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5 Most Popular Podcast Platforms


5 Most Popular Podcast Platforms

As the demand for podcasts continues to skyrocket, There are now so many podcast platforms to choose from; which one is the right one for you?

There has never been a better time to launch your podcast, but before doing so, one of the most essential determinators of your podcast’s success is the platform your podcast is hosted on.  

Having a larger following on different social platforms certainly helps, but you need traffic flowing from as many channels as possible. 

Different podcast platforms offer various advantages they use to compete in their market, but there are two overall giants in the podcast game: Apple and Spotify. 

While it’s recommended you host your podcast through as many platforms as possible if starting off, choose one that serves your purposes best and enables accelerated growth.

Critical features for choosing the perfect podcast platform are listed below.

Why choosing the right podcast hosting platform is vital? 

Choosing the right podcast platform can make or break the overall success of your podcast. Why settle for a platform that would host your content when others offer the benefit of promoting your podcast too?

Each of the following platforms serves similar niches, but the speed of how fast they adapt to the ever-evolving entertainment market is key to how long they will dominate.

While some platforms focus on the number of creators they can board, others aim for a user-centric experience. 

When determining what platform to choose, it is essential to assess your brand or the brand you represent and see which of these suggested platforms best aligns with your brand values and overall image. 

 Finally, when considering what platform to launch your podcast on, try to also view the matter from a listener’s perspective, which platform is worth what you’ll be paying, 

1- Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts is a fantastic option for Apple users with personalized playlists of today’s best podcasts. 

The more you listen, the smarter the app gets, offering exclusive recommendations based on your listening activity, and using the algorithm to enhance your listening experience.

5 Most Popular Podcast Platforms

There are curated selections specifically designed to fit your tastes and preferences, whether it is a scripted love story, a bedtime playlist, or a podcast to entertain the kids. 

Just like what Spotify does with it’s “for you” playlists, Apple Podcasts has a whole section dedicated to new podcasts that may interest listeners.

In other words, free exposure.

As an Apple Podcasts user, you also get to enjoy extra bonus content with early access to exciting new content before others. 

Apple Podcasters Program is available for a fee of $99 per year. Admins can add it at any time to your account in Apple Podcasts Connect.

However, one of the benefits of apple podcasts is there numerous promotion methods; you can offer special access, Allow free trials, And even offer free additional episodes to highly engaged subscribers.

2- Spotify 

Spotify is one of the best podcast hosting platforms because of the convenience it offers to its users.

Spotify is an all-in-one platform where users can listen to music while following you along your podcast journey by following your Spotify channel. 

Aside from being one of the largest platforms in the market, Spotify is continuously enhancing its user experience, around personalization inconvenience.

5 Most Popular Podcast Platforms

Currently testing and e-book strategy to attract more listeners, Spotify also hosts some of the biggest names in the podcast world.

Not necessarily for you to launch your podcast on Spotify, but if your podcast games traction on other hosting sites and sees success, then it might be worth investing in.

While the hosting platform holds most podcast listeners, Spotify does not offer the best podcast listening experience.

Compared to different platforms built around podcasting, there are better platforms to build an audience than this podcast hosting platform. 

 However, with all its new features, customization, and overall market cap, it is almost essential to host your podcast on Spotify.

Free to use interface if you do not mind the ads, while offering premium memberships to those who already built their unique listening experience online and cannot give it up.

3- Stitcher 

Stitcher is a platform designed around the podcast listening experience and made explicitly for podcast hosting. 

Founded in 2008 stitcher offers users the ability to sort and organize their favorite podcasts by genres, names, or however they prefer. 

While the first two dominate the podcast market, Stitcher differentiates itself with a broader audience reach and in-depth analytics about your podcast followers and their listening behavior.

Stitcher’s monthly fee is much lower than the others in the podcast streaming market, offering users almost the same value. 

5 Most Popular Podcast Platforms

Aside from its broad reach Stitcher offers Radio streaming and the latest news update in anything sports, finance, and business. Incentivising users and offering them an all-inclusive streaming service is yet another reason they switch platforms. 

4- Google Podcasts 

Google podcasts is one of the best podcast platforms mainly because of its integration with other Google services. 

Hosting your podcast through google will help maximize your reach if you’re already on other platforms, but it is not your best starting point. 

5 Most Popular Podcast Platforms

However, from a managing and uploading perspective, google podcasts is one of the most simplified hosting platforms. 

Its user-friendly interface allows users to upload and manage their shows and media libraries easily. While it’s integration with the google search engine and google assistant allows for discoverability and increases the likelihood of someone unintentionally finding your podcast.

5- Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is one of the most innovative podcast hosting platforms on this list of the five most popular podcast platforms.

Pocket casts enable users to customize their interface and adjust the field and theme of their Pocket casts account.

Competing with user experience Pocket casts also offer in-app editing and enhancements, some of these key features being audio effects and audio improvement and control.

5 Most Popular Podcast Platforms

While this podcast platform shares less of the market cap than others on this list, we sure believe in their User-experience competitive advantage. That exact aspect that got many apps and software where they are today is a highly competitive market. 

What to look for in podcast platforms?

Audience Analytics 

You cannot accurately produce quality content without understanding your audience and their behavior. 

Even if you are not too analytical and text savvy, a basic grasp on how your podcast is performing can help steer you in the right direction when creating engaging content.


Unless you are a mega name in the industry like Joe rogan, who was offered 200 million dollars to stay with Spotify. You can monetize your content through Ads, donations, and exposure, and all are intertwined.

One of the best ways to get donations is to create a Patreon account and share it with listeners, which brings you back to your need for exposure. 

Accessibility and integration

As explained with google podcasts, accessibility and integration can drive lots of untargeted listeners, especially out of convenience. 

Additionally, another important aspect is storage. It would be more efficient to have all your edits and creatives on one cloud. Different podcast hosting platforms offer various Storage capacities.

Speed and consistency are critical in content creation, So whatever podcast platform you choose to go with, make sure It allows you to produce high-quality content as fast as possible.

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