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On-The-Go Creation Best iPhone Apps For Content Creators


On-The-Go Creation: Best iPhone Apps For Content Creators

Smartphones have continuously become more advanced regarding content creation features, including photo settings, editing tools, and more. Because of this, it’s no surprise that there are many helpful content-creation apps that creators and influencers can utilize on the go! We’ve rounded up the best iPhone apps for content creation that you can download right now.

After analyzing dozens iPhone apps has to offer, we’ve rounded up 5 of the best apps that can surely help you in the content creation process – Let’s dive right in!

Over the past couple of years, viewers have been gravitating more toward vlog-style content and TikTok videos. With this shift, more people are utilizing content creation tools compatible with their smartphones.

The Apple App Store has a wide variety of apps that can be useful for content creators and influencers who want to film and edit content on the go. There are plenty of apps that can help you at every stage in the content creation process, all the way from filming the video to editing it to actually posting it. 

Best iPhone Apps for Content Creators


Canva is an online design and publishing tool that helps people create different graphics and designs for their businesses or brand. Canva first launched in 2013 as a desktop app, and it is now one of the most well-known content-creation tools that you can use on both your computer and your smartphone.

With Canva, you gain access to a library of hundreds of professionally designed templates that makes creating content like social media posts, graphics, and flyers much easier. Additionally, you’re able to add images from your own photo library, add text to graphics in different colors and fonts, and share your designs instantly to your social media platform(s). 

On-The-Go Creation: Best iPhone Apps For Content Creators


  • User-friendly
  • Able to upload content from Canva to whatever social media platform you’d like
  • Huge library of professionally-designed templates
  • Free access to different editing features
  • Available on both desktop and iPhone App Store


  • Canva Pro Membership grants you access to every tool they offer, but you must pay for a monthly subscription
  • For free members, limited access to some templates, designs, and tools

Download Canva on the Apple App Store here.


iMovie comes free for all iOS users, so if you have an iPhone, iMovie should already be installed or it’s free to install in the App Store! With iMovie, you are able to easily edit videos right on your smartphone just like you would if you were editing on your computer.

Although iMovie might not have many advanced editing tools, they include all of the basic editing features like cropping and adding different clips, adding text, changing the speed of the video, adjusting different audios, and more!


  • It comes free for all iOS users
  • Provides all of the basic editing tools for quick projects
  • Available on both the Macbook and iPhone
  • Great for beginners and very user-friendly


  • A limited number of advanced editing tools
  • The app can be slow when working with larger video files

Download iMovie on the Apple App Store here.

YouTube Studio

Regardless of whether it’s your main platform or not, if you upload content to YouTube and have an active YouTube following, the YouTube Studio app is incredibly useful to have stats available at your fingertips whenever you’d like. With YouTube Studio, creators can manage everything to do with their channel including videos, earnings, and more.

Within the app, you are able to analyze different sets of data pertaining to your videos and channel as a whole which can help boost your marketing strategy. Additionally, if your channel has been approved for monetization, you are able to track and analyze your earnings for each of your videos through the YouTube Studio app.


  • Provides data to analyze how well your videos and channel are doing
  • Allows you to track your subscriber count and number of views per video
  • For YouTube partners, you can track your earnings from each video
  • Gives in-depth analytics that can help you boost your marketing strategy


  • Some users have had trouble filtering and editing comments on their videos through the app
  • The app can be slow or buffer when using different editing tools

Download YouTube Studio on the Apple App Store here.


Inshot is a video editing tool for your iPhone that provides all of the basic editing tools and features to help simplify and speed up the editing process. One of the more unique things about this app is that it provides both video and photo editing tools, so it can serve as a one-stop shop for creators making content from their iPhones.

On-The-Go Creation: Best iPhone Apps For Content Creators

Something to keep in mind about this app is that it doesn’t provide many user instructions within the editing tools. So, if you’re a beginner, you may want to start with a more user-friendly video editing app like iMovie, as we mentioned above.


  • Has both photo and video editing tools
  • Equipped with all basic editing tools including trimming videos, adding music, merging videos, and more
  • Free for all basic editing features


  • Not a lot of editing instructions within the app, so it can be tricky for beginners
  • Has a pro version with unlimited features, but you must pay a monthly subscription fee

Download Inshot on the Apple App Store here.


Hootsuite can be a highly beneficial app for content creators because it allows you to manage all of your content from all of your social media platforms in one place. The Hootsuite app can help you post on a more consistent schedule by scheduling content to be posted in advance. There are lots of basic task management tools built into this app that can help the uploading process run more smoothly.

On-The-Go Creation: Best iPhone Apps For Content Creators

Another reason why Hootsuite is such a great tool for content creators is that it helps save time with social media marketing. Instead of logging into each of your social media platforms individually, Hootsuite allows you to access and analyze data from all of your different accounts. Hootsuite also provides creators with a ‘Streams’ feature which can help keep you updated on important conversations happening within your circle.  


  • Can help you save time with your social media marketing
  • Access all of your social media platforms at once
  • Schedule content in advance to be posted at a certain time
  • ‘Streams’ feature helps you stay on top of important conversations
  • Helps you analyze how well your content is doing among all of your different social media accounts
  • Mobile and desktop access
  • Free in the app store


  • The software can have bugs occasionally
  • Some analytics and metrics are limited

Download Hootsuite on the Apple App Store here.

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On-The-Go Creation: Best iPhone Apps For Content Creators