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Missy Chanpaibool An Influencer's Tale


Missy Chanpaibool: An Influencer’s Tale

When Missy Chanpaibool started posting humorous videos on TikTok in 2020, she was just looking to have fun. However, her relatable content quickly resonated, earning her over 476k followers to date. Recalling her first viral video making fun of pregnancy announcements, Missy realized she could connect with a wide audience.

Initially chasing trends, Missy evolved into creating original comedic content like history sketches. This helped establish herself beyond a one-hit wonder known solely for that first viral pregnancy video. Overcoming that initial association and people’s expectations proved challenging but consistency and creativity helped broaden her identity.

Missy Chanpaibool: An Influencer's Tale

“I think TikTok is a great start for most people”, Missy begins. “TikTok wasn’t very professional. It was a lot more mature,” she says, highlighting the unique environment TikTok offered, where spontaneity and originality were more valued than high production quality.

The decision to choose TikTok over other platforms was also influenced by the practical aspects of content creation. Missy points out, “There’s not a lot of people filming on their phones. It’s a lot easier to make content for it.”  Missy believes that this ease of content creation, combined with the platform’s relatively recent emergence, leveled the playing field for new creators. In contrast, she believes that platforms like YouTube and Instagram presented a more challenging landscape where competition with established influencers was intense, “YouTube and Instagram I think have been around for a lot longer. So you’re competing with so many influencers at the time”. 

Missy is part of HypeFactory’s diverse roster of influencers and brings her distinct flair and innovative approach to the fore. Her experiences and insights, shared in this article, are not just reflective of her journey but also underscore the role that HypeFactory plays in nurturing and showcasing such dynamic digital talent.

Missy’s TikTok Content Evolution

“I think my content has evolved a lot”, Missy explains, “I initially started trying to make very short videos and trying to stay on top of trends”. However, her perspective shifted as she immersed herself deeper into the realm of content creation. She realized that to distinguish herself from being just another trend follower, she needed to infuse her work with originality. “What makes you a real content creator, other than just making videos that are trending, is coming up with original ideas,” she says. 

Missy’s foray into original content wasn’t just about breaking away from trends. It was a journey of experimentation, exploring various themes and styles to see what resonated most with her audience and herself. This phase led her to an unexpected niche: history comedy. “I made one video one time about history and people really liked it”, she recalls. The positive response encouraged her to delve deeper into this genre, blending educational content with humor, “I just kept doing it”, she concludes. 

Missy Chanpaibool: An Influencer's Tale

Navigating the Challenges of Viral Fame: Missy Chanpaibool’s TikTok Odyssey

“Once you go viral for something, people kind of know you for that, and it’s very hard to move away from that,” Missy shares. The struggle to break free from this mold and establish a broader identity was a daunting task. Every attempt to diversify her content seemed to fall short of the mark initially, posing a significant challenge to her creative aspirations.

Missy’s initial viral success came from her humorous take on pregnancy announcements, a niche that quickly defined her in the eyes of her audience. “That was the only thing that would get views,” she recalls. The key to overcoming this challenge, as Missy found, was a blend of consistency and creative experimentation. “It takes a lot of consistency, a lot of just trying to put out different creative stuff,” she explains. “I think that was the hardest part, trying to come up with new ideas to get over what people initially knew me for,” she reflects. This persistence was crucial in gradually shifting the audience’s perception of her as a one-dimensional creator to recognizing her as a versatile content creator.

Balancing Authenticity and Commercial Engagement

“I try really hard to make content that is relatable,” Missy begins, highlighting her primary focus on maintaining a connection with her audience. 

Missy’s strategy involves seamlessly incorporating products into her content. She discusses the importance of demonstrating products in a way that feels organic and true to her daily life, “Showing people how to use certain things or, if it’s a piece of clothing, for example, wearing it and talking about how much I like it,” she explains. 

Missy acknowledges that not every product she showcases may suit everyone, providing an honest perspective. “Maybe this isn’t the right product for you, but for people that are like me. And I really like it and I think that it might work for you,” she says, illustrating her approach to influencer marketing. She seeks to present herself as someone her audience can relate to, rather than as an unrelatable, ad-driven entity. “Just coming off as a person instead of a robot that’s trying to push something to people,” she states, capturing the essence of her strategy.

