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All About the PrettyLittleThing Influencer Program


PrettyLittleThing Influencer Program: Everything You Need To Know

PrettyLittleThing sells aesthetic, trendy clothes and promotes a movement toward equality and body positivity. As a result, they are widely recognized on social media and by many influencers, which led to the creation of their PrettyLittleThing Influencer Program.

Interested in increasing your income streams and expanding your influencer career? The PrettyLittleThing Influencer Program is a great way to promote products you love while earning a generous commission. 

Company Background

In March 2012, PrettyLittleThing launched its website with 20 products. By 2016, they had opened several showrooms and a new Australian website. 

All About the PrettyLittleThing Influencer Program

PrettyLittleThing’s brand aesthetic is killer looks that are accessible to all. To accomplish this, they offer many budget-friendly, trendy pieces, and in 2017, they launched PLT plus for women sizes 18 to 30. They’ve also expanded recently to include recycled fashion collections, beauty products, and homeware goods. 

All About the PrettyLittleThing Influencer Program

Who are the PrettyLittleThing influencers, and what do they do?

PrettyLittleThing promotes body positivity, equality, and feeling great about yourself regardless of race, gender, or body type. As a result, the influencers they work with vary dramatically in their look, follower count, style, and content creation preferences. The PLT influencers promote the brand by sharing the hottest trends, products, and exclusive offers on their social media platforms. 

All About the PrettyLittleThing Influencer Program

The top PrettyLittleThing influencers are their Girl Gang, a group of mega influencers spreading PrettyLittleThing’s work internationally. Lala Anthony, Martha, Gemma Owen, and Jayda Cheaves are a few of the Girl Gang members who have coveted features on the PrettyLittleThing website and social media. 

What are the PrettyLittleThing influencer requirements?

Interested in joining the PrettyLittleThing brand ambassador program? Follow these steps to apply: 

  • Join the affiliate program on PrettyLittleThing’s partner network Awin (see links below). 
  • Set up affiliate links. 
  • Drive traffic to the PrettyLittleThing website by promoting products on your social media. 

The Awin links: 






After you apply to this influencer program, they will run a check on your website/blog and social media accounts before you are approved for the program. Afterward, you can immediately start benefiting from the many perks offered. 

The perks to joining The PrettyLittleThings influencer program: 

  • Receive up to 10% commission on every sale you generate with your affiliate links
  • Provided with fresh and exciting banners
  • Opportunities to run exclusive offers and partnerships with PrettyLittleThing
  • Tracks your results to help you optimize your activity and revenue
  • Frequently updated product feeds with many new, trending styles
  • Cookie length of 30 days
  • Regular information on the newest products, latest trends, and exclusive offers

How to promote PrettyLittleThing products as an influencer and make money

PrettyLittleThing influencers can promote the company’s products through many channels, but many opt to showcase their products on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. 

Increase your reach as a PrettyLittleThing brand ambassador with these tips: 

  • Always keep your content relatable and honest. A creator’s influence won’t thrive if their recommendations aren’t sincere. Many successful brand ambassadors show off PLT clothing and talk about it like they’re your best friend sitting across from you. A relatable, girl-talk approach paired with PLT hashtags is a common and successful approach. 
  • Feature seasonal content and new releases. New releases or seasonal content, such as Christmas dresses or Black Friday sales, will always generate more views than a generic try-on haul or review video. As a brand ambassador for PLT, you’ll get exclusive information on their newest products and trends. Use this information to your advantage  
  • Create content with a specific purpose. Is your PLT haul meant to give outfit inspiration, a review on whether the clothing fits a petite body type well, or how to create luxurious outfits on a budget? Curate your content so that viewers know exactly what the goal of your hauls, try-ons, and reviews are, and make this evident in your titles, thumbnails, and hashtags. For example, you could post “PLT Black Friday Sale Try-On Haul for Petite Gals.” 

How Influencers Promote PrettyLittleThing on Tik Tok


  • Chyna shares fashion and lifestyle content on her TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube platforms. On TikTok, she shares PrettyLittleThing hauls, including this sponsored giveaway and try-on haul, with entertaining commentary, music, and styling advice. 
@chynasolder AD| Make sure to enter the giveaway!! follow me & @prettylittlething , then comment a 💎 on one of their tiktoks. #pltpinkfriday #prettylittlething #plt #plthaul #tiktok #fyp #fashion #prettylittlethinghaul #fashion ♬ original sound – Chyna Solder


  • Ms.Mikal is a fashion content creator who frequently shares PrettyLittleThing try-on hauls. Her videos have a soft, elegant style and frequently engage her audience by asking them to share which outfit is their favorite in the comment section. 
@ms.mikal Which one is your favourite 🙋🏽‍♀️👀 #prettylittlething #plthaul #pltstyle ♬ I Want U – Genshin


  • Eilidh’s TikToks are high-energy, great for outfit inspiration, and paired with fun music. In this TikTok, she features a beautiful Christmas party dress from PrettyLittleThing with a trending sound.  
@xeilidhsummers Went from Christmas party dresses to a playsuit 😍🖤 love this so much from @prettylittlething ✨ #christmaspartyoutfit #fyp #outfitinspo #PLT ♬ original sound – .

How Influencers Promote PrettyLittleThing on Instagram


  • Annie is a popular English PrettyLittleThing brand ambassador. She is known for her beachy photos and frequently shows off trendy PrettyLittleThing swimwear, bodysuits, and party dresses. 


  • London content creator Antonia Jade is a plus-size model who promotes the PrettyLittleThing brand by showcasing their beauty products in regular morning skincare routine content. She is also frequently sponsored by the company and posts stunning photos of herself in trendy PLT pieces. 


  • Rachel is a UK fashion content creator and blogger sharing outfit inspiration and get ready with me content on her Instagram. She is a PLT brand ambassador, content creator, and model with an eye-catching, luxurious style. 

How Influencers Promote PrettyLittleThing on Youtube

Jordan Lipscombe

  • Jordan’s audience loves watching her for her unique styling tips and chill set-up. Her content is honest and relatable, making her feel more like a friend clueing you in on whether or not a product is actually worth it. 

Molique Juante’

  • Molique is a fashion YouTuber creating snappy, honest content. Her try-on hauls put products to the test in her “KEEP or RETURN” series. She also specifically creates fashion content for tall girls and comments on whether fashion pieces fit tall girls well.  

Britney De Villiers

  • Britney’s audience praise her humor, fiery outfits, and fashion sense. Britney is a 22-year-old law school graduate, content creator, and model known for her large try-on hauls, vlogs, and get-ready-with-me content. Her PrettyLittleThing hauls frequently showcase huge sales, like Black Friday, or new collections, making her content trendy, seasonal, and always relevant. 


PrettyLittleThing is a widely successful brand, and its brand ambassadors and influencers help them reach greater audiences. If you’re a fan of this brand, their influencer program offers a generous commission, which allows you to enjoy their clothing and generate another income source. 

If you’re interested in the PrettyLittleThing Influencer program, read other blog posts for more information and learn more about the program on their brand ambassador page. 

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