilibrium between content creation and her role as a mother. With two boys driving her life, she highlights the challenges of being a single mom and creator. “Finding that balance as a creator, as a mom, and a wife—it can get hectic,” she admits.

Time management emerges as a persistent hurdle, blurring the lines between work and personal life. Angelika’s love for her sons shines through her words, even as she discloses that her eldest, an eight-year-old, battles a brain tumor, navigating chemotherapy together. Her influence transcends content, serving as a platform for raising awareness and connecting with others facing similar struggles.

When was the moment you realized that you could be an influencer and monetize your content?

“It hit me unexpectedly,” she recalls. “I was just scrolling through Instagram one day, and it struck me—I wanted to be an influencer.” At the time, Angelika was immersed in a healthcare career, a commitment spanning 12 years. But the allure of sharing her story and supplementing her income became irresistible.

“At first, my main focus was getting my story out there,” she explains. “I never thought it would grow into something more, into the lifestyle I’m living now.” Angelika humbly acknowledges her journey’s progress. 

Her commitment to authenticity sets her apart. “I like to be real with my audience,” she asserts. “I don’t sugarcoat it at all. I say, ‘Hey, this is what’s going on in my life right now. It’s not perfect, but it’s me.'”

Building an engaged audience is crucial for any influencer. What strategies did you use to grow your following, and how did you find your unique voice in a competitive space?

Angelika’s journey in the influencer landscape unveils strategies that have propelled her growth and engagement. “It’s super competitive,” she asserts, acknowledging the industry’s intensity. Her formula for success? Balancing authenticity with sponsored content.

“People want the real deal,” Angelika insists. Her approach intertwines the polished with the imperfect, offering a relatable window into her life. “It doesn’t always have to be perfect,” she stresses, championing the value of showcasing both sides.

This blend, she maintains, fuels growth. “People relate more to influencers who are real,” she states, recognizing the power of authenticity. The engagement follows suit. “Engaging with your followers and growing your account,” Angelika reveals.

In a realm shifting away from gloss and glamour, Angelika’s stance resonates: “They want to see more real people out there.” Her journey stands as a testament to the potency of genuine interaction, a reminder that embracing imperfections can forge the most profound bonds.

As an influencer, you often share personal aspects of your life. How do you strike a balance between authenticity and maintaining privacy?

“Knowing what to share and what not to share is key,” Angelika emphasizes thoughtfully. She carefully selects moments to share, highlighting her personal experiences while safeguarding her privacy. “I share the moments with my son, the moments with myself,” she explains, underscoring her delicate balance.

Time allocation is pivotal. “It’s all about balance,” she reaffirms, discussing her week’s rhythm. “I work throughout the week, prioritizing the boys,” she acknowledges her role as a mother. Content creation fills her weekends, though self-care is equally essential. 

Angelika’s approach resonates with many influencers. “I just try my best,” she admits. The elusive work-life equilibrium is a shared challenge among influencers. “Finding that balance, prioritizing mental health,” she reflects, is a universal pursuit. Amidst deadlines and family commitments, the art of nurturing oneself emerges as a vital skill. 

Creating valuable and relatable content is key to maintaining a loyal audience. How do you stay inspired and consistently deliver content that resonates with your followers?

“Most of the time, I’m just scrolling and looking, and I’m just like, oh wow. This looks really, really cool. Like, let’s try this or let’s try that,” Angelika exclaims.

“But a lot of times, it just pops into my head,” she shares, offering a glimpse into the organic genesis of her ideas. Reflecting on a unique opportunity, she mused, “Yeah, I didn’t follow through with it. I was like, oh, is this real? Like, do people actually do this?” The notion of ghostwriting for another influencer intrigued her, showcasing the multifaceted nature of content creation.

Angelika’s versatility shines as she elaborates, “I don’t like to use the same content corners as what I’d like to call them. Pieces of my house have different little content corners that I like to create content with.” Her proactive approach to diversity is evident – she seeks out props and elements to keep her content dynamic.

Even in video creation, Angelika maintains her innovation: “I also don’t like to do the same thing over and over again.” She adeptly draws inspiration from brand aesthetics and fellow creators’ content to ensure a fresh perspective. Through Angelika’s narrative, the vibrant landscape of digital inspiration unfolds, showcasing the boundless potential of creative endeavors.

The path of an influencer is not always smooth. What were some of the challenges you faced during your career, and how did you overcome them?

“Definitely one thing that I’m still working on… my biggest challenge is, again, time management.”

Another hurdle Angelika mentioned was dealing with brand rejections. She reveals, “When a brand says no, this is something that used to bother me a lot… I was trying to come up; just give me a chance, you know?” Her husband’s advice changed her perspective: “My husband would always remind me, like, all you need is that one ‘yes’ in the room… just go for it.”

Angelika also shared her new outlook: “I do have a different mindset now, with not taking these ‘no’s as… you know, personal… it also happens the other way around.” She stresses the importance of authenticity: “There’s a lot of times where they ask me, and I’m just like, oh no, how does this fit into what I’m trying to do? No, I can’t, I can’t post this, you know?”

As the creator economy continues to evolve, new platforms and trends emerge. How do you stay up-to-date and adapt to changes in the influencer marketing landscape?

