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Fiverr V. SolidGigs – Which Freelance Site Is Best


Fiverr Vs. SolidGigs – Which Freelance Site Is Best?

Which freelance platform is the best site for freelancers and clients?

Freelance work is one of the most popular markets right now, and if you’re looking to get involved, you will definitely need to join a freelance site. 

Due to the flexible hours, the ability to work from home, and the opportunity to work with a range of different companies, freelancers are finding more and more ways to share their services to clients from across the globe.

Back in the day, finding a freelancer or finding someone to freelance for could be tough. But now, there are many different sites to help connect freelance workers and clients. Today, we will be looking at two of these platforms, Fiverr and SolidGigs.


Fiverr V. SolidGigs – Which Freelance Site Is Best?

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is perhaps one of the most popular freelance sites, and has received a large amount of media attention in recent years. 

Originally founded by the idea that all services would be $5, as the company has grown and more quality freelancers have joined the site, most services can cost upwards of a hundred to even a thousand dollars.

Founded in 2010 by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger, the company has since reported to have made $189 million in 2021, and as remote work has become more and more popular, that number will surely only go up. You can find nearly every service imaginable on this site – from graphic design help to psychic readings. 

How does Fiverr work for sellers?

After you create your free Fiverr account, you can start posting ‘gigs’ – Fiverr’s way of describing the type of services you will provide.

Unlike typical job posting websites, like Indeed or LinkedIn, clients will scroll through potential freelancers that best fit their project.

While making your gig posting, make sure to use inviting, positive keywords, engaging videos and photos of final products of your service, and include deadlines and your rate.

You can even include past experience, reviews from satisfied clients, and why potential customers should choose your work. Below is an example of a Level 2 Seller’s gig posting.

Fiver has four different levels for their sellers, including New Seller, Level 1, Level 2, and Expert Level Seller. You can level up depending on the length of time you have been on the platform, the amount of positive reviews and customer interactions you have, amongst other things. By leveling up, you gain access to elite features such as the ability to post more gigs, access to premium customer support, and the ability to have access to your funds quicker.

Below is an example of a Level 2 Seller, the medium tier.

Fiverr V. SolidGigs – Which Freelance Site Is Best?

You can even create packages that will allow clients to choose premium choices, such as quicker deadlines, more content, and unlimited revisions.

Fiverr V. SolidGigs – Which Freelance Site Is Best?
Fiverr V. SolidGigs – Which Freelance Site Is Best?

It is important to note that Fiverr takes a 20% cut from all your profits, so you will receive a total of 80% once your money gets deposited into your account. 

How does Fiverr work for buyers?

Unlike many freelance sites, you can easily switch between freelancer or client. Search through the categories of freelance work you’re looking for and message a freelancer about their gig to see if they would be interested in working for you.

Any freelancer can deny your request at any time.

If there are no gigs that fit a specific need you have, you can create a job posting yourself and Fiverr will personally match you with a freelancer. Then you both can discuss timelines, budgets, and what exact project you need fulfilled.

Fiverr V. SolidGigs – Which Freelance Site Is Best?

Fiverr charges a 5.5% fee on all your orders, and an extra $2 fee for orders under $50.


Fiverr V. SolidGigs – Which Freelance Site Is Best?

What is SolidGigs?

SolidGigs is a generational tool that specializes in helping freelancers find more work. Unlike Fiverr or Upwork, the process of finding clients is automated, rather than both parties searching for each other. 

Founded by Preston Lee, a former freelance graphic designer, Lee knows too well the struggle of trying to find reliable freelance work. This site was built specifically for freelancers in mind, unlike many other sites, that may favor the client over the freelancer. A relatively new site, 

How does SolidGigs work?

Once you sign up for an account, and tell SolidGigs what type of freelance work you want to do, they will automatically send you freelance gigs that fit your ideal bill. 

Fiverr V. SolidGigs – Which Freelance Site Is Best?

You can also explain how long you want your project to last, and if you want to work for an hourly price, fixed, or have no preference. 

Fiverr V. SolidGigs – Which Freelance Site Is Best?

You can also say if you want global job offers, or would like to stick strictly to US work.

Once that is all filled out, you will start receiving offers in as little as 24 hours. 

Your dashboard will look like this. 

Fiverr V. SolidGigs – Which Freelance Site Is Best?

You will get alerted with these job notifications in your dashboard, and from there, can pitch directly to the source. They will also email you the list of gigs if you prefer.

How much does SolidGigs cost?

Unlike many freelance platforms, SolidGigs won’t take a fee from your final payment for the client, as they are not directly involved with clients. All payment will happen with the client.

Instead, you will pay SolidGigs either $21 USD a month if you subscribe to their annual plan, or $35 a month if you sign up for their monthly plan. You also receive a free 7 day trial to see if SolidGigs is the right choice for you.

Fiverr V. SolidGigs – Which Freelance Site Is Best?

What features does SolidGigs offer?

  • Weekly Gig List
    • Once a week, SolidGigs sends out their list of the top freelance picks for you. 
    • You can pitch to as many of these gigs as you want.
    • Build your relationship with the client directly without having to go through a 3rd party.
  • Training Opportunities
    • SolidGigs offers training courses for freelancers in order to help refine skills or even learn new ones.Topics include how to craft better pitches, how to price your services, and how to communicate with clients in a professional manner. There are over 120 courses to choose from, so you can definitely take advantage of this perk.
  • Filter Through Scams
    • Whilst scrolling Indeed, LinkedIn, or other job platforms, it can be easy to stumble across scams and apply for freelancer gigs that never pay out. SolidGigs promises that all their clients are in the top 1% and that the site will save you hours of time you would have spent scrolling through jobs. 

Which freelance site is best for you?

Clearly, SolidGigs favors the freelancer in this case and does not have many opportunities for those looking to purchase services from the freelancer. So, if you are a freelancer with some extra cash to spend and don’t mind putting in some money, SolidGigs could be a solid choice for you. The site will definitely save you time from searching through projects, and you can even learn extra business skills while you’re at it. 

Here are some reviews from satisfied SolidGig customers

Fiverr V. SolidGigs – Which Freelance Site Is Best?

On the other hand, Fiverr will allow both freelancers and clients to use the site and has a larger clientele due to the large media presence the platform has had in recent years. However, they do take a large percentage of your final earnings, which is definitely something to keep in mind.

Here are some reviews from Fiverr’s satisfied clients –

Fiverr V. SolidGigs – Which Freelance Site Is Best?
Fiverr V. SolidGigs – Which Freelance Site Is Best?

So which freelance site will you choose? Is there another alternative you use, like UpWork or Toptal? Let us know down below.

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