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Linktree vs. Beacons Feature Comparison for Creators (1)


Linktree vs Beacons — Feature Comparison for Creators and Influencers

Linktree vs Beacons: What is the best link-in-bio tool for creators?

The link that goes in your bio is crucial. Oftentimes, it is the first thing that your followers will see and engage with on your profile. 

It is important to ensure that it is the best possible link to attract clicks. 

In the past, creators would have to frequently change the link in their bio to promote their latest post or product. However, now many influencers, content creators, and social media users have started using customized landing pages that provide access to all of their information in a single, convenient link. This saves time and helps keep followers engaged.

But there are many options on the market for link-in-bio tools. So which one is right for you? 

Linktree vs Beacons


Linktree vs. Beacons — Feature Comparison for Creators and Influencers, perhaps the more famous of the companies, is a popular tool that allows users to add a customizable, free link to their social media bio. With over 30 million users, including well-known celebrities like Selena Gomez and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Linktre.e is a widely used tool for connecting with followers and sharing information. It is a convenient, one-link solution for organizing and promoting content on social media.

With the ability to analyze and track your audience, sell and monetize products, and manage and schedule posts, is truly the all-in-one tool. 

What features does Linktre.e offer?

Linktree offers live analytics, customizable links, and the ability to link nearly every social media in the books. You can also directly connect with other applications such as Cameo, Typeform and Pateron. 

You can even link PayPal  Shopify, Spring or Square to collect payments for all your services. H

You can earn affiliate revenue through the links your followers click. From Amazon affiliates, or links to your personal brand, Linktre.e makes it easy for all of this to be in one convenient place. 

Linktree vs. Beacons — Feature Comparison for Creators and Influencers has also been featured in large technology companies such as Mashable, Insider, and Tech Crunch, and is definitely the tool to go for if you are going for a recognizable name.

However, many of the features that linktre.e advertises are behind a paywall. Although there is a free option, upgrading will give you access to many more features.

Linktree offers four subscription plans for users:

  1. The Free plan is intended for beginners and offers unlimited links under a single, customized link, as well as pre-embedded links for various social media platforms.
  2. The Starter plan, which costs $5 USD per month, includes additional customization options such as a spotlight link to highlight important content and a scheduling feature to choose when links go live. It also allows users to upload custom images and videos.
  3. The Pro plan, which is Linktree’s recommended option and costs $9 USD per month, includes most of the features of the Premium plan except those listed below.
  4. The Premium plan, which costs $24 USD per month, is targeted towards large-scale businesses and includes a customer service manager, a guaranteed 4-hour response time from support, a 30-minute on-boarding call, and access to exclusive content. It is referred to as Linktree’s “VIP” plan. is very simple to use and has brand recognization. It is used and loved by many creators, so you know you can trust the brand. However, without forking up some cash for the premium plans, your options for customization are limited.

Linktree vs. Beacons — Feature Comparison for Creators and Influencers


Linktree vs. Beacons — Feature Comparison for Creators and Influencers

Another popular link-in-bio tool, Beacons is used by a multitude of celebrities and brands. From the wildly successful Barstool sports, with over 13.7 million followers, to Sia, who boasts nearly 8 million followers, this tool is used and respected by influencers and creators alike.

Founded by a team of four friends during their time at Stanford, their passion for helping the creative community has landed them major investors, such as Loud, one of the biggest E-sports organizations,  and Crush music, which manages artists such as Fall Out Boy, Sia, and Green Day.

Just like Linktre.e, Beacons has different pricing plans to choose from. But unlike and some of its competitors, you can only choose between two options.

  1. The Creator plan. This free plan allows creators to own their own “Beacons” link, gives you full control of the customization of the site, allows unlimited social links, and limited analytics. You can choose from up to 1000+ fonts, unlimited color schemes, videos, gifs, and more to create the perfect page for you. 
  2. The Enteruparnauer, which is $10 USD a month, allows you to have a custom domain (so your link would look like instead of having ‘beacons’ attached to it) , three extra pages, SEO marketing integrations, advanced analytics, and Beacons takes no commission from any sales you make from their links. 

One of Beacons major features that is different from Linktre.e is the push toward helping creators with e-commerece. Beacons’ integrated eCommerce features allow you to quickly start making money by selling tickets, setting up events, and selling merchandise. You can even include a “buy me a coffee” button on your website to allow fans to support your content with donations. Beacons makes it easy to monetize your website in any way you choose.

Linktree vs. Beacons — Feature Comparison for Creators and Influencers

Once your followers click the link and start purchasing from your storefront, all the information you need can be found on the site. From traffic in and out, total sales, tips, and which products are pulling in the most clicks, this is crucial information you need as a content creator.  

Beacons utilizes a  ‘Blocks’ feature to allow for making appointments or video requests, and allow you to accept donations, either for your brand or for a cause you care about.

Linktree vs. Beacons — Feature Comparison for Creators and Influencers

Blocks are easy for your followers to use and for you to make, but if you’re having trouble, Beacons offers full support for both their free and paid plans.

You can even showcase your best content on your custom website by embedding it directly on the site. This includes your TikTok videos, Instagram posts, music, and more. You can promote any type of content, from videos to tweets to posts, and make it a part of your website.

Beacons even has a specific page for how to monetize off of TikTok and Instagram. You can easily incorporate TikTok shopping onto your page to allow for more clicks to your storefront. You can even use their media kit creation tool to help sell yourself to advertisers and brands.

Unlike, Beacons allows much more customization options for their users under the free plan and is generally seen as the more “creative” option of the two. Although it is a couple years newer than linktre.e, it may be on its way to be the most popular link-in-bio tool this upcoming year.

Which one will you use? Let us know down below!

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