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Fiverr V. Designhill – Freelance Platform Comparison For Buyers And Sellers


Fiverr vs. DesignHill –  Freelance Platform Comparison for Buyers and Sellers

Today, we will be comparing two of these platforms, Fiverr and DesignHill. 

Freelance work is one of the most popular ways to work these days.  With the flexible hours, the ability to work from the comfort of your home, and the range of different companies you can work for, it’s no wonder why more and more people are choosing freelance. 

Hiring freelancers can also be the most economical choice for employers, and much cheaper than hiring in-house staff. 

Back in the day, it could be difficult for freelancers to be connected to employers due to the lack of freelance platforms. But these days, there are many freelance sites that give opportunities to freelancers. 


What is Fiverr?

Fiver is a two-sided marketplace that allows freelancers to advertise and offer their services to clients. Founded in 2010, the site originally started at services being offered at $5, hence the namesake of the site. 

Now, the platform is a global sensation and a billion dollar company, and many freelancers start their pricing at hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The highest paying services are resume writing, website building, copywriting, and social media management.  But you can also find more unique services, such as psychic readings or life coaching.

How does Fiverr work for freelancers?

Fiverr is completely free to use as a freelancer. Once you sign up, you can start crafting your profile and posting gigs – this is how you will advertise your services and allow for potential clients to order from you.

When writing your gigs, you want to make sure you include important information such as timelines you can work with, your rate, and your experience. Why should people hire you for their project? 

If possible, include finished examples of your service, as well as positive testimonials from satisfied customers. 

Below is an example of a gig post from a highly rated seller.

As you can see, this seller included their pricing, how long the process will take, and their level of experience. 

This is also a top rated seller, which means they are one of Fiverr’s top seller’s on the platform.

Fiver uses a ranking system to rank all their sellers, and it is an important part of the platform. All sellers start as a new seller, and you can level up to Level 1, Level 2, and Top Rated Seller. The higher your ranking, the more clients are more likely to purchase your services.

As a new seller, you can post up to 7 active gigs and add two extras to each gig. In order to move up to Level 1, you have to –

  • Be an active seller for at least 60 days
  • Complete at least 10 orders 
  • Earn $400 or more
  • Maintain a 4.7-star rating over 60 days
  • Deliver a 90% response rate score over 60 days
  • Score a 90% order completion rate over 60 day
  • Achieve a 90% on-time delivery score over 60 days
  • Receive no warnings over 30 days

When you complete all of that, you can unlock new features, such as being able to post 10 active gigs and add 4 extras to your services. Read below to see how you can move up to Level 2 and become a Top Rated Seller.

You can also check where you are in your status on your seller dashboard. This is where you will find key information such as analytics, your completed orders, and how you can communicate with clients.

Note – regardless of your level status, Fiverr takes a 20% cut from your earnings. This means you will be coming home with 80% of your total profits.

How does Fiverr work for clients?

Fiverr is also free to use if you are purchasing services. Instead of posting gigs, you can scroll through the vast amount of categories that Fiverr offers and order directly from the profiles. 

Most freelancers ask that you message them first before hitting confirm order. This is so you can confirm details such as timelines, payment, and other details about your project. Most sellers will offer a limited amount of revisions so that you can ask for something to be changed if you are not satisfied with the final product.

Once you confirm your order, you will be charged, but the seller won’t receive the payment until you are satisfied with the end result. Make sure to do all communication and payment through Fiverr so you are protected in case of any issues.

Note – Fiver charges clients 5.5% on all orders and an extra $2 for all orders under $50.


What is DesignHill?

DesignHill is a leading creative marketplace that specializes in creative fields such as graphic design, website building, flyers, book covers, and more.

Founded in 2014, there are now over 125,000 designers currently on the platform, and has been trusted by over 100,000 businesses, including BBC, Microsoft, Ticketmaster, and Deloitte.

How does DesignHill Work for Clients?

One of the ways clients can purchase services on the site is by launching a Design Contest. This is where you will choose the design category you want, submit a briefing, and launch your contest onto the site.

Registered designers on the platform will see the contest and submit a bid, competing for the prize of being able to design your project. 

These contests can last as long as you want, and you are expected to hear from anywhere of 20-80 designers. 

Once you pick the freelancer you want to work with, the designer has 14 days to come back to you with a finished product. You will gain full copyright of the final design, and the contest winner will receive the contest money.

How much does this cost?

For each contest, you can choose from 4 packages.

Each package allows you to post one design contest, and also pays for all the fees of the winner. Their recommended plan is the standard plan, which is $399 for a single payment. 

If you don’t want to launch a contest, you can also hire a designer directly. DesignHill will charge a 5% commission fee for this option. You have the option to work with, hire, and communicate with the over 120,000 designers on the site.

How does DesignHill work for freelancers?

Unlike Fiverr, DesignHill has an extensive process to sign up. That is because the platform prides itself on having qualified, experienced designers, so you have to provide links, portfolios, and provide ID. 

Once you are all signed up, you can start bidding on contests. Contests are fee to bid on. 

You should write a persuasive bid to the contest owner on why you should be able to design this piece. They will also have access to your portfolios and testimonials. Remember, keep it short, sweet and memorable.

When you have been chosen for the contest, you have 14 days to complete the design and hand it over to the client. 

Once you finalize and submit the design, you are giving up the copyright to the client. 

DesignHill takes a 45% fee from your contest earnings. That is a much higher fee compared to Fiverr, which takes 20%.  

You can also work directly with clients one-on-one to receive more money, but it can take time to establish a connection and find a client you want to work long term with.

Which freelance platform will you choose? Let us know down below.

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