“I feel like you have to know your niche,” Angelika affirms, emphasizing the importance of understanding one’s audience and maintaining a consistent style. “If you don’t know your niche and what you’re trying to do… you won’t really get anywhere,” she notes.

With new platforms and trends emerging, Angelika acknowledged the competitive nature of the influencer world. “Lately, in the influencer world, it’s been very competitive… trying to make an income off of it as well,” she admits.

Sharing an example, Angelika recalled a setback from a major brand: “Not that long ago, Zulily had said, you know, the market… not a lot of people are buying. So we can’t really pay you guys to create content anymore.” 

When asked about staying updated with trends, Angelika highlights the role of peer learning. “I feel like influencers learn from each other,” she tells us, highlighting the value of a supportive community. She notes the exchange of knowledge and inspiration among influencers, as they “get inspired by each other” and collaborate to stay on top of trends.

Balancing motherhood and a career as an influencer can be challenging. What advice do you have for other mothers who aspire to build a brand as influencers?

As Angelika reflected on her journey, she offered invaluable advice to aspiring influencers:

“Time management, number one. Number two, grow your brand. Know your niche and the rest will follow. Number three, do not get discouraged when a brand says no. You will have many no’s, but eventually, the yeses will come.”

Angelika’s own path was a testament to these principles. She recalls her early collaborations, both paid and unpaid, that shaped her journey. “One non-paid was probably Osmo. We did Osmo for Easter, I believe,” she says, reflecting on a significant collaboration that marked her growth. She mentioned another milestone: “My first paid big collaboration would probably be BJ’s. It was a toy collaboration for Christmas. We had to go in-store and take the photos. This was during COVID too.”

Despite the challenges, Angelika’s determination and dedication shone through. She had embarked on her influencer journey during the pandemic, navigating both industry nuances and the restrictions imposed by the global situation. Even before COVID, she had engaged with brands such as Dormy and Pillow Pads, building the foundation of her journey.

The digital world is constantly evolving, and audience preferences change rapidly. How do you foresee influencer marketing evolving in the coming years, and how do you plan to adapt to these changes?

Angelika reflects on the dynamic nature of influencer marketing and shares her strategies for staying relevant in the ever-evolving landscape.

“Influencer marketing will always be there,” Angelika asserts, highlighting the enduring appeal of micro-influencers who cultivate tight-knit audiences. She acknowledges the potential challenges ahead, particularly the pressure to maintain a consistent stream of content creation.

Angelika’s vision involves community collaboration during slower periods. “Our community comes in, and they’re like, ‘Reach out to this person, reach out to that person,’ in hopes of creating content and making income,” she reveals.

With optimism, Angelika embraces the future while recognizing the growing competition. “Will they get harder? Most likely, because not a lot of people are purchasing things,” she observes.

As an influencer, you have the power to influence opinions and behavior. How do you ensure that your content aligns with your values and positively impacts your audience?

Striking a balance is crucial for Angelika. She explains, “I always like to keep it where it’s not going to a point where it’s inappropriate, but it stays on the lines of okay, this is what you’re promoting, this is what you’re doing.” 

Monitoring content and interactions is pivotal, as she keeps an eye on who engages with her posts and follows her. “If it’s in a direction I don’t want, I’ll automatically be like, I’m feeling like I need to outweigh what I’m going to post,” she shares.

Even when promoting products like bras and swimwear, Angelika’s authenticity shines through. “I don’t want my page to go in a direction that is not authentic to me,” she asserts. Her focus is on maintaining a real, family-oriented, and lifestyle-focused page. Striving for this balance involves a keen awareness of body language and presentation in her content, a process she acknowledges can be challenging. Yet, it’s this commitment to authenticity that sets Angelika apart and fosters a strong connection with her audience.

In the influencer world, metrics and analytics are essential for measuring success. What key performance indicators (KPIs) do you focus on, and how do you use data to improve your content and collaborations?

When it comes to key performance indicators (KPIs), Angelika’s philosophy is rooted in passion. “If I’m passionate about what I’m promoting and I love it, I’m gonna do it regardless,” she explains. While Instagram offers insights, she emphasizes the importance of following her instincts and the audience’s response.

“I adapt my content using the information Instagram provides,” Angelika confirms, sharing how she seizes opportunities based on engagement. A recent success story involves partnering with a lingerie brand specializing in bras for women with larger busts. “My audience is liking that, and I get really, really good engagement off of it,” she notes.

Lastly, what are your long-term goals as an influencer, and what legacy do you hope to leave within the influencer and creator community?

Angelika’s influence reaches beyond content creation, encompassing a heartfelt desire to guide and uplift fellow creators. Her long-term aspirations extend far beyond personal success.

As an influencer, Angelika is committed to more than just promoting products. She sees herself as a mentor within the creator community, stating, “I’m here, my inbox is open, and I’m always willing to help.” Her goal is to foster an atmosphere of collaboration and support where aspiring influencers can find guidance and camaraderie. “I would like my audience to know that we can all win together. It doesn’t always have to be a competition. I’m not about that at all,” she emphasizes.

Angelika envisions a future where influencers unite rather than compete, where they pool their knowledge and experiences for mutual growth. Her legacy aims to be one of generosity and community, a testament to the power of lifting each other up in an often competitive space.

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