Missy believes that the most successful partnerships are those where brands trust the influencers’ creative freedom. “The brands allow me as the influencer to make content the way I want to,” Missy states. She advocates for a future where brands are more flexible, allowing creators to tailor content that genuinely appeals to their audience. “I hope that brands will allow creators to make content for their audience because they know better than anyone about their audience,” she elaborates.

Missy’s Guide for Aspiring TikTok Creators

“Just post, just do it”, Missy begins. She recognizes that fear and uncertainty often hold people back from sharing their content. “A lot of people are scared. They’re scared of like, ‘I don’t know what to do’. ‘I don’t know if people are gonna like it’,” she acknowledges. But Missy emphasizes that the key is to start somewhere, regardless of these doubts.

“Let your experience guide you where to go,” Missy suggests. The process of finding one’s niche on TikTok is often a result of trial and error. She encourages newcomers to explore and experiment with different types of content. “Seeing what people like” is a crucial part of this journey. 

Addressing a common concern among new creators, Missy reassures that the TikTok community can be more supportive than anticipated. “People are a lot nicer than you think,” she assures. She shares her own experience with initial apprehensions about negative feedback and emphasizes the importance of pushing past these fears. “My first videos were very bad. But you just put yourself out there,” she advises.

Missy on the Rise of Long-Form Content on TikTok

“I think longer-form stuff is probably going to be a lot more popular,” Missy anticipates. This trend reflects a growing appetite among TikTok users for more substantial, in-depth content, moving away from the traditional brief clips that have characterized the platform.

Missy also envisions a TikTok where users engage with extended segments of content, whether through longer videos uploaded directly or through multipart series. She notes, “People are watching clips, like 20 parts of a 40-minute show on TikTok.” Missy believes this shift indicates an evolving user behavior, seeking more comprehensive storytelling and detailed content on the platform.

Missy sees TikTok evolving into a launchpad for creating trends and engaging audiences in longer narratives or deeper brand experiences. “Using TikTok as an engine to get people to watch something longer or to invest in something longer is definitely going to be a huge trend,” she states.

In response to these emerging trends, Missy plans to adapt her content strategy to align with the preference for longer videos. “I think I’ll start to make a little bit longer stuff,” she mentions, indicating her readiness to evolve with the platform’s changing dynamics. She also aims to infuse her content with more personal elements. “Showing my personality more on TikTok,” she says, highlighting a desire to move beyond playing characters to sharing more genuine aspects of her life and routine.

Engaging Gen Z: Authenticity, Self-Reflection, and Interactive Engagement

“Gen Z grew up with the internet in their lives,” Missy begins, pointing out that Gen Z’s constant exposure to digital content has honed their ability to quickly discern authenticity. For content creators, this means that being genuine and relatable is crucial. Missy emphasizes the value of showing real-life struggles and not just the highlights, “Showing pros and cons to things, showing that you struggle with things, rather than just showing the highlights of your life.”

Feedback from the Gen Z audience plays a significant role in shaping Missy’s content. She actively goes through comments, noting that Gen Z enjoys making humorous remarks. Responding to these comments and even creating content based on their suggestions fosters a sense of involvement and investment among her audience. “It makes people a lot more likely to invest in you because they feel like they have a say or they feel like they’re more impactful,” she explains. This interactive engagement strategy strengthens the bond between creator and audience, making the content more relatable and enjoyable for Gen Z.

Missy also emphasizes the importance of adapting content based on audience feedback, explaining that she often finds inspiration for new videos in the comments section of her viral posts. “Whenever I have a viral video, someone will leave any comments, and I’ll look through the comments,” she says. 

Cecilia Carloni, Interview Manager at Influence Weekly and writer for NetInfluencer. Coming from beautiful Argentina, Ceci has spent years chatting with big names in the influencer world, making friends and learning insider info along the way. When she’s not deep in interviews or writing, she's enjoying life with her two daughters. Ceci’s stories give a peek behind the curtain of influencer life, sharing the real and interesting tales from her many conversations with movers and shakers in the space.

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