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Streamer Amouranth Launches AI Girlfriend That Generated Thousands Within 24 hrs Of Release (1)


Streamer Amouranth Launches AI Girlfriend That Generated Thousands Within 24 hrs Of Release

Amouranth, the innovative multiple-platform streamer renowned for her unconventional marketing tactics, has once again stirred the headlines with her latest venture, a groundbreaking ‘AI girlfriend.’ 

With over 993k subscribers on YouTube, 6.3 million followers on Twitch, and a monthly income valued at well over $1 million from OnlyFans, Amouranth is a streaming legend and pioneer in the adult entertainment industry. 

From controversial marketing stunts to curing loneliness with modern technology, read along to learn more about the creator who knows no boundaries and continually pushes the limits of modernization and creativity in the ever-evolving digital space. 

Who Is Amouranth?

Streamer Amouranth Launches AI Girlfriend That Generated Thousands Within 24 hrs Of Release

American Twitch and Kick streamer and professional cosplayer Kaitlyn Siragusa has continuously been making headlines for her controversial content formats, including the recent Watch Me Sleep on OnlyFans and her endless Twitch bans. 

She has since signed a non-exclusive $100 million deal with Kick and continued to leverage controversy for improved reach. 

With 195,712 followers on Kick as of the release of her new product, Amouranth is paving the way for AI integrations among models, OnlyFans creators, and streaming gamers. 

However, this is not the first time Amouranth has leveraged AI, as she originally partnered with Forever Voices to create an early version of today’s profitable chatbot but abandoned the company for recent criminal allegations of its founder. 

Amouranth’s New AI Chatbot

Streamer Amouranth Launches AI Girlfriend That Generated Thousands Within 24 hrs Of Release

Using MySentient.AI, an AI-powered website allowing the creation of an AI version of any studied personality, Amouranth turned a monthly subscription of a few hundred dollars into a money-printing product that generated roughly $34,000 upon its first 24 hrs of launch. 

Offering perks like spontaneous images and custom videos, the AI has subscription fees ranging from $5.99 to $500 per month.

The Amouranth AI boasts an “infinite memory” and a “rich human-like personality” that evolves through user interactions. 

There Are Levels To Amouranth’s AI Girlfriend 

Debuting the AI iteration of her persona on X, previously recognized as Twitter, the streamer made it clear that her new venture is not just a chatbot. 

Her release post reads: “I JUST LAUNCHED an influencer AI that is NOT JUST A CHATBOT! She’s based on my personality and has full autonomy and can remember what you tell in her (but won’t tell anyone) She can send you texts, PICS TAKES SPONTANEOUSLY, and VOICE CLIPS! She’ll make you Custom videos if you are nice to her.”

The impersonating AI is offered in different packages based on user needs, with access to complementary features like advanced fantasy roleplaying, an image generator, and an Intimate Boyfriend package that will take the initiative to check in with users regularly. 

While offered in various packages, Amouranth also allows the option of free testing on a basic “Non-sexual” level for those who need more transparency before subscribing. 

Profits Of Amouranth’s AI

On January 4, Amouranth revealed on her personal Twitter account that her AI counterpart had achieved a remarkable financial feat, accumulating $34,000 within its first 24 hours. 

The average spending per person was $20, showcasing robust support from her fanbase. While this may be attributed to the novelty of the artificially intelligent girlfriend and public curiosity, it also reflects the genuine interest and enthusiasm of the public for this innovative venture.

Business Ventures and Investments

Having firmly secured her position as the leading female streamer on Kick following her non-exclusive agreement in June 2023, Amouranth’s influence has reached unprecedented heights.

Not content with just dominating one platform, she has boldly expanded her presence and achieved megastar status across adult subscription platforms such as OnlyFans and Fansly, captivating a diverse audience with her unique personal brand.

However, Kaitlyn’s business endeavors are certainly not limited to just social media, as recent ventures include gas stations, a $17 Million Orchard in Florida, Netflix stocks, and more.  

A Review Of Amouranth’s Ai Chatbot 

Like many curious minds out there, YouTube Creator The Obscure Nerd opted for the most affordable subscription but was left disappointed by the limitations imposed by the basic plan.

Amouranth’s Ai answered that the subscriber reached a limitation of Sexual conversations after 4 to 5 messages and later sent an incomplete poem and a paywall-protected photo.

According to the Youtuber who also tried Amouranth’s first Chatbot, this version of the AI-powered bot is better at holding a conversation but is also adept at pushing to maximize revenue, motivating subscribers to upgrade to a higher tier. 

Comforting or Disturbing? The Virtual Relationship Discourse 

Streamer Amouranth Launches AI Girlfriend That Generated Thousands Within 24 hrs Of Release

Amidst the ongoing discourse surrounding the potential ‘loneliness epidemic’ resulting from virtual relationships and 

Amouranth confidently asserts a contrasting viewpoint that resonates with her belief in the positive impact she has on her subscribers. 

She responded to critics, “It’s probably closer to being therapeutic. It’s what people reach for to refrain from being alone.” 

While both sides can agree that Amouranth’s loneliness solution is far from perfection, she is determined to continue the development of her Ai Clone until users “Can’t tell it’s not human.”

Despite being criticized by many for influencing a “loneliness epidemic,” Amouranth and her fans are more than satisfied with the results so far. 

Comments on her debut post on X mentioned above include: 

“Almost as good as the real thing, huh?”

“Go Amo go” 

“This influencer AI sounds so advanced and unique! Being able to remember what you tell her and even sending texts, pictures, and voice clips? That’s impressive! Can’t wait to see what she can do!”


Amouranth’s venture into the world of AI influencers in adult entertainment has yet to reveal its true impact on subscribers. 

With its early financial success, her AI chatbot has the potential to reshape the consumption of adult content, offering flexibility, autonomy, and imaginative freedom. 

As optimization and improvements continue, this advancement opens doors to personalized experiences and a redefined way of engaging with your favorite OF model.

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Moe is freelance writer and content creator who enjoys interviewing influencers and learning about their journeys to success.

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