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Riding The Cryptocurrency Wave An Exclusive Interview With Blondy Chain, The Influencer Empowering Financial Freedom


An Exclusive Interview With Blondy Chain: Riding The Cryptocurrency Wave, The Influencer Empowering Financial Freedom

In this fast-paced era, digital assets and burgeoning blockchain technologies have become the center of fascination.

Numerous emerging creatives have not only explored and mastered the earning potential of these mediums but have also helped others navigate this disparate landscape.

One of these prominent figures is Blondy Chain – an influencer who has gained a considerable following due to her extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Her YouTube channel “WOMAN in Crypto” boasts an impressive 303,000 subscribers, while her Instagram presence has 13,900 followers.

Explore her inspiring odyssey as a crypto blogger and influencer through her narrative.

Disclaimer – This interview with Blondy Chain took place on August 4, 2023.

#Emergence of Blondy Chain

“Blondy Chain” on YouTube came about as a natural evolution of her innate desire and will to educate people and share her vast expertise with them.

Her YouTube channel flourished during her stay in Bali, as she delved deeply into digital assets and the intricacies of token sales.

Sharing such insightful knowledge led to an influx of requests from curious people, eventually prompting her to recognize the potential and seize the opportunity to inform and inspire.

She shares,

“I started getting into crypto myself when I moved to Bali, and at that time, there was a big crypto community there.

I learned about token sales and how you could earn from them, so I decided to give it a try while also sharing with a small circle on social media.

As more and more people began messaging me privately with questions about how I participate in IDOs, how I succeed in token sales and similar topics, I decided it would be easier to create a Telegram channel and answer publicly for everyone.

Creating a YouTube channel seemed like the perfect way to reach an audience and help people better understand the world of investing and personal finance.

Just a week later, I was already filming videos. The initial videos were primarily educational.

“I was teaching you and learning alongside you!”

Blondy’s foray into the world of finance was both accidental and unconventional, yet an improvised endeavor.

She initially found success in an unexpected YouTube niche: a Russian-language coffee network channel, so she knew the tricks of the influencer trade.

 Blondy shares,

“When the idea to create a channel about crypto came to me, I already had experience in the world of YouTube channels.

I had a coffee network channel with over 12,000 subscribers, which is quite significant for a Russian-speaking coffee-related channel.

So, I thought, why not?”

Blondy’s successes and triumphs in the: ‘Russian-language coffee network channel’ along with her abilities to actively engage in online communities gave her the confidence to explore the volatile world of cryptocurrency.

Nurturing Creativity; From Inspiration to Unveiling the Uniqueness

Blondy Chain’s personality is appreciative and characterized by her ability to be inspired by everyday events in the field of cryptocurrency, as well as her openness to feedback from the audience.

She says,

“Ideas for videos often come from everyday life and current events in the crypto world. 

I also listen to feedback from my audience and strive to create content that is most interesting and useful for viewers.” 

To be successful in the global influencer industry, influencers, and content creators must be responsive to the input of their audience, which often serves as a guide for their path.

Being responsive to audience requests not only fosters a sense of connection but also provides relevance and meaning.

Blondy’s channel provides the foundation for educational content, seamlessly bridging complex concepts with content that is easy for beginners to understand.

Building on this, we asked Blondy-

“What do you think sets your channel apart from other finance channels on YouTube?”

She replied-

“My channel “BlondyChain” aims to combine serious professional topics with the ease and accessibility of instructions for the most basic things for beginners.

I strive to make complex concepts understandable to everyone and provide practical advice that people can use in their daily lives.

Of course, what also sets me apart is that I’m a bright and beautiful blonde, and women in the crypto world are quite rare!”

These are some really valuable insights for influencers looking to gain a foothold in the digital arena.

A perfect balance between professionalism and relatability is a differentiator that sets them apart from the multitude of channels in the digital space.  

Art of Amplified Visibility and Engagement

Blondy stresses the importance of using social media platforms to actively participate in discussions and keep abreast of prevailing trends.

In this highly competitive digital landscape, the most important thing is to stand out and be visible.

It is crucial for influencers to engage their viewers through constant dialogue.

We asked Blondy-

“Have you tried any strategies to increase the visibility of your videos or attract new viewers?”

She reflects,

“Yes, I use a variety of strategies and tips to make my videos more visible for search queries.

It starts from having the right video title, preview, engaging dialogue, relevance of the topic, and extends to interacting with the audience through social media and active participation in discussions.”

Her approach serves as a prime example of cultivating a strong and genuine bond, fostering a loyal community with the viewers.

She shares and emphasizes the value of connection-

“I regularly respond to comments and questions from viewers under the videos.

I also engage with their opinions, issues, and ideas on various social platforms.

Many people message me privately, and I help them with various questions.” 

Challenges faced as a Finance YouTuber

The influencer industry is not an easy way to make a good amount of money.

As the number of influencers increases vying for recognition, it’s crucial to understand and appreciate the significance of providing high-quality, truly exceptional content to its viewers.

Also, it requires skillfully juggling the harmony between maintaining consistency and ensuring quality content.

Blondy’s ability to navigate these hurdles underscores her commitment and sets her apart from other financial YouTubers.

We asked Blondy-

“What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a finance YouTuber, and how have you overcome them?” 

She replied,

“One of the major challenges is striking a balance between delivering quality content and continually working on the channel.

In the first year, I was releasing videos every day, and it was quite exhausting. 

Now I aim to maintain a steady output of videos without compromising their quality.

Another significant challenge has been the volatility of the crypto world. 

One day, a topic can be at the peak of popularity, and the next day, it’s forgotten.”

Advice for Aspiring Creators

Blondy presents sage advice and guidance for those who want to venture into the world of financial content creation on YouTube.

She shares,

“The key is, to be honest, authentic, and focused on helping your audience. 

Have a clear understanding of your target audience and create content that genuinely solves their problems and answers their questions.”

Her words put great emphasis on an audience-centric approach with utmost authenticity and honesty in the content.

Social Media and Finance

Blondy Chain’s success in the crypto world opens many new doors for its creators.

It’s not just cosmetics, dance moves, or women’s clothing that influencers should target.

Business, technology, and other fields are largely unexplored and offer great potential.

According to a report published by TIAA, one-third of new investors rely on social media to make financial decisions.

Although creating content in these areas can be challenging and requires a lot of understanding and technical analysis of the market, you can still give it a try because there is little or no competition and a large ROI in these areas.

After all, Blondy has made a big name for himself in the financial world, which is mostly dominated by male gurus and financial experts with degrees from Harvard and Oxford!

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Last words of the interview

Blondy anticipates a path of perpetual growth and triumph for her channel. 

Our interview with her concluded with this question, “What are your plans for the future of your channel and how do you see your channel evolving in the next few years?”

She shared,

“I hope to expand my audience and continue diversifying the topics in my videos.

I also plan to conduct more interactive events and engage with the audience to create an even more active and involved community.”

Blondy is undoubtedly riding the cryptocurrency wave and imprinting an enduring mark on the financial landscape, with a future full of promises  

We hope that her sheer commitment to enlightenment and empowerment leads her channel to even greater success.

For those who truly appreciate her priceless insights, check out her YouTube channel, Instagram, and Twitter.

Connect with her on any of her social media platforms.

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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