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All About the Oh Polly Influencer Program (1)


All About the Oh Polly Influencer Program

Promoting a brand’s products can be a lucrative gig, especially when you already have a genuine passion for the product and company. Interested in representing Oh Polly? Here is everything you need to know about becoming an Oh Polly influencer.

It’s a dream come true for many influencers when they are able to promote a brand they love and get paid for it. Oh Polly is a popular fashion retailer that many would love to promote. If you fall in this category, keep reading to learn all about the Oh Polly Influencer Program. 

All About the Oh Polly Influencer Program

About Oh Polly

Oh Polly is a rapidly growing, international, pure-play women’s fashion brand with employees in the United Kingdom and many more worldwide. This company prides itself on making statement clothing that is sure to get you noticed, whether you’re walking the streets or attending a big party. Another significant selling point of Oh Polly is that they are one of few UK brands that design and produce their own garments. 

Oh Polly is also a charitable brand that supports The Brannerson Foundation, a Cambodia-based charity. Each month, Oh Polly gives The Brannerson Foundation a portion of their profits to support a large number of children living in one of the poorest areas in the world. 

Who are the Oh Polly influencers, and what do they do?

Little is known about Oh Polly influencers because there is no specific application process to become an Oh Polly influencer. Oh Polly scouts their own influencers on social media by regularly looking at posts of Oh Polly clothing and styles tagged @ohpolly. 

Oh Polly doesn’t typically promote influencers on their social media accounts. However, the influencers that promote their products are typically passionate about the product and their accounts feature many posts showcasing the new Oh Polly collections, fashion inspiration, and unboxings. 

What are the Oh Polly influencer requirements?

Unlike other brands’ influencer programs, the Oh Polly Influencer Program doesn’t have a specific application process, nor do they respond to emails and direct messages on social media from influencers interested in promoting the brand. 

Oh Polly’s website states, “We operate a fixed collaboration budget month to month, which means we only take on a small number of up-and-coming influencers. If you wish to be considered for our collaboration program, please tag @ohpolly in any images wearing Oh Polly.”

This brand regularly scouts Instagram for new talent, so persistently tagging Oh Polly on Instagram and other social media platforms is your best bet to be considered for their influencer program. 

Some sources also state that participating in Oh Polly’s regular giveaways and contests is another way to get your name and photos in front of the brand to be considered for collaborations. For example, Oh Polly hosted a contest in 2019 explicitly looking for influencers interested in becoming brand ambassadors. If you’re interested in becoming an Oh Polly influencer, we recommend not only tagging the brand in any content you post with their products but also following them on their social media accounts for news about contests. 

How to promote Oh Polly products as an influencer and make money

Once scouted by Oh Polly, they may ask an influencer to collaborate on a specific campaign, which may offer paid opportunities, gifted opportunities, and more. There doesn’t appear to be any limit as to how an influencer can share Oh Polly products. 

How to promote Oh Polly products: 

  • Frequently promote Oh Polly products on all of your social media accounts, particularly new releases or any gifted releases you receive. Depending on the collaboration, your contract with the company may outline specific posts, timing, and items to include in your content. 
  • Use video content to its fullest potential. Video content is known for being far more effective than other types of content for sales conversion. Use video content on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to show off Oh Polly hauls, outfit inspiration, and how to style their clothing. 
  • Keep your content honest and relatable. Nobody wants to feel like they are being sold something. Inject your personality and honest opinions on the products into your content. Dedicated content is one way to showcase Oh Polly products, but including links or tags for the brand in your day-to-day content when you’re wearing their products is another good way to showcase the product to your audience. 

How Influencers Promote Oh Polly on Tik Tok


  • Natalia of nvnclv, showcases a beautiful, sparkling dress she was gifted by Oh Polly. In her TikToks, she shows detailed unboxings and outfit inspiration. 
@nvnciv @ohpolly sent me the most stunning dress 🥹🤩 wait for try on🫶🏻 #ohpolly #gifted #tiktokfashion #pinkdress #dress #outfitinspo #eveningdress #fy #fyp #london #warsaw #warszawa #poland ♬ La belle vie – Sacha Distel


  • Unlike many TikTokers, Ronny of ronhiree shows off clothing in a slow, deliberate way, posing for the camera and emphasizing the details of the clothing. Her video features a runway model-style walk and pose. 
@ronhiree This dress✨#ohpollydress #corsetdress #fyp #mostviralvideo ♬ original sound – &lt3


  • Crystal’s TikTok showcasing a try-on haul of Oh Polly outfits received over 600,000 hearts and a top comment from the brand itself. 
@crystalzinzi obsessed @Oh Polly ♬ original sound – Sara ✨

How Influencers Promote Oh Polly on Instagram


  • Sophia is a lifestyle, self-care, and fashion content creator sharing beautiful photos of her life. She shares Oh Polly fashion pieces in stunning, editorial-style pictures like the one below. 


  • Amber is a fashion model posting beautiful photos of herself styling and posing in different outfits. Many outfits on her account are tagged @ohpolly, giving her more exposure to the brand. 


  • Swetha M, or _swetham, has an Instagram and TikTok where she shares fashion and lifestyle content, including a variety of stunning images showcasing Oh Polly fashion. 

How Influencers Promote Oh Polly on Youtube

Sea of Blush

  • Diana shares a honest review and try on of Oh Polly and whether or not the brand is worth the price. Her engaging video comes across as a friend telling another friend their genuine thoughts on the product and provides information on every aspect of purchasing Oh Polly clothing. 

Fanta C

  • Fanta’s video features a try-on haul of the Ekin Su X Oh Polly collection, allowing her video to stand out to audiences specifically looking for information about this collection. Her video also includes images of models wearing the clothing so the audience can get a sense of what the clothing would look like on different individuals. 

Lifestyle of Katie

  • Katie’s try-on haul puts the Oh Polly Artizan collection to the test. Her video is specific and shares information about both the collection and great party season styles. 


While there isn’t a specific Oh Polly brand ambassador application, you can improve your chances of collaborating with the brand by tagging them frequently with your posts and sharing their products with your audience. 

All About the Oh Polly Influencer Program

If you’re interested in becoming an Oh Polly influencer, consistently post Oh Polly content and tag them. Focus on making the best content you can to improve you chances of the algorithm picking it up, improving engagement, and helping the brand notice you. If you see any contests or giveaways, always take the time to enter them to get your name in front of the brand. Continue to read up on the brand as much as possible to improve your chances of becoming an Oh Polly influencer.   

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