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The Microphone That Joe Rogan Uses and Why It Is Popular Amongst Podcasters and Streamers


What Microphone Does Joe Rogan Uses?

The most popular microphone on the market, Shure is an exclusive microphone  mafuctrer with some of the best-value mics in today’s market. 

If you’re in tune with the infamous Joe Rogan Experience and his mind-blowing, humorously informative podcast, then you’re familiar with the professional gear used to produce such epic content. 

As a stand-up comedian and UFC Commentator Joe Rogan will only use the finest of gear, and perhaps that’s why the microphone is popular amongst other podcasters. 

We see the same microphone in almost every famous podcast while noticing some that don’t use the same brand suffer from poor-quality mic reception and technical difficulties. 

The best recent example on this is when The Nelk Boy’s podcast interviewed Elon Musk, and he had a difficult time speaking through the budget shotgun microphone from Rode.

What mic does Joe Rogan use? 

Joe Rogan uses a Shure SM7B Play

The microphone that Joe Rogan uses and why it’s popular amongst Podcasters

The Shure SM7B is known to be top-notch in the industry and offers a wide range of frequency responses, along with other impressive features we will cover below. 

The Wide range frequency response ensures you get the best quality when speaking from a comfortable distance, eliminating any cutting-off and scratchiness in the background. 

However, the microphone used in the Joe Rogan Experience is slightly modified and adjusted to serve the podcast in its best way. 

Below is a list of some essential hardware used to create and produce the Joe Rogan Podcast. Not as a recommendation of purchase but rather a suggestion of what gear to look for when purchasing your podcast gear. 

Joe Rogan’s microphone setup also includes: 

Gator Frameworks Deluxe Broadcast Microphone Boom 

Is a desk-mounted Microphone boom, or what is in other words called a mounted mic stand, and offers podcasters the convenience of sitting and speaking comfortably without losing quality. While there are numerous mic boom manufacturers, Rode and Gator are amongst the most popular.

The microphone that Joe Rogan uses and why it’s popular amongst Podcasters

Altinex Podcast Tilt’ N Plug Jr. (TNP130)

The simplified version of the expansive sound mixer listed after this one, the Altinex Podcast Tilt’ N Plug Jr. (TNP130), is a podcaster’s on-desk control.

With simple volume-notch adjustments and a convenient cough button to cover any errors in real-time the Altinex Podcast Tilt n’ Plug connect all hardware elements. 

The microphone that Joe Rogan uses and why it’s popular amongst Podcasters

Behringer XENYX X1222USB Sound Mixer 

The sound mixer is a convenient addition to the setup, allowing users to edit and tune your video’s audio. Key edits that you can make with the Behringer XENYX X1222USB Sound Mixer include blending transitions and effects while seamlessly combining different clips without any ticking sounds. 

The microphone that Joe Rogan uses and why it’s popular amongst Podcasters

Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphones

Just as important as the right microphone, using quality headphones will help you both tune your gear accurately and record with better awareness of your surrounding environment. 

In the Joe Rogan Experience the Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphones are used because of its fast real-time feed and comfortable, light-weight desin.

The microphone that Joe Rogan uses and why it’s popular amongst Podcasters

What to look for in a podcast Microphone


XLRs and USBs are two different ways you can connect your microphone to your audio output device, whether a computer or audio interface. 

Each serves different purposes, but for the long-run podcast journey, we recommend an XLR as there are so many more enhancers and accessories you can attach to an XLR connector and audio interface. 


Are sound quality enhancers or add ons that enable your microphone and audio interface to work more efficiently but with less power demand. 

Adding a preamp to your setup will help you easily add 20 – 25 DB on top of your current mic offering. By adding or reducing DBs, you are adjusting the sensitivity of your microphone; the higher your Db, the more sensitive your mic will be to your surrounding environment. 

Audio interface

Whether or not it is a good idea to invest in an Audio interface is based on how dissatisfied you are with the audio you currently have. Adding an audio interface to your setup allows for significant quality improvements and gives podcasters much more control over their tone and voice.

If using the same Shure SM7B, then an audio interface is a must for you to connect all complex voice enhancers and gear to your Mac or pc. 

Some of the most valuable features of having an Audio interface include Connecting XLR gear, and transmiting audio frequencies to your computer. 

The microphone that Joe Rogan uses and why it’s popular amongst Podcasters

Why is the Shure SM7B popular amongst influencers?

The Shure SM7B is one of the best options in today’s market and is extremely popular mainly for its wide range of frequencies. While everyone loves the Shure SM7B for its reliable performance, top-grade construction, and noise-attenuating technology. First-time purchasers use Shure for guaranteed quality and minimal design setup. 

Its minimal components and compact design is perfect for first-time users, saving you time and effort in the setup and production process. 

Aside from the benefits and advantages offered through the Shure SM7B, some people buy it simply because it is a trusted brand and overall product. 

When a creator sees a podcaster, they look up to using unique gear, if they aspire to be like them or like the content that the podcaster produces, they are highly likely to buy similar gear.  

Not to say that all podcasters who own the same mics are copying Rogan, but if one of the most successful podcasters uses it, it’s probably worth it. 

Ultimately there the Shure SM7B is a reliable high-quality microphone for whatever podcast purposes. But there are a range of many other brands, that are more affordable, that serve the exact same purpose. 

It isn’t necessary to invest in all equipment at once, but starting your setup with an XLR

3-pillared microphone is the way to go. 

A USB microphone will only get you so far. So if you plan on invited guests are having more than one person on your podcast it is recommended you invest in an XLR, and work your way to perfect your set-I’ll be aroundup as you go.

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