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Linktree vs – Feature comparison for influencers and creators

There are many link-in-bio tools available, and it can be difficult to determine which one is the best fit for your needs. Two popular options are Linktree and Today, we will be comparing the features of the two sites.

Which link-in-bio tool is best for influencers?

The link in your bio on all your social media platforms is a crucial element of your personal or brand identity.

It serves as a gateway to your brand or other online presence and having a well-designed and effective link can help increase clicks and engagement from your followers.

In the past, many social media users had to constantly update their bio links to promote their latest content or products. 

However, now there are personalized landing pages that allow you to provide all of your information in a single, easy-to-use link. This saves time and keeps followers interested and engaged.


Linktree vs. – Feature comparison for influencers and creators

Linktree is a platform that allows creators to share their online content in one easy-to-manage link, making it more discoverable and more likely to generate clicks. 

It was created in 2016 by Alex and Anthony Zaccaria and Nick Humphreys, the founders of digital agency Bolster, after they encountered difficulties updating and promoting individual bio links for their clients. 

Today, Linktree has more than 30 million users worldwide and is used by brands, artists, publishers, agencies, and influencers to better manage their online presence. 

It offers various features to streamline the content sharing process and is headquartered in Melbourne, with additional offices in Sydney and Los Angeles. 

In 2019, Linktree was included in CNBC’s “Upstart 100” list of promising startups, and in 2020, it was recognized by Fast Company as one of the “Most Innovative Companies” in the Social Media category, alongside previous honorees Glossier and Reddit.

Linktree is a well-known and trusted platform that is used by many creators, influencers, and major celebrities.

Even major celebrities like Selena Gomez uses Linktre.e – take a look at what hers looks like below.

Linktree vs. – Feature comparison for influencers and creators

Clearly, this is a tried and trusted site. So what features does linktre.e offer that does not?

Advanced analytics 

Unlike, which only offers simple statitics such as location of the click and the top links clicked, Linktre.e offers a wide range of analyitics to choose from with their paid plans. 

Linktree vs. – Feature comparison for influencers and creators

As you can see, Linktre.e offers in-depth analyitics of your sales, location, mailing list, and more. This can be extremely helpful to you as a creator, as this information is very valuable.

More customization

Linktre.e offers pretty much any customization you can think of. Hundreds of themes, the ability to upload embeded content, stock images, animation, and more, you can let your creative streak go wild with Linktre.e – if you are willing to pay for the paid plans, that is. 

Linktre.e offers three paid plans – premium, pro, and starter. 

The starter plan is $5 USD a month and comes with more customization options, the ability to schedule posts, and spotlight a link that you want your followers to see more than the others.

The pro plan is $9 USD and known as their most popular plan. You are given essentially unlimited themes, in-depth analyitics, the ability to remove linktree’s branding, and more customer support.

The premium plan is $24 USD a month, but is designed for larger businesses. While you are allowed access to exclusive content and given exclusive support, individual creators, influencers and small businesses probably will only need to stick to the pro.

Here are some of Linktree.’s themes you can choose from

Linktree vs. – Feature comparison for influencers and creators is another option for your link-in-bio needs. 

However, this company is taking a much more simple approach. Sometimes, less really is more. was created by Buy Me A Coffee, a company that helps individual creators accept donations from followers.  Buy Me A Coffee started in 2017 and has since grown into one of the most popular ways creators and influencers are paid for their work. You can directly link your Buy Me A Coffee to your, of course.

Some of’s celebrity clinente include The Bachlorette, Austin Archer, Jo Fletcher, amongst others. 

Instead of overwhelming the screen with animations, flashy colors and gifs, has removed the complexeties that other landing page tools offer, and instead provide only limited themes and templates to choose from.

Here are some themes you can choose from: 

Linktree vs. – Feature comparison for influencers and creators

With mininmiastic theme options and therefore less distractions on the page, is reminding us what these landing pages are supposed to be – a link for your links

While some of these link-in-bio tools have taken a much different approach and have started creating micro-websites, with gifs, photos, videos, and the ability to add really anything to your page, is going back to basics.

You can even choose to remove the watermark at the bottom of the page – completely for free. 

In fact, most of features are available to every consumer for no additional cost. Unlike Linktre.e, you don’t have to pay for templates, extra fonts, or to see advanced analytics.

Linktree vs. – Feature comparison for influencers and creators

Linktree vs. – Feature comparison for influencers and creators

For absolutely no cost to you, you can see the location of where your links are coming from, the top links clicked, your top socials, and where the traffic is coming from. Whereas Linktre.e will have you pay to see the location your clicks are coming from, offers this information for free.

Linktree vs. – Feature comparison for influencers and creators

You can even choose the way your link looks aeshetically, depending on what fits you the best.

 If you eant to enter a custom domain, however, that will be the one feature charges you for.

Linktree vs. – Feature comparison for influencers and creators

For $30 a year, you can enter in a custom domain without the branding and recieve all the benefits of analytics and having a clean land secure landing page.

So, which is the better landing page tool? 

That will have to be up to you to decide.

For an inexpensive, clean, simple link-in-bio, you may end up choosing Even the name is simple! If you find that you are receiving analyitics from other sources, you might not feel the need to invest in Linktre.e’s fees. 

After only four months of paying for Linktre.e’s Pro plan, you will have paid more than subscribers pay for the entire year.

However, you may feel Linktre.e’s extensive options will open the door for you to be more creative with your page and the long list of amenities might attract you. Either way, you will be in good hands, as both brands are regarded highly by the technology community and will provide you what you need.

Which link-in-bio tool will you choose? Do you use another alternative? Let us know down below, and keep an eye out for more feature comparisons. 